RAGSAN- Two broken souls (Episode 12)


So sorry friends for being so late. See I’m holding my ears but what to do, I wasn’t getting time to write. Today is Sunday so finally writing the episode.
So lets start-

RECAP- Ragsan comes to know about Swalak’s relation. Laksh confronts Sanskar.

In the morning-

Swara- No, I will not change this college and that’s final.
Ragini- You will change this college and that’s final.

They both hear a knock on the door. Ragini opens it and sees Aditya outside.

Aditya- Should we go Ragini, its getting late.
Ragini- Wait….I’m coming.

Saying this she goes to her room.

Aditya- What happened to her?
Swara- She got to know about me and Laksh.
Aditya- Oh, but don’t worry. She will agree later.
Swara- But there is a problem.
Aditya- What?
Swara- Laksh is Sanky’s brother.

Aditya also gets shocked hearing that.

Aditya- Really? Swara you know na that Ragini will never agree for this.
She nods.

Ragini comes and hears everything.

Ragini-Aditya, that means you knew about Swara and Laksh.
Aditya- Umm…yes but trust me I didn’t knew that Laksh is…..
Ragini- I hate you all. You all hide everything from me.
Aditya- I’m sorry but…
Ragini(angrily)- I think we are getting late so we should go.

They both start to leave when Swara stops her.

Swara- Di, actually there is a project given to us. And I need to complete it with my friends so today in the evening, can I go?
Ragini- No need. Your college will be changed so its fine if you leave the project.
Swara- Di please let me go na. Trust me, Laksh is not coming there. I promise I will come back on time.
Ragini- Ok, but this is the last time I’m allowing you. And this time, don’t break my trust Swara.

Swara nods and they both leave.

On the other side Sanskar and Laksh also ignored each other. Laksh was feeling guilty for what he said but still he remained quiet.

Later in the evening-
Ragini and Aditya were coming back from work to their respective homes.

Aditya- Come on yaar Ragini…..I said na that I’m sorry.
Ragini- Don’t talk to me…..if you would have told me this before, then it would have been over till now.

Saying this she starts to walk fastly. Aditya also goes in the same direction but collides with a girl. He holds her before she could fall and both have a small eye lock. That girl is none other than Richa. Soon they both realize their state and compose themselves.

Aditya- I’m sorry.
Richa- Its fine.

Ragini also turns and gets surprised seeing her. Richa also notices her and gets tensed.

Richa- Umm…Hi Ragini.
Ragini- Hello.
Richa-Nice…nice to meet you after such a long time.
Ragini smiles a little- Same here.
Aditya- Ragini….who is she?
Ragini- She was my college friend.
Richa nods.
Richa- Do you live here?
Ragini- Yes, how come you are here?
Richa- Actually I came here to investigate on a case.
Ragini- Investigate?
Richa- Yes, I am a CID officer just like Sanskar.

Ragini becomes quiet after hearing his name.

Ragini- I’m getting late. Nice to see you. Bye.
Richa- Yeah bye.

Both turn towards different direction and move away. Richa on her way reminisces a FB.
FB starts-

Sanskar- Now it’s a limit Karan. Every day you are fighting with me, with your childhood friend, just for that girl Ragini.
Karan- Yes because playing with someone’s emotions can be easy for you but I can’t let my friend do this. Can’t you see love in her eyes for you. I’m telling you Sanskar, that if you will not stop this now then….
Sanskar- Then what?
Karan- Then I have no interest in continuing my friendship with you.

He says this and leaves. Richa and Sanskar kept staring at him going. Sanskar shouts from back.

Sanskar- Even I’m not dying for your friendship. I will do what I want to and you can’t stop me.
Richa- Sanskar, calm down please.

He sits on the chair and holds his head in frustration. Ragini also comes there.

Ragini- Sanskar, today your and mine friends are going to the mall. Will you come?
Sanskar(in irritated tone)- No
Ragini- But why.
Sanskar- Ragini, I’m not in a mood to talk right now. Please go.
Ragini- But what happened? Is something wrong?

Sanskar who was angry with Karan, took out all his frustration on her.

Sanskar(angrily)- Don’t you get it in one go. I said that I don’t want to come so that’s it. Why are you making me repeat things. And listen one thing Ragini, I’m your boyfriend, not your servant who will go anywhere you want to take me.
Ragini- No Sanskar I was just…..
Sanskar- I’m not interested to listen your talks. Now don’t act like a headache and just leave from here right now.

Ragini was deeply hurt by his words. Tears started to fill her eyes. Some people present there also saw this and started gossiping. Sanskar soon realized his words and looked at Ragini who was on the verge of crying any second. His heart melted seeing this.

Sanskar- Ragini listen….

She leaves from there before he could say something.

Richa- Sanskar, go to her otherwise you won’t be able to complete the challenge.

Sanskar follows her. Ragini goes to an empty place and starts crying. Sanskar also comes there and feels bad seeing her like this. He comes near her and puts his hand on her shoulder but she angrily jerks his hand.

Sanskar- Ragini, I’m sorry.
Ragini- Go Sanskar, I don’t want to be a headache for you. Maybe you are right, I only started expecting much from you.

He holds her chin and makes her look towards him.

Sanskar- Its not like that, I didn’t wanted to say all this. I was angry about something else but took it out on you. Trust me, I didn’t meant anything what I said you there. Again I’m really sorry.

He holds his years and makes a puppy face.

Ragini- Still, in front of everyone you scolded me so badly. I didn’t liked that at all.

Sanskar cups her face and wipes her tears with his fingers.

Sanskar- If that’s the case then next time you can also scold me in front of everyone, ok.
Ragini- I don’t want to.
Sanskar- Why?
Ragini- Because I love you na.
Sanskar smiles- I love you too.

Ragini leaves him and starts to go.
Ragini- It doesn’t feel that you love me.
Sanskar- Hey, I really love you.

Saying this he pulls her closer to himself. They both have an eye lock. Sanskar started to get hypnotized by her eyes. They both kept staring at each other. Sanskar again cups her face and comes more close to her. Ragini shuts her eyes. Both of their hearts were beating very fast. They both were inches apart when Richa, who was hiding and watching everything came out making sounds because of which they both departed.

Richa- What was going on?

Ragsan were completely embarrassed.
Ragini- I think…I should go.
Sanskar nods and she leaves.

Sanskar stood there in confusion while Richa kept staring at him.

Sanskar- Shit, what was I going to do.
Richa- I should be asking you the same question. Feels like you are getting confused between reality and game.
Sanskar- Its nothing like that Richa, I was just….leave it. I should also leave.

He leaves from there while Richa kept fuming in anger.

Richa to herself- This can’t happen. Sanskar cannot love her. I will not let that happen because I can’t see him falling for anyone else.

FB ends.

Richa thinks- Again I met her. But I will make sure that Ragini’s presence never affect my Sanskar.

On the other side-

Swara was returning from her friend’s house when some goons see her. They start whistling and hooting seeing her. She gets scared and starts moving faster. They also follow her.

1 hour later at Ragini’s house-

Ragini thinks- Where is Swara? She said that she will come back on time. Its all my fault, I shouldn’t have given her this much freedom.

She tries calling her but her mobile was switched off. Some more time passes and Ragini starts to worry more. Just then she hears her doorbell. She hurriedly opens it and gets shocked seeing Swara’s condition. Swara was crying badly with her hair messed up and clothes torn from some part and was covered with a jacket in order to hide them.
The second big shock for Ragini was that Swara wasn’t alone, Sanskar was standing next to her.

Ragini- Sw…Swara, what happened, how did this…..

Swara hugs her tightly and continues crying badly. Ragini stood there in utter shock and confusion. She looked at Sanskar in confusion.
Screen freezes on their faces.

NEXT EPISODE- Sanskar makes Ragini agree for Swalak’s relation.

Hope you all liked it. Please do comment.

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    while i’m reading ur ff i’m really feeling very very sad for rag. bcos she is going to ditch by san. ya he too loves her but he hides his love for his b*****dy challenge. i’m not able to angry on san too n not able to justify him too. when san gets scold i’m feeling happy in ur ff. n i hate this richa more than adi.
    sry for this long cmnt. again ur epi is really superb waiting for next epi. try to update next part soon dear. love u loads take care of ur health rather than studies.

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