RagSan TS: Budhu Sa Mann Hai…(Shot 1)

“ So this is our Portfolio , we try our best to do whatever we can for public and we have heard the same views about you so we would love if you could join our party…” He spoke up as he scattered a few files on the desk in front of him.
In front of him sat Ragini wearing a Light Blue Sari , dull in colour but still her face was enough to get admiration of anyone , she needn’t wear some bright colours.
“Ok , But I am not interested…” Ragini smiled as she passed back the files to Sanskar.
Sanskar looked towards the door and a few men standing there eyeing him with curiosity, he closed his eyes cursing himself and looked back at Ragini again.

“ You are a social worker , you want the benefit of public and we are giving it , whats the problem , we are just asking for your support…” Sanskar said in a desperate yet angry tone trying to clear his point to her but the point wasn’t going to hit Ragini’s deaf ears.
“ Ok , I’ll support you but for that I need the Party’s chief’s….” Ragini stopped and her lips curved into a mischievous smile while Sanskar looked at her , stunned.
“ Will she ask for chief’s position , My father’s Position?”Sanskar thought while he looked at Ragini , straight into her eyes when suddenly she moved forward and held the collar of the Kurta he was wearing , she pulled him close and smiled , ‘ Chief’s son…” She pulled him more closer and winked at him.

Sanskar was still looking at her , his eyes widening while she still held his collar.
“ Leave me…Miss Ragini what are you doing..Miss Ragini…” Sanskar was trying to pull back his collar while Ragini didn’t seem to be in any mood to leave him.
She started laughing as she held his collar more tightly pulling him but Sanskar wasn’t the one to be trifled with either. He got his collar free and passed a deadly childish glare to a laughing Ragini.
He picked his files up and stood up , he turned when he heard Ragini say still laughing , “ Awwwwwww….” He walked off tensed while all members of his party followed him shocked.
“ Papa , she refused to support us…” Sanskar told his father, Durgaprasad Maheshwari like an angry child trying to adjust his collars.
“ And she even made fun of Bhai…” Laksh , Sanskar’s younger brother added oil to the kindling Fire. Sanskar held his ear angrily while Laksh laughed , “ Bhai leave me , you couldn’t speak anything in front of her , why are you taking out your anger on me…” Laksh complained while Sanskar left his ear.

“ Leave it Sanskar ,if she doesn’t want to support us then no problem, we’ll win elections anyways , Laksh , you stop fighting with your brother and go study…” Durgaprasad exclaimed while Laksh nodded and left not before laughing heart fully on his elder brother.
“ Ragini..” Sanskar thought angrily as he glared at Laksh.
“ So How was the meeting with Sasur Ji??” Asked Ragini from Sanskar , they were walking in a garden.
Sanskar got hold of her ear , “ Ragini Ki Bachi…Acha Mazak Banaya Mera…” He said angrily while she laughed.
“ So what I did , I just kept my demand in front of you…” She said trying to get her ear free but this time Sanskar was in no mood to leave it.

“ See , I am not Laksh…leave me…” Ragini said , this time irritated. Sanskar left her ear.
Ragini looked at the side and saw a beautiful rose , then plucked it and started caressing it.
“ Thats bad…” Sanskar said like a teacher while Ragini looked at him fed up , then stuck out her tongue at him and started running away caressing the Rose.
“ Ragini , what are you doing? Ragini…” Sanskar started running behind Ragini who was in no mood to stop.
At a point , Sanskar reached a isolated point , Ragini was not there and he seemed to be alone when suddenly from back flower petals started falling on him , he turned only to find Ragini throwing it on him from behind a pillar and laughing.
“ I’ll do anything for you…even if it is wrong…” Ragini said smiling cutely while Sanskar too smiled , he placed his hand above Ragini’s hand on the pillar while Ragini hid her face behind the pillar.
As Sanskar tried to see her face from behind the pillar , she hid it further , suddenly the calm weather of the day changed , silver rimmed shinning drops started falling on Sanskar and on his hand which was above Ragini’s hand , Sanskar smiled.
The rain fell on Ragini too who pepped her face out of the pillar to look at Sanskar who was smiling seeing the rain.

The rain bounced on her face and she smiled seeing her love smile, she pulled Sanskar’s hand from above her hand using her other hand and dragged him dancing in the rain now.
“ Kuch Yaad Aya Janaab?” Ragini asked as she opened her arms to enjoy the bouncing of the rain to its fullest , Sanskar smiled as he too opened his arms and they both together danced in the rain enjoying it to its fullest , as Ragini enjoyed the rain like a little child , Sanskar looked at her wet face , he smiled as memories came flashing in front of him.
Dabi dabi si hasi
Honthon pe phansi hai
Gudgudi kar rahi hawa
Oo halla macha rahi hai
Pagal si khwaishein
Khushiyon ki mili hai wajah
Kuch hai junoon sa
Kuch pagal pan hai
Sau baatein karta yeh
Buddhu sa mann hai (x2)

Ragini was dancing in the rain like a cute child when Sanskar had first seen her , they were in collage at that time , Sanskar in 3rd year and Ragini in 1st and that was their first meet , the first touch of love his love at first site.
“ So you love rain?” Sanskar had asked Ragini as she was still dancing and he standing near her. Ragini grabbed his hand and pulled him to dance guiding his steps with hers while he though being uncomfortable danced for the smile of the sweet girl he had fallen for.

Karne de khwaabon ko badmashiyaan
Chalne de nazron ki manmaniyan
Dhundhe chalo kuch thikaane naye
Hone de pagli pagli si nadaaniyan
Hosh mein rehna hai kyun
Rehne se hoga kya
Behoshiyon mein hai maza
Oo bachkaani harkatein
Jo hoti hain hone de
Khushiyon ki mili hai waja
Kuch hai junoon sa
Kuch pagal pan hai
Sau baatein karta yeh
Buddhu sa mann hai (x2)

“ Then you slowly started loving me and then you proposed me…” Ragini whispered in Sanskar’s ears as she saw him lost in his thoughts , Sanskar was suddenly pulled back from his thoughts by her whisper.
He turned and looked at her , then smiled and then almost blushed rubbing the back of his head like a innocent teenager.
“ And you…I told you na we’ll tell about us to Papa soon , wait na…why you try to make fun of me in front of everyone??” Sanskar asked angrily yet cutely.
Ragini smiled and grabbed his hand pulling him into a couple dance , they swayed to their imaginary song in the rain.

Na na ye Na na oo..
Mausam ne bhi ki hai kuch koshishein
Hone lagi dekho ye baarishein
Sar pe chadha hai yeh kaisa asar
Daude raftaar mein dil ki sab dhadkane
Dhun koi chal rahi hai
Kaano mein dheeme se
Roshan hai zyaada yeh subah
Oo hulchal jo ho rahi hai
Seene mein hone de
Khushiyon ki mili hai wajah
Kuch hai junoon sa
Kuch pagal pan hai
Sau baatein karta yeh
Buddhu sa mann hai (x2)

“ Because I love to see your angry face…you are the cutest with this type of face…” Ragini said as she ended with her dance and then moved to go.
Sanskar grabbed her hand from back and pulled her towards him , “ So Miss Social Worker is a mad girl too?” He asked while Ragini turned and came closer to him while her hand was still in his.
“ You came to know it today , I thought you knew it from almost forever…” She said smiling , Sanskar smiled looking towards her.
Suddenly she sprinkled her wet hand on his face and he was pulled back from his thoughts by it , “ Ragini….” He said angrily while Ragini made a cute innocent face , Sanskar couldn’t help but smile.

“ I am happy you rejected our proposal , I thought you will accept because of me , Papa sent me forcefully with all his legacy continue and all stuff…” Sanskar said as he grabbed her hand again.
“ I don’t want to enter all these Politics yaar Sanskar , I just do all social worker because I love helping people…” Ragini said as she got her hand free.
“ Ok Bye…need to go somewhere…” Ragini ran away while Sanskar standing in the rain , kept looking at her going.
“ Tum Meri Zindagi Mein Hawa Ke Jhonke Si Aatti Ho aur Usi Tarah Chali Jaati Ho…” Sanskar said with as he too walked back.
After 2 weeks:
“ Hello Sanskar , Sanskar…come fast….” Sanskar heard Ragini’s voice from other side , he had just got up from his bed and then heard her call.
“ Ragini…what happened? Where are you..Ragini?” Sanskar questioned confused at her screams.
“ Vishwanath Thakur ji , your rival….who is standing in elections against you na , in his home…” Ragini said , her vice filled with tension.
“ What are you doing there , Ragini?” Sanskar asked innocently.
Ragini hit her head with her palm , “ You know what , when his men will kill me na then come here and ask my dead body…” She threw her phone down , angrily.
Sanskar was stunned as heard the beep of the phone , he ran towards the gate, took his car and started driving.

Author’s Note: Hello friends , so this is the same Work Buddhu Sa Mann Hai for which I posted a teaser a few days ago and now I am converting it into a TS , Have a reason for it but don’t worry will end it soon , Please forgive me if anybody is sad at the fact that it is converted into a TS. By the way I have planned something, I will ask a question (Related to almost anything , to My story , To general Life or to the Writer *tongue out*) and you can answer it if you wish , only if you do , I’ll tell my answer , maybe in next post or comment section , I hope you all participate , So the question for today is , ‘ What Is Love According to you?’ , Too simple I suppose , just your definition of love , I still remember the times I used to talk to you all in Dil Ki Dor , had my hectic schedule so had almost left it , just a way to have conversations again…Hope you all reply , secondly If you like Shot 1 then please do consider commenting.

Love you all a lot…

Be Happy…

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