RAGSAN- Two broken souls (Episode 10)


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Richa’s character will be played by NAVINA BOLE.
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So lets start-
RECAP- Sanskar controlling drunk Ragini in past. Richa’s entry.

The episode starts with Sanskar dropping Richa to her house and then leaving for his home. When he reaches there, he sees a doctor coming out of his house with Laksh. They both also notice him and stop.

Sanskar- Laksh, what is the matter?
Laksh- Actually bhai, Maa is not well.
Sanskar- What happened to her?
Doctor- Don’t worry Mr. Sanskar, she is fine now. Still you just need to take care about her medicines and all.

Sanlak nod and the doctor leaves. Sanskar goes inside Ap’s room.

Sanskar- Maa, what is this? Why don’t you take care about your medicines?
Ap smiles listening him.
Sanskar- Now why are you smiling?
Ap- Its good to see your care for me.
Sanskar- Of course I care for you but its not important to show it.
Ap- Sometimes its good to show care and love…God knows how many days are left in my life…..
Sanskar(angrily)- Maa please, stop talking nonsense. Why do you keep saying this. Are you so eager to leave me like others did?
Ap- I didn’t mean that beta.
Sanskar- Ok leave it, just be regular with your medicines and rest. That’s all you need to do.

He leaves from there and Ap continues looking at him.

Next day in the bureau, Sanskar was doing some work when Richa comes with a coffee cup in her hand.She offers him and he takes it. She sees two officers watching news on TV and talking.

Richa- I think they just get salary for watching news.
Sanskar- Let them watch. I never even expect some other work from them.

Just then one of those officer changes the channel and both Sanskar and Richa hear a familiar voice. They both towards the television at the same time and saw Ragini reporting. Sanskar looks at her with an angry expression on her face while Richa gets nervous seeing Sanskar looking at her. She tries to divert his attention but he was continuously watching her. That is when the officer’s talk grab his attention.

Officer1- Wow, seeing such a new and fresh face after a long time.
Officer2- Yes yaar, even I was tired seeing old faces reporting. She seems to be good.
Officer1- Do you remember, she is the same girl who came yesterday for that drug case. I wish she again comes here soon.

Sanskar was trying to ignore their talks but was slowly losing his anger.
Richa thinks- They both are gone today.

Officer1- From today onwards, open this channel only.
Officer2- Yeah….but don’t you think she was more suitable to be a model instead of reporter.

They both start laughing and Sanskar fumes in anger. He goes and snatches the remote from their hand and changes the channel.

Officer1- What is this?
Sanskar- I should be asking that question to you both. Instead of standing here and looking to the news, you can go and investigate on the pending cases.

They both lower their heads in embarrassment.
Sanskar- And one more thing, from now on, no one will turn on that channel, instead of watching new faces, continue watching old ones only. Concentrate on work, not on girls. Got it.

They both nod and leave.
Richa thinks- Still so much possessiveness…..God, how will I get him like this.

Sanskar also goes and sits back on his chair but was still angry. A flashback comes in his mind.
FB starts-

Its night and Sanskar is standing outside Ragini’s home. He sees the window of her room open. He also sees a pipe and decides to climb it. He reaches at the window and sees Ragini sleeping on her bed. He adorns her for sometime but then makes an irritated face.

Sanskar- Just look at her. Here I’m worried and she is sleeping peacefully.

He jumps inside her room and moves towards her.

Sanskar(Whisper)- Hey Miss Attitude, get up fast. See I’m here.

Ragini gets disturbed and slowly open her eyes. She gets shocked seeing him and screams but Sanskar covers her mouth with his hand.

Sanskar- Shhh….Do you want to wake your parents and the neighbours. Its me, calm down.

Ragini was still looking at him with open wide eyes. Sanskar slowly removes his hand from her mouth.

Ragini- Sanskar, what are you doinghere?
Sanskar- Sanskar? Call me Sanku na.
Ragini- What kind of name is this?
Sanskar- That means you don’t remember anything.
Ragini- What are you talking about?
Sanskar- Leave that…..and tell me why didn’t you come to college today?
Ragini- Sanskar you should leave. My parents are back and if they will see me with you, we both will be in a big trouble.
Sanskar- Don’t try to change the topic miss attitude, just answer me.
Ragini- I was not in a mood to come.
Sanskar- No, you are lying. The truth is that you were trying to escape this day because it’s the last day for me to make you realize your love. Right?

Ragini first nod in yes, then in no, again then in yes.

Sanskar- That means you don’t love me?
She doesn’t reply.
Sanskar- Do you know what, if there would be any other girl, she would have slapped me for coming to her house but you didn’t do that. It clearly shows your feelings towards me.
Ragini- Its nothing like that.
Sanskar- Are you sure?
She again doesn’t reply.

Sanskar looks at the clock and then again at her.
Sanskar- Miss Attitude, only 5 minutes are left for the clock to hit 12, then the next day will start. You have only 5 min to tell me your feelings.
Ragini- But….
Sanskar- Ok, I promise that after this 5 minutes, I will never come in your way if you reject me today. I will go away from your life forever.

Ragini feels bad hearing this but still remain quite. Now Sanskar was also not able to wait.

Sanskar- Ok, I think I got my answer. Bye.

He starts to leave when Ragini tightly holds his hand.
Ragini- Sanskar please don’t leave.
Sanskar- But you don’t love me na. I don’t want to force you anymore.
Ragini- No, I….I love you.

A big smile comes on his face hearing this.
Sanskar- Really?
Ragini- Yes, I really love you a lot. Please don’t leave.

Sanskar also holds her hands and smiles.
Sanskar- I love you too. And Don’t worry, I will not go anywhere.

Ragini smiles and hugs him. Sanskar was a little nervous but later hugs her back lightly. He sees the clock where it hits 12 and smirks. They break the hug.

Sanskar- So, see you tomorrow Miss Attitude.
Ragini- Its Ragini.
Ragini- My name is Ragini.

Sanskar smiles- Beautiful name, just like you. Ok, its too late, I think I should leave now. Bye
Ragini – Bye.

Sanskar then leaves from there and Ragini kept looking and smiling at him.

FB ends.

NEXT EPISODE- Ragsan comes to know about Swalak’s relationship.

Sorry for sucha short update as I was running out of time. Will try to post longer from next time. Thank you.

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