They arrive at home and Sanskar leaves Ragini’s hand 😍 meanwhile Anika arrives with Karan😊..

ANIKA:Dear for your security , from now Karan will stay with you as your bodyguard, Sanskar your secretary is changed …. baby enjoy your day ah😊(she leaves)

Ragini was “wow” Sanskar was “What the hell !”😂

RAGINI: Karan get ready ,we are going to the club near my house 😆 i want to celebrate my marriage 😇(she leaves)

KARAN:Ok , mam😇(he follows her)

Sanskar was like an angry bird & calls Kritika😡

SANSKAR: Kritiks plan changed , come to the club near your house 😡

KRITIKA:Okkk baby ❤

In the club : 

Kritika was looking super hot in the black dress 😍 

Sanskar was just 😍❤😍 he pulls her on the wall 😍, Kritika holds him & they were about to kiss💋💋..

But then Sanskar’s eyes goes on Ragini who was looking super s*xy in a red dress😍 he gets open mouth 😉

 But he sees that she was holding Karan’s hand 😡 he was little jealous so he goes to her & pulls her toward him 😍

RAGINI: Hi Sanskar ji 😆

Sanskar was 😍😤..

Ragini was happy that Sanskar holds her very titly 😍❤

RAGINI: You liked my red dress? You like this types of dress nah ?🙄

SANSKAR: What is this ? Why you were holding Karan’s hand 😤 ..

Ragini pushes Sanskar on the wall 😍 leaving Sanskar speachless ❤..she comes close to him , very close to him ❤

RAGINI: Aww you are so  jealous that you came in the same club with Kritika to see what I will do with Karan nah ! I think you start to like me 😍

Sanskar was confused 😍 Ragini cares his face meanwhile Sanskar feels her touch 😍 …they share an eyelock 👀👀 but jealous Kritika push Sanskar to her 😠

KRITIKA :Sanskar  …what are you doing ? Let’s  dance 😊😊..

Sanskar smiles and goes and they starts dancing meanwhile Ragini orders a drink 🍷🍷..

RAGINI: Slowly  slowly you will  accept me & Kritika will be out of you heart 😇

Then a drunked guy  comes to Ragini & touch her making Ragini  uncomfortable 😦 Sanskar see this and gets angry 😠 & leaves Kritika and comes to them .

SANSKAR: What is your problem leave her alone ❤(Ragini was scared so she goes behind him 😍)

GUY:Ohhh who she is ? Your gf or …?

Sanskar holds his collar 😠

SANSKAR:She is my wife ❤ get lost from here 😍

The guy leaves & scared Ragini hugs him ❤😍😍🙈Sanskar hugs her back ❤..they were looking like cute lovers ❤

SANSKAR: Don’t worry I am with you ❤😇..

Ragini holds him more titly ❤❤…Kritika was fuming 😠

KRITIKA:So much closeness! Ragini di, I will not make you snatch my Sanskar 😠😠😠…

Sanskar realize that he was so close to Ragini so he interrupt the hug 😍❤…

RAGINI: Sanskar ji  let’s go home , I don’t like this place anymore ☹️(she holds Sanskar’s hand)..

SANSKAR: Ok ,Ragini  relax ❤ (he looks at Kritika who was sad😢) come on Kritika …I will pick up you home 😌

RAGINI: Ohh see your jiju is so sweet that he will pick up you home Kriti 😆😆😆…

Sanskar was like seriously 😨 he make a sign to Kritika to calm down because she was fuming 😠..(they leave )..

They were walking when Ragini slips but Sanskar holds her 😍😍❤❤ they share a cute sa eyelock 👀👀 their eyes were speaking 👀😍❤…

SANSKAR: Be care full Ragini 😍 How many times I will save you ?❤

RAGINI: Forever 😍..

Sanskar  was ❤😍 and leaves Ragini  ❤ Kritika was crying seeing this 😍…

SANSKAR: Kritika can you Seat behind ,Ragini will seat with me as she is scared 😍..

Kritika heavily heart nods yes 🙈

Ragini puts her hand on Sanskaf hand 😍 who was littke happy ❤..

RAGINI: Thank you Sanskar ji  for saving me 😍..

SANSKAR: Dont thank me it was my duty as you are my responsibility 😍.

He notice that Ragini’s sindoor was on her nose 😍 and he clean it meanwhile Ragini makes cute faces 😍 and they both smile ❤..

KRITIKA:Guys let’s go , I want to go home 😡..(she looks at Sanskar who was staring her)..

None of them talk because they was thinking about the strange things happened in their life😇 just then Anika calls Sanskar ☺️

ANIKA: Sanky , you & Ragini are going to honeymoon😀

SANSKAR: Di honeymoon????

Kritika was shocked 😱 but Ragini was excited 🙈..

SANSKAR: Di no plz ,I have many work in the office !

ANIKA :Shhhhhh ! You are going to spend some lovely moments with your wife 😃 you are going to Goa tomorrow & it’s final 😆.. (she cuts the phone)…

KRITIKA :So you both are going to the honeymoon?😡(they come out of the car)

Sanskar nods yes 😑..

RAGINI: Wow where are we going? Let’s go that I have to packing our clothes !😄

Sanskar gets angry & holds her 😍 & puts close to him 😍..

SANSKAR: Like seriously you think that I will come with you ? No no Ragini , alone with you ! 😕 Nah I married you , I started belive that you are my responsibility nothing more 🙄

Tears was falling from Ragini’s eyes 😢..

RAGINI :Responsibility? 😢 I am your wife dam it…. You will come with me & that’s my challenge 😮…

What will happen now ? Will RAGSAN go on the honeymoon? So I write in English because may of you were asking 😌

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