RAGSAN- Two broken souls (Episode 11)

Hello friends, I’m back. I know that I am getting very irregular nowadays but can’t help it. Firstly studies and secondly my relatives are at home so I’m busy with them. Still will try to post when possible.
So lets starts-
RECAP- Ragini confess her feelings to Sanskar in past.

In present-
Swalak were sitting. Laksh was busy talking to Swara but she was lost somewhere. He notice this and asks.

Laksh- Swara, what happened?
Swara- Do you know Laksh, my Di was also in love with someone.

Laksh gets nervous hearing that.

Swara- His name was Sanskar. I used to call him Sanky. He was very sweet and funny and he also loved Di a lot. But….
Laksh- But what….’
Swara- Because of some reason they both separated. Ragini Di was completely broken because of this and now she does not believe in love. I’m worried that she will never agree for our relationship. She says that Sanky betrayed her.

Laksh who couldn’t control it anymore blurted out.
Laksh- No Swara, Bhai never betrayed her, even he was……

He stops seeing the shocked expression on Swara’s face.
Swara- What are you saying? You called Sanky as your brother?
Laksh- Yes Swara, Sanskar Maheshwari is my brother.

Swara was shocked to hear that.
Swara- Laksh if this is true, then why didn’t you told me before?
Laksh- Because I was scared Swara, scared of losing you. I am sorry Swara that I hide it from you but that is the truth.

She starts crying and Laksh consoles her.
Swara- Di, will never agree for our relationship.
Laksh- I know, even Bhai will never let us be together. But you don’t worry, we will do something.

She hugs him and he caresses her hair.

Later at evening, Ragini was sitting on the bench of a park near her building. She was reminiscing her faceoff with Sanskar. A tear escapes her eyes.

On the other hand in Swara’s room, she gets Laksh’s call.
Swara- Laksh, did you thought something?
Laksh- Yes, come down, I’m waiting for you outside the building.

Swara gets tensed hearing this.
Swara- Laksh are you mad? If Di sees you here then?
Laksh- I don’t care, just come down fast.
Swara- Ok, you stay there, I’m coming.

She cuts the call and rushes down. She sees Laksh waiting for him.

Swara- Laksh, tell me fast what happened?
Laksh- Swara, one thing is for sure that Bhai and Ragini di will not agree for our relationship. So we are left with only one option.
Swara- What?
Laksh- Lets run away.

Swara was shocked to hear it from his mouth.
Swara- Laksh, do you even know what you are saying. How can we run away.
Laksh- Listen Swara, if we want to be together then we have to do this.
Swara- Don’t be stupid Laksh, how could you even say this. I cannot leave Di like this. She wont be able to live without me.
Laksh- But Swara…..
Swara- No Laksh. I cannot leave her, whether we are able to live together or not. And why don’t you think about Sanky, do you think he will be very happy with your decision. Please think maturely Laksh.
Laksh- I can’t think about anything. If you have any idea then just tell me.

“Should I give any idea”, they both turn around and see Ragini standing near them listening to all their conversations. Swalak are shocked to see her. She comes towards them angrily.

Ragini- By the way running away is a nice plan Laksh. What else could you expect from Sanskar’s brother.
Swara- Di please, first listen.
Ragini- You will not speak a word. How could you like him even after knowing about his brother.
Laksh- Ragini di please, its not her mistake. I only never told her about bhai.
Ragini- And I’m sure that you must have not told about this to Sanskar as well.
He nods.
Ragini- Call him right now.
Laksh(shocked)- Di please. Don’t tell bhai about all this.
Ragini- Laksh I said call him and ask him to come here.
Laksh doesn’t respond.
Ragini- Ok fine, I will ask him to come here and don’t blame me if I’m rude to him.
Laksh- No, I will call him.

He takes out his phone and calls Laksh while Swara continues watching him with helpless eyes.

Sanskar- Yes Laksh, say what?
Laksh- Bhai, please come to the Surya enclave building. I’m waiting for you there.
Sanskar- But what happened?
Laksh- Bhai, please you just come here. We will tell you everything.

He cuts the phone leaving Sanskar confused. After some time Sanskar reaches that place and gets shocked to see Ragini with Laksh. He also sees Swara but didn’t recognize her. He walks towards them and both Swalak get nervous seeing him while Ragini, like always, kept staring at him.

Sanskar- Laksh, what is the matter? Why are you here with this girl.
Laksh kept quiet.
Ragini- I will tell you. Your little brother came here to do a great job.
Sanskar- What do you mean?
Ragini- I mean to say that your brother asked Swara to run away with him.

Sanskar gets shocked to learn that and looks towards Swalak who were looking down in embarrassment.

Ragini- No doubt he is your brother only.
Sanskar- Laksh, what she is saying is true?
Laksh nods slowly.
Ragini- See, now believed me. But get one thing very clear Mr. Maheshwari that I will not let you both spoil my sister’s life just the way you spoiled mine.
Sanskar- Control your tongue Ragini. And as if only your life was spoiled, as if nothing wrong happened with me. Just don’t forget that your sister is also in love with Laksh, so how could you blame only my brother. You talk a lot about manners and all na, so didn’t you gave manners to your sister.
RAgini- Don’t you dare talk about manners. Swara was not ready to leave me and go but your brother was ready. Before telling me, just look at him.

Sanskar stares at Laksh angrily.
Sanskar- Laksh, sit in the car, lets go.
Laksh- But bhai….
Sanskar- I said sit in the car.

Laksh looks at Swara and then goes and sits in the car.
Ragini- Just tell Laksh to forget Swara. As they both can never be together.
Sanskar- Don’t worry Ragini. Even I will never let my brother indulge with your sister.

He also leaves. Ragini goes to her apartment and Swara also follows her.

There was dead silence in the car. Laksh kept his head down while Ragini’s taunts were still echoing in his head. He reminisces a flashback.

FB starts-

Sanskar, and some other of their friends were sitting, talking and laughing. Karan was also sitting there but was very quiet. One of those guy spoke.
Guy1- So finally you did it Sanskar.
Sanskar- Of course, Sanskar can do anything.
Karan(in taunting tone)- Whether its right or wrong.
Sanskar- Offo Karan, why are you so sentimental.
Karan- And why are you so practical Sanskar. Sometimes you need to think emotionally as well.

Till then Richa also comes there.
Richa- Come on yaar Karan, why are you getting so hyper. It’s a normal challenge.
Sanskar- Yes right, even I’m sure that Ragini will also be not as sad about this as much you are worrying.
Richa- Yes, Sanskar needs to be with her just for one month and then it will be
over. Come on na Karan, its normal nowadays.
Karan- Whatever it is, I’m not with you all in this thing.
Sanskar- Ok fine then don’t say that we didn’t share our challenge price money.

Everyone laughs.
Karan- I don’t know about the challenge price but for what you are doing, Just don’t forget Sanskar, you will pay a big price for that.

He leaves from there while Sanskar gets a little serious by his statement.

Later they also leave for their respective classes. Sanskar on his way to his class sees Ragini with one boy. He finds something suspicious in their behavior and stops to listen their talks.

Boy- Ragini, what was the problem with me. If you could accept that Sanskar, then why did you rejected me?
Ragini- Because I never loved you Sameer. Just stop troubling me and leave now.

She starts to leave but Sameer holds her hand.
Sameer- Its not so easy to leave you. I’m the best choice for you Ragini, not that Sanskar.
Ragini tries to free her hand from his grip but he holds it even more tighter.

Sanskar sees this and angrily comes towards him. Sameer also notice him and leaves her hand and goes away. Ragini sees Sanskar and feels relieved.

Ragini- Sanskar vo actually…..

Before she could complete her sentence, Sanskar grabs her hand and takes her to the store room.
Sanskar- You don’t need to give me any explanation. I’ve heard everything.
Ragini- So now what?
Sanskar- You don’t worry. Just try to maintain as much distance from his as possible. If he tries to misbehave with you, then just tell me. Don’t forget that I’m with you, ok.

Ragini got overwhelmed with his care and hugged him. This time Sanskar also felt something special about her.

Ragini- I love you.
Sanskar( smiles)- I love you too.
Ragini- Sanskar, please never leave me.

He feels guilty and hugs her even more tightly.
Sanskar- I will never leave you.

They depart and Ragini smiles at him and leaves. Sanskar just stood there with different emotions in his heart.
FB ends.

Sanlak reach home and go to their room. Laksh finally tries to speak.

Laksh- Bhai, I’m sorry.
Sanskar- Why should you be sorry. Be happy na, after my insult you should be happy na.
Laksh- Bhai, please try to understand I really love Swara.
Sanskar- You try to understand that I really hate Ragini.
Laksh- But that is not a reason to keep Swara and me away.
Sanskar- I don’t care. Just get this thing in your head that you both can never be together.

Laksh also gets angry.
Laksh- Its not our fault that you both got separated. How much you try, you both cannot separate me and Swara.
Sanskar- Laksh just be in your limits.
Laksh- I’ve always been in my limits Bhai. Now, I wont be. Its too much. Till how long have you decided to rule on me?
Sanskar- What do you want to say?
Laksh- I mean to say that you are selfish. All you think is about yourself. You never thought about me. Never in this 5 years, you have talked nicely with me. You never cared about me. Its good that Ragini Di left you. Because you deserved that. You deserve no one in your life Bhai.

Sanskar was deeply hurt by his statement.

Laksh- And, one more thing, maybe Swara was not ready to leave Ragini di and go with me but I was ready to leave you because you never behaved like a brother with me. And whatever happens, whether by your wish or not, only Swara will be in my life. No one else.

He leaves from there angrily while his harsh words kept echoing in his head.

On the other hand-
Swara- Di, please talk to me na.
Ragini- I don’t want to. Just go and sleep.
Swara- Di, I’m sorry na. But please don’t separate me and Laksh, I really love him a lot.
Ragini- After so much happened, how could you say that you still love him.
Swara- After so much happened, do you also really hate Sanky? Have you also stopped loving him.

Ragini becomes speechless by just one statement.
Swara- No need to give me reply Di, as I know the answer. So the same case goes with me and Laksh. How much you try to stop me, my love for him will just increase.

She also goes to her room while Ragini stood there speechless.

NEXT EPISODE- Sanskar makes Ragini agree for Swalak’s relation.

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    sry for the late cmnt diya dear. actually i posted cmnt but i dono what happened to my phone so now am posting from lap. amazing epi. its not boring. san deserves lak’s words. he is acting….ya he too feels something strange but playing with my ragini’s emotion. i’m angry on him. love u loads. keep smiling.
    Award section.
    best actor award goes laksh maheswari.

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