ragsan… true love will be united (by namratha)(intro)


HI namratha here!!! this is my first one short ..and this is an emotional one ..and i dont know that it will touch ur heart or not .ok lets get started

a fresh morning

it was raining heavily ..a girl and a boy was going in a car..oops sorry a man of 43yrs and a woman of 40yrs..were going towards somewhere..with thier hearts broken..and they get downed frm the car with an umbrella in thier hands which was shared by them and the woman was holding a bunch of flowers and they opened the gate of the graveyard

and they slowly entered it with the pain in thier hearts and they kept the flowers to the grave of thier loved ones..and their eyes were filled with chronic tears which were coming frm thier eyes..without an end..they were thinking deeply about the past kneeling down in front of the grave ..and crying hardly ..and the man said “it was about 20yrs ago. when we lost them”..a tear drop came frm his eyes

fb starts

it was the time when swara proved that she is innocent and ragini’s black shades were proved by her..everyone was angry with her …

swara; lak i know she has done a big mistake but y shud we be cruel to her like this by sending her out of the house..maa ji(ap) atleast u say ragini not to go ..pls

lak; swara she deserves it(he shouts)

ap; lak is right beta(cupping her face)

ragini with her disjointed heart came …down stairs carrying her lugguage..

swara ; ragini pls u stay here..i will leave!!

lak; swara u r not leaving and i have informed ur baadi..about this..and swara u saty here in the guest house..and i dont want to loose u again..and let her go!!(he said mercilessly)

swara was not able to do anything becz..everyone is against her sis..

ragini with a sad smile ..sees swara and signs her to go inside..and swara with no option ..went

and now problem is for sanskaar..he feels shattered when seeing ragini in this condition..and he too follows her but he was unaware .he loves her like anything!!

and now it was 11.50pm at night but no one cared about ragini going in this time..becoz for them she is a heartless person who tried to kill her sis

it was dark at night ..even not a single bird appear to be in the dark sky …it was fully dark at the road..and the only lifeline for ragini was the street lights..she was already half dead thinking on the mistakes she has done in the past.. ..all happened in just a second ..and it seems to be no way for her

and sanky was keep on following her..to ensure that she is safely going home..

ragini(screaming with her full strength); y shud i be in this world..i better die than being an burden to them!! and with that she ran to the sea which was near by

sanskaar was not able to bear her words..as a result he begin to ran behind her without her knowledge

the sand was dry and the sea was cold..it all happened in that blackness of the nightfall

ragini was going to jump in the sea but our jack frm titanic(sanskaar) acme to stop rose(ragini) by enclosing her waist by his warm hands ..and in that speed and momentum made him spin her with his grip arms and they result in falling ..ragini was on the down of him and he was in the top….they were continusily rolling ..and ragini’s saree has came out and has whirled around his suit .now she was only with her bottom and blouse (and it was a half saree pattern) …and her saree was tied up sanky ..by the rolling of them..

ragini was trying to take out the saree shawl frm him …without minding that she is wearing only her blouse and bottom!! and sanskaar slowly got up and now quickly she took her saree shawl and she wears it soon (becoz in wearing it fasty ..she weared it half covered and still she didnt wear it properly)

ragini didnt notice that she didnt wore her saree shawl properly

sankaar and she gets up ..and now sanky gives a tight slap to her face

sanskaar(in anger); ragini r u gone mad.??? ragini listen(he grasp her shoulders very hard) ragini sucide is not the correct option to all our suffering ..and do u think if ur going to sucide…everything is going to become normal??? and ragini ..if sucide is the only way for getting rid of pain then in this whole world everyone will be dieing for each minute!!

ragini; (crying hard and her eyes extent in pain); sanskaar!! then what will i do?? if i go to my baadi!! do u think that they will accept me or talk to me?? i have to be dieing every minute in thier anger.. u know how it pains??? it will be like standing in the fire and dieing alive!!..what will i do now!!

sanky was in pieces seeing her pain..he was numb in her words..and he was not able to do anything..

ragini(holds her head); aahhhhh(she faints)

and sanky catches her and now her saree shawl came out fully as she didnt wore it properly ..and sanky somehow covered her and he walked to her baadi..and everyone was shocked to see her in this codition..and the doctor told that she is depressed now..so she needs some special care..or else she may die

now everyone made her happy ..and days passed swalak marriage took place..and ragini was happy now..and sanskaar has fallen for ragini.but he didnt express his feelings o her..and swalak came to know that he loves her..so they did one plan

and they gave a msg to ragini that come to the beach’

so now there was only ragini and sanky in the beach and sanky placed a video cam in his suit ..in which swalak will see thier confession.

ragini; sanskaar..y did swalak called me here??

sanskaar; actually ragini..i want to tell u something!!

ragini; ok tell sanky ..

but before he cud tell there comes that disaster…..that year was 2013..were the tsunami comes in kolakata..were hundreds of lives were gone..but ragini and sanky were unaware about that

(tsunami comes giving a big eathquake )

it was all of a sudden the earth quake came followed by the disaster!! ..ragini and sanky were optionless..all get alert and they run far..then sanky turns facing the sea even swalak see that frm the video cam of sanky’s suit ..now the giant wave come there like a monster fate……ragini shouts….run sanskaar..;;sanky was shocked it all happened just in a minute..he was numb..he didnt expect it at all .even no one expected this…

now ragini catched his hands tight ..and they two ran fast as they can

at mm house

the tv is on

the news says there is a big tsunami coming frm the sea..be alert ..dont go to the sea

sujatha put down her arathi plate..when she heared it ..she shouts “sanskaar”

ap; lak beta..come soon!!

now swara and lak were responseless ..they were shocked see them like that..they thought to unite them but it all turned into vain..now swara and lak came running to the hall and they promised that they will be back with sanskaar and ragini..becz they only sent them there..they were going in high speed to bring them..ap and sujatha informed the rescue team to the sea and they tried to stop swalak but they were not able to

ragini suddenly hits in a tree becoz she was catching sanky’s hand and was running..and her head was bleeding very badly

sanskaar heart was smashed when he saw her in this state…and the somehow came out of the sea ..but still the tsunami has not want to leave ..and the rescue team comes there and they were not able to save any one becoz the tsunami was still coming more and more..now the rescue team has to rescue themseleves..it was the worst situation ever..and the hurts in the sea shore were destroyed .

and now ragini and sanskaar were holding the top of the street light becoz there was water everywhere ..and they somehow managed to hold it..and everything was floating ..and at last after several minutes..the tsuanami has gone..but still its flooded over everyhere…and sanky and ragini was in the hurt side of the seashore..and they were catching a tree’s wood which was enough to hold for two persons….

there was dead bodies and furnitures floating…they two were crying badly ….

sanskaar(in a bad crying state ); ragini..pls we have to dress your hurt.its still bleeding

ragini(in a sad cryng way); sanksaar..iam very sacred..my hands r aching!! and sanskaar we have to help others..becoz many of us r injured..see there is a girl she is struggling for life!! sanky we have to take her…

sanskaar; ragini ..i think the rescue team has come ..we ..will take her and we will go with her in that boat!

they too some how take that girl and they three go safely in the boat..

and swalak comes there

swara hugs ragini (now they all reach the road which is not flooded)

swara; ragini.. i was very sacred..!! ..wait ragini..u have got hurt in your head!!

lak; bhai….we have to dress her wound ..and i have already called the ambulance

ragini; swara..we have to do something ..we have to call more rescue teams

swara; rags u pls dont stress yorself..and pls u two be here!!

sankaar; but …wait..(he sees something) ragini…u wait here i will come!!

then he goes towards a small boy who is going to drown in the flood

and ragini too follows him

swara and lak ; rescue team will go ..u two dont go there alone!!

but before they cud stp them they go there

then sanky and rags go there and they save that boy and they give him to the rescue team…and while ragini tries to enter in the boat a branch frm the tree falls on her ..she falls in the flooded water and her head was bleeding very fast and she was badly hurt .

sanskaar(he shouts and cries); ragini!!! ( sad version banjara song frm ek villain plays)

swara and lak see this and they go there rushing ..and the flood water was very deep .and somehow the rescue team drains the water by thier equipments ..(machines)…

and ragini was lying in the ground now the water has drained..and ragini was bleeding very badly ..and her head was surrounded by her blood pool ..

she called only one name with her mild voice which is going to no more after some time “sanskaar”!!

sanskaar came running to her and he holded her hand tightly with the pain in his eyes

sanskaar; ragini i will not leave u anywhere!!

ragini;(she was crying in pain silently); sanskaar ..u was saying that ur going to tell me one thing…now tell me!!

sanskaar(he was teared like hell and he wraped her whole body hugging her tight …); ragini i love u !!! i love u a lot!! pls dont leave me!!! he said with his heart beating for ragini

swara and laksh was standing close to them and they were numb seeing thier love..they cant control thier tears ..they were crying hard..

ragini(she smiled happily ..with the cute tears in her eye..sighing him lovingly); sanskaar…i too love!! but now iam going ..becoz..my heart is beating up slow..iam sleepy my death has captured me..!! now iam going bye..but i love u

sanskaar was crying loud saying her name ,..and she was telling that iam going to die..and now her breath was decreasing

ragini; sanskaar iam will be with u ..up there…she said this…and she fell frm his hug ..and she was no more now

swara; ragini!!

lak; no this cant happen!!!

they two cried for her..and they were shaking sanky to get up

lak;(shaking him) bhai..ragini is no more!!! pls understand!!

swara; ragini ..y did u leave me(she screamed her name)

then lak was shocked becoz there was no response frm sanky …he was keep on shaking him ..and at last sanky to fell down ..close to ragini…and lak kept his hands in his nose to check his breath..but lak was shattered when there was no breath coming frm him

lak(he screamed sanky’s name); bhai ..y did u do this!!!(he cried)

swara; lucky they two have left us alone….

now they understood the terrible truth that they r no more

then the screen shows that ragini and sanskaar r lying close to each other with their hands holded …(rahat fateh ali khan- zaroori tha plays)(or teri meri..choice is yours)

all the membs arrive there ..and all bursted into tears..now it is shown ..as ragini and sanskaar souls r holding thier hands and going to heaven frm thier body….

fb ends

at present….. 2033….

the woman of 40 yrs and the men of 43 yrs is none other than swara and laksh

swara; lak it has been 20yrs..but ..still in my life i canot forget that incident..which changed everyones life into bitter yards

lak(consoling swara..who was crying hard); swara..now they will be happy in heaven..let thier souls rest in peace!!

now they keep the bouqeut in sanskar and ragini’s grave..which was kept in one coffin under the ground…..

laksh holds swara’s shoulders and they lie on each other’s shoulders and they walk to thier car….(chandariya jeeni ye jeeni plays for sometime)


…………………THE END

thank u for reading and pls comment…!! and i know this was not quite nice

Credit to: namratha

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