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Ragini wakes up and find anskar sleeping on her laps she laughs and sanskar wakes up , he looks into her eyes and say – pls sleep its 1 in morning . ragini laughs and took him right hand and place infront of him , sanskar again open his eyes – what happened , he sees the time – damn its 9 in morning i am late for office
Ragini – then go quickly
sanskar – not leaving you here
ragini – i will go i swear now go
sanskar nods and then ran fast in his car and left

ragini tries to stand up but her ankle twisted she fell from the stairs , when someone else car stopped , ragini was bleeding from her head and there was a shallow cut on her hand + her ankle twisted

Aman come out of the car and ran to ragini
laksh – ragini are you ok ??
ragiini shocked
laksh take her in his arms and then put her in his cars , he closed the car for warmth

ragini looked into his eyes , she can feel the pain in his eyes but why was he caring for me , when he love swara , why no one love me but both of them still show care for me . maybe as a sister or friend at last they care

she sees her leg in his hand – i love you laksh and will always she says in her mind

laksh twisted her ankle back that gave her alot of pain – she shouted aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and hugged him in pain
she wa surprised to see from the back mirror
laksh was smiling

ragini left him and see him in his eyes – why are you doing this ?
laksh – because i broke your heart whatever i told you was my pain and sadness and your betrayal
Ragini who was still looking in his eyes – lies

laksh rotates his eyes to don’t have an awkward situation- you know me to well , right swara betrayed me for this guy name sahil , she told she loved me but i didn’t trust her and then she met sahil who saved her from the fall when ragini pushed her in river , so because of him , she can come back to have revenge from ragini . she had started to love him and he too and now she doesn’t need me……

Laksh became sad – will you be my wife again ?
ragini can’t beelive and hugged iim – yes yes yes
He hugs her back


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  1. nice but I can’t get the track next part soon

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  3. What is happening I’m not understanding… Please elaborate na… . Btw nice chappy

  4. nice but it is somewhat confusing is something missing???

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      Is there something you can’t understand tell me

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    Awesome Superb

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