RAGSAN- Two broken souls (Episode 1)

Hello friends. I am back with the first episode of my new ff. Thanks for all your precious comments, they mean a lot to me. So now lets start-

A small building is shown. Inside the building, some people are working, while some are discussing about cases. A boy is shown, searching for someone. He then stops in front of two girls.
Boy- Hey, have you seen Ragini?
Girl 1- Yes, I right now saw her getting in her cabin.
Boy- Ok thanks.

He then goes towards a cabin. He opens the door and gets inside.
Boy- There you are, I was searching for you everywhere.

He looks towards a girl who was checking some files. She was wearing a plain baby pink shirt and denim jeans. Her hair was tied in a messy bun. She was looking simple and gorgeous.

Girl- How many times should I tell you Aditya that before entering you should knock on the door.
Aditya- I don’t need to enter in my friends room after knocking. By the way Ragini(Yes she is our sweet Ragini), chief is calling both of us.
Ragini- Ok, I’m coming.

They both then move towards their chief’s cabin.
Ragini- Sir, you called us?
Chief- Yes yes, Come and sit both of you.

They both look at each other and then sit.
Chief- Look, I know that you both are really talented reporters and have been serving here for 4years. But, now you both are getting transfer to a different branch and place.
Aditya- Where are we getting transferred?
Chief- To Delhi.

Ragini gets shocked hearing this.
Ragini- But, is the transfer important, I mean that can we be transferred somewhere else?
Chief- What are you talking Ragini, ofcourse its important. I’ve already send both of your’s information to the Delhi branch, you both have no option, but to go to Delhi. So I shouldn’t be asking you both this question but still are you both ready to go there?
Aditya- Yes, I’m ready.
Chief- Ragini, what about you?
Ragini also nods unwillingly.
Chief- Good, so you both will be leaving from here after two days.

Both of them nod and leaves from the cabin. Ragini was lost in some thoughts.
Ragini thinks- After 5 years, I will go back to Delhi. The memories there are not so good for me. Why does it always happen with me, I have to go back where it all started, where I met him, where I did my worst mistake of loving him and where……

She is disturbed by Aditya’s voice.
Aditya- Seems like you are not happy with the transfer and I think that I know the reason.
Ragini- Its nothing like that Aditya, I am not sad with the transfer.
Aditya- Well leave that. I’m happy that I’m also coming with you. Just think Ragini, even in Delhi also I will not leave troubling you.
Ragini- Aditya, get on work, I don’t have time for all this talking.

She leaves from there.
Aditya thinks- I wish you had time for me Ragini. Sanskar is damn lucky that even after 5 years, you still remember him and I’m here with you, but you still never look at me. No problem, I just want to see you happy, and I know that your happiness only resides in Sanskar.

He also leaves from there. Scene then shifts to at night in an apartment in Mumbai only.
A girl is playing video games on computer. She is Swara. Just then the doorbell rings.

Swara bites her tongue- Oops, Di is back.

She hurriedly shuts the computer and takes out a textbook. She then goes and opens the door and sees Ragini standing there.
Ragini- Why did you took so much time in opening the door.
Swara- Wo actually na Di, I was studying so I didn’t heard the bell.

Ragini then comes inside the room and sees Swara’s textbook open infront of her.

Ragini- You were again playing video games, right?
Swara- How do you know?
Ragini- Because this is the 10th time I’m entering in your room and seeing you with your same textbook with the same page open, so that means you just open this page to show me that you are stydying.
Swara- Wow Di, you are so observant, you should be in CID.
Ragini- Reporters are observant so no need for me to be in CID. I’m fine with my job.

Ragini then remembers her transfer thing.

Ragini- Swara, there was one thing I needed to tell you, I’ve got transfer.
Swara gets upset- Where are we going now?
Ragini- Delhi.
Swara gets happy.
Swara- Wow Delhi, that means I will be able to meet all my friends again, do you know I am still in contact with all of them and do you know the best part, most of my friends are in the same college where you and Sanky were.
Ragini- I’ve told you so many times, not to say his name. Why don’t you get it. And what is there to get happy about, have you forgotten Swara that what happened in Delhi, what happened in that college you are talking about and what happened between me and him. Still you are happy to go there.
Swara felt guilty for saying his name.
Swara- I’m sorry Di, I won’t say his name again.
Ragini also realized that she scolded her. She also felt bad.
Ragini- Its ok, and I’m sorry too. Ok leave it, lets go and have dinner.

Ragini leaves from there.
Swara thinks- So now we are going back to Delhi. Maybe we meet Sanky there, I wan’t to meet him. Maybe he has also changed just like Di. I want to know about him. How must be he after everything happened, what would he be doing?

Scene then shifts in Delhi. A bar is shown.

Two people are sitting, drinking and talking.

Boy1- So, you and your partner comes here everyday.
Boy2- Yes but he hasn’t come today.
Boy1- Why? What happened?
Bo2- Is girlfriend left her, so he maybe drunk somewhere being Devdas.
Boy1 laughs listening this- Yaar, these girls are like this only, always leaving others.
Boy2- Why, someone left you too?
The expressions on Boy1’s face changes.
Boy2- Say na Sanskar, did someone left you too?

Yes the other boy is Sanskar.


Boy2- Waah waah, kya baat hai. This is true that love makes everyone a shayar.
Sanskar- Leave that topic, you tell, where can I find your partner?
Boy- I don’t know. Ask me what you wanna ask? I can tell you everything.
Sanskar- So then tell me the name of your boss. Tell me everything about him.
Boy- I knew it, I knew it that you are not a normal person. You are a police inspector, right. Our boss can buy all of you, so stop it.
Sanskar- Your bad luck, I’m not a police inspector, I’m a CID officer. So you tell me everything as I have other methods to know it too.

That person gets scared and tries to run away but Sanskar holds him. He asks everyone else to leave the bar. People get scared and leave. Sanskar then starts beating him badly.
Sanskar- You know what, I have worked a lot to reach to you, now if you don’t tell me something, I myself don’t know what I will do. Because of your boss, many people have lost their lives.
Boy- I…I will tell you everything but please leave me.

He then tells him about everything and Sanskar reaches to his boss with his CID officers and arrest him.
One of those officers- I’m proud of you Sanskar, again you solved this case easily.
Sanskar- Thanks, sir.

Saying this he leaves leaving others confused.
Officer1- Why do he never talk much?
Officer2- That is the question everyone asks him, but he never tells, every time he seems so reserved and rude.

Sanskar is shown driving in the car-
He remembers that boy asking him whether a girl left him. He starts driving the car even more faster.
Someone’s voice was echoing in his head. That someone was Ragini.
Ragini- I hate you Sanskar, I never thought that you can ever stoop so low. You can never be trusted. I hate you, I am leaving and will never come back to you, never.

Sanskar’s eyes started becoming red due to anger.
Sanskar- I hate you too Ragini. Even I will never let you come back in my life.

On the other side in Mumbai-

Ragini was sitting on her sofa thinking about her transfer. Someone’s voice was echoing in her head also.
That someone was Sanskar.
Sanskar- Fine, you want to leave, then leave. I am also not interested in talking to you. You never deserved my love Ragini. You never trusted me. I hate you Ragini, I just hate you.

Some tears escaped her eyes.
Ragini- I also just hate you Sanskar, I will never come back to you, whatever happens.

Screen freezes on their faces.

NEXT EPISODE- Swaragini and Aditya reaches Delhi.

So this was the first episode and yes, in this ff Aditya’s character is not negative, in fact you will love his character this time. Hope you all liked it.

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