Happy new year guys ❤️ thank you all for your support so enjoy the update ☺️

Plz forgive me 🙏🏻!!!!!

Ragini holds Sanskar 😍😍..

RAGINI: What is wrong in this? I am your wife 😢 we were romancing that’s all ….if you don’t want to accept me as your wife so why did you married me ah😳 every girl has a dream to get a life partner who loves her the most 😍 but you love Kritika 😢 I am only your so called wife 💔 I change myself into a new Ragini but my efforts fail 😭now I will leave everything on our destiny & don’t dare to talk with me 😳 you think that you saved my pride but you ruined my life 😢(she was crying really badly 😭)….

She runs away leaving her words into Sanskar’s mind 😧…

SANSKAR: Ohhh god , I ruined my life 😳 I can’t stay with Kritika because I married her sister & I can’t love Ragini because I love her sister😢 I need a solution but I have to apologize to Ragini because I hurt her a lot ❤…

Karan sends the video to Kritika who after seeing it gets out of her mind 😠 & trows away her phone & other thinks 😡 and breaks down 😢😧😢…

KRITIKA:WhySanskar?😢 I loved you so much ❤ you promise me so many thinks but now you & Ragini 😢😢😢you hurt me a lot Sanskar 💔

Ragini was in her room crying 😭😢😢 and touches her neck where Sanskar kissed her 💋💋

RAGINI: Enough is enough !! I will ignore him at least he will understand my importance  ❤❤ ..

Then someone trows a paper 😳 she wipes her tears & see the letter 😍….:

“ I am so sorry Ragini” 😊 …

She gets up & see Sanskar outside her room 😧 pleading her for the forgiveness 😳😍 but Ragini closes the door on his face 😭 leaving Sanskar sad 😳…

SANSKAR: Raginiiiiiii!! Why you are so angry yaar, I can’t tolerate your ignorance 😍 I am restless 😳…

Ishita comes to Kritika & console her & both cries 😭😭..

ISHITA:Betha plz don’t cry 😭, Sanskar ruined your & Ragini’s life 🙄 my poor daughters😦…

KRITIKA :Mom , I am ready for the marriage 😳..

Ragini comes out of the bathroom 😇 and remains speachless when she see the flower decoration done by Sanskar 😍❤…

RAGINI: Wow who done this ?😄

SANSKAR: I done this for your “sorry”❤ plz forgive me nah..😌

RAGINI: No & I don’t wanna talk you with you 😳get out of my room 😯..

Sanskar gets sad & brings her a bouquet 😍 which Ragini trows it away 😳…Ragini was about to go but Sanskar holds her hand 😍 & push her on the wall 😍😍 and puts his hands on the side to not let her escape 😍….they had an intence eyelock 😍…

RAGINI: Leave me !😳(teary eyes 😢)

SANSKAR:No I will not leave you , you have to forgive me  😯(making cute faces)…

Ragini & Sanskar were speaking with their eyes 😍 but then Ragini’s  phone rings 😇..their eyelock interrupts 😮…

KRITIKA :Congratulations Ragini  , you snatch Sanskar  also from me 😢…From childhood you snatched everything from me !😡 Parents’s love ❤, toys etc..But now you snatched the love of my life also 🙄 I hate you so much & you are the worst sister 💔(she cuts the phone in anger )

Tears falls down from Ragini,s eyes after listening that words from her own sister 😢😢 Sanskar was confused 😕…

RAGINI : Kritika I didn’t know that you hate me so much!😭 I didn’t snatch your love but your lovers destroyed our life  😢😢(she looks at Sanskar)

Ragini breaks down meanwhile Sanskar was feeling bad about her & Kritika 😢😢…

RAGINI: Thank you so much Sanskar for ruining my life  & relation with my sister😢 after all this I hate the word “love”💔..

Sanskar gets teary eyes & feels guilty 😧 and tries to wipes her tears 😢 but she doesn’t let him do 💔….

SANSKAR: It’s  only because of me 😢 I hate myself to ruin 3 lives 😭 ..

Ragini starts beating him 😯 but then hugs him 😢😢 (intense hug ❤) both hugs & cries 😍..


I hope you liked the update & the imagines that I put 💗 & happy new year to all from me (Amaya)💋

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    Happy new year dear

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  5. Awesome sisssy. Is sanky loves Princess or not?? Clr my doubt. Happy New year sisssy.

  6. Superb and Happy New Year dear

  7. Amazinggggggggggg hope sanskar will realise his love.

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  9. Superb please don’t separate Ragsan. Make sanskar fall in love.

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  12. Jasminerahul

    good that krithika feels cheated n agreed for another marriage.ishita krithika scene was nice.sad that krithika blamed ragini.ragini saying that its not her who snatched her love but her lover destroyed their lives as nice.the last ragsan hug was emotional. nice pics

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