Sup and i am back


Laksh put ragini in the back seat and drive the car fast . ragini was on 9th cloud .
ragini – ohh laksh you dont know how happy i am today just by looking at you , my suna nd moon my stars everything is you – swara is mad for hurting you , once again but you are started to love me because of her
They both reach maheshwari house
Ragini was unable to walk so laksh took her from back and enter in the house

Inside everyone was sitting – all men were doing paper work and swara, sujata and ap were arranging food on table

Laksh opens the door and enters in the house with ragini in his hands – everyone was shocked to see them together , some tears formed in her eyes
She ran up to them and slapped laksh very hard . laksh grip was loosened and ragini fell down from the stairs when sanskar took her . ragini look into his eyes and looked for something but only found loneliness – sanskar made her stand and lean on her
sanskar – what is this ragini ?
Ragini – will tell you later , but how dare swara slap my laksh
sanskar though – my laksh ?

ragini tries to go to laksh but her saari was stuck with sanskar but – telling the destiny to them stay together – ragini looked at him , deep in his eyes , sanskar did the same he took out his hands from pocket and slowly tried to take out the button but the button broke and too their eyelock
Sanskar chest could be seen easily so ragini turned and goes towards laksh in embarcment
She goes to him and laksh hugged her tightly
Swara eyes ragini ut can’t see any evilness in her eyes , those were today innocent , she tried to smile in ragini’s happiness but can’t . but she could surely see something in laksh eyes which were weird to her but then still she asked ragini
Swara – what are you doing ragini
ragini – i just united with someone whom i loved alot and will always
Swara – you lost your mind laksh dosn’t love you he is pla-
laksh – shut up swara don’t be jealous you stay with him

Swara’s hurt



  1. Anshika



    I m so sorry I am the author and it’s not but it’s button it was misspelled and I am so sorry plus to don’t let you confuse swara slapped laksh

  2. Maya

    Please make ragini strong and not stupid enough to fall in Lakshya trap. She should be strong and Lakshya should be the one to be punished. Please it’s a request…I wish Lakshya was actually in love with ragini

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.