RAGSAN- Two broken souls (Episode 13)

Hello friends. Back with the 13th episode of this ff. Thanks to all the readers and silent readers. Keep reading.
So lets start-

The episode starts with the shocked face of Ragini seeing Swara’s condition. Swara was hugging her tightly and crying badly.

Ragini- Swara….what happened? Please tell na.
Swara(sobbing)- Di vo….when I was returning from my friends house…..some goons started misbehaving with me.

Ragini was shocked to hear that.

Swara- If Sanky wouldn’t have come there on time then…..(she kept dancing)

Ragini looks at Sanskar.

Sanskar- Take her inside and let her rest.

Ragini nods and takes Swara in her room. She consoles her and asks her to rest. When she came out she saw Sanskar still standing there. She sees his hand which was bleeding and gets concerned.

Ragini- Sanskar your hand is bleeding badly.( Saying this she holds his hand and Sanskar looks at her)

Soon she realizes this and leaves his hand.

Ragini- You…you sit here and I will bring the first aid box.

Sanskar nods and sit while Ragini goes and brings the box.

Ragini- Give your hand….I will do the dressing.
Sanskar- No need I will do it myself.
Ragini- As you wish.

She hands him the kit and sits at some distance watching him struggling with the bandage.

Ragini thinks- I offered him help but he refused, now see he is not able to do the dressing.
Sanskar thinks- So what if she offered for help, she is seeing that I’m not able to do the dressing, still she can’t ask to help again.
Ragini thinks- Can’t he ask for help if he needs it.
Sanskar thinks- Can’t she offer help without my asking.
Ragini thinks- Ok fine….calm down Ragini. Don’t forget that he saved your sister. Now go and help him for the first and the last time.

She goes to him and takes the bandage from his hand.

Sanskar- Leave it…I will do it. ( Still in attitude)
Ragini- Shut up and let me do it.

Sanskar doesn’t say anything further and Ragini does him dressing.

Sanskar- Ragini, I wanted to talk about Swara and Laksh.
Ragini- Look Sanskar, I’m thankful to you for saving Swara but don’t expect that I will agree for their relationship.
Sanskar- Listen Ragini, what happened between us, we can’t change it. It was your mistake…
Ragini- It was your mistake.
Sanskar- Ok fine, it was our mistake and we are paying for that, but why should they suffer. I have seen love for Swara in Laksh’s eyes and I know he is serious about her so I think we should give them a try.

Ragini didn’t say anything as she was confused seeing Sanskar talking politely with her. He continues-

Sanskar- And one more thing, Laksh and Swara have seen what happened between us so before thinking of leaving each other, they will have our example in front of them. Else, Swara is your sister and so you have the right to take the final decision.

Ragini- Sanskar….I can bear anything with me but not with my sister. If something goes wrong then…
Sanskar- Nothing wrong will happen because this time topic is about my brother’s life, and I will not let it get spoiled.
Ragini- Ok then, I am agreeing for their relationship only because I trust Laksh and not you.
Sanskar smiles sarcastically- I don’t even expect you to trust me. By the way……Thanks for agreeing.

Saying this he leaves from there. Swara hears everything and tears of happiness flow from her eyes. She quickly grabs her phone and calls Laksh.

Laksh- Hello
Swara- Laksh….di agreed for our relationship.
Laksh- What? Swara are you joking?
Swara- No, I’m serious. Sanky made her agree for this.
Laksh- Bhai did that. You must be mistaken Swara as he can never do something good for me.
Swara- Laksh what are you saying, do you even know what happened today.

Swara then tells him everything and he couldn’t believe his ears.
Laksh- Really Swara! Bhai saved you and he….( He reminisces his confrontation with Sanskar and feels guilty)
Swara- What happened Laksh?
Laksh- Nothing Swara, I will talk to you later. You just relax and take care. And I love you.
Swara- I love you too.

They both cut the call. Screen shifts to Sanskar who was driving the car. He reminisces a fb.

FB starts-

Ragini was walking in the corridor when she collides with a boy. They both see each other and gets happy.

Ragini- Tushar, you
Tushar- Ragu, you
Ragini- When did you came in this college?
Tushar- Just today. Didn’t knew that I will find you here.

Sanskar and Karan also pass from that side and stops seeing them talking and laughing with each other.

Tushar- And Ragu, you are looking more good now.

Sanskar frowns hearing him.

Sanskar- Who is he and why is he calling her Ragu?
Karan- Feels like someone is jealous.
Sanskar- Shut up, its nothing like that.

Ragini- Thanks, even you look changed. Nice meeting you after a long time.

Sanskar also comes towards them.

Sanskar- Hi Ragini.
Ragini- Sanskar, meet him. He is Tushar, my school friend.
Tushar- Hi
Sanskar- Hello
Ragini- And he is Sanskar, my…..
Sanskar- Boyfriend ( he says while holding her hand)
Tushar(surprised)- Ragu, you have a boyfriend.

Ragini blushes and nods.
Tushar(smiles)- That’s great. Nice meeting you Sanskar.
Sanskar- Nice meeting you too. Come Ragini lets go.
Ragini- Bye Tushar, see you later.
Tushar- Bye.

Sanskar then takes her away from there with him. Karan sees this and smiles.

Ragini- It was so good meeting him after a long time.
Sanskar doesn’t answer and kept walking.
Ragini- Sanskar what happened?
Sanskar- Why was he calling you Ragu. He was being way too friendly.
Ragini smiles- Hmmm…are you jealous.
Sanskar- Why would I be jealous, you are mine, not his.

She laughs.
Sanskar- Its not funny.
Ragini(still laughing)- I never knew that you are possessive as well.
Sanskar- Yes, if you have a beautiful girlfriend, you need to be possessive.

Just then one of Ragini’s friend comes and calls her for class.

Ragini- I’m coming, you go.

Her friend goes. Ragini turns and sees Sanskar who was making a sad face. She smiles and kisses him softly on his cheek completely surprising him. He looks at her in amazement.

Ragini- No need to feel jealous as I will always remain only yours.

She smiles and leaves while Sanskar touched his cheek and smiled.

Karan comes there singing- KUCH TOH HUA HAI

Sanskar- What are you singing Karan, I am not able to understand anything.
Karan- But I understood.
Sanskar- You understood what?
Karan- That you are falling in love with your Miss Attitude.
Sanskar- Don’t talk non sense. This love is not my thing.
Karan- Whatever you say Mr Sanskar but I know you better than you.
Sanskar- I said na that its nothing. Now stop it.

He leaves from there while Karan continues singing the song irritating him more.

FB ends.

Sanskar reaches home and sees Laksh. Laksh also sees him and reminisces everything what Swara said.

Laksh- Bhai, actually I was….
Sanskar- Wait, before you, I want to say something.
Laksh- Yeah sure.
Sanskar- Look, I know that all these years, I’ve been a rude and arrogant person and you can hate me for that. Still, whatever happened, I can’t go back in time and fix it but I can change now. I mean that I can try to be a better person now. And if not that, then at least I can try to be a better brother. Whatever you said that day, I deserved it but now I won’t give you a chance to say that things again.

Laksh was speechless seeing the change in his brother’s attitude.

Sanskar- And one more thing, I have talked to Ragini and she has agreed for your and Swara’s relation. And please Laksh, don’t leave this chance. Because if this time you lose Swara, then Ragini will never let you both be together and….

Laksh hugs him before he could complete his sentence.

Laksh- I’m sorry Bhai, I never wanted to say all this but you know na….I’m an idiot.
Sanskar- Yes, I big one.
Laksh- So please forgive me. I promise I will not repeat that again.
Sanskar smiles to hear that and pats his back.

Sanskar- Ok now don’t be emotional like girls.
Laksh laughs.
Laksh- And thank you for making Ragini di agree for our relation and for saving my Swara.
Sanskar- You are welcome. Ok I am tired so I will talk to you later. Good night.
Laksh(smiles)- Good night.

To be continued-

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