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Ragini is walking on a lonely street there are tears in her eyes as she walks she stands near the bridge and remember that she once pushed swara from there she goes there and find someone sitting on edge , she goes towards him ,only to see that he was none other than sanskar

Ragini was angry , sad , aggresive . felt betrayed by him but she can’t stand her tears . she put a hand on sanskar’s shoulder and asked – what are you doing here
sanskar – what are YOU doing here at MIDNIGHT ?
Ragini – i can’t sleep , i remember swara told me how to sneak from window
sanskar looked at her
Ragini – i know what i done was wrong but laksh totally got me wrong why can’t be with me
sanskar – the same reason swara is not with me
ragini – it means she just left you
sanskar – sort of after ran out swara actually took me from my shirt and sort of threw me and telling its my mistake
ragini shocked
ragini laughed a little – a girl just threw you ?
sanskar – ya whatever

ragini – i think it was really harsh
sanskar – ya well it didn’t hurt because i love-
he stopped they both look at each other
ragini- you love my sis
sanskar – sort of
the winds start to blow heavily -oo umm i better go its chilly
sanskar takes off his jacket and put it one ragini – here you go
ragini sharps her eyes – are you mad you are gonna get cold
sanskar – i am gonna use the same trick you used on laksh jus hurt yourself and then get healed by the loved ones ya know
Ragini – brave words
they stand up and start to move towards the land
ragini – you made me forget my pain sanskar , i though i was alone
sanskar – of course not i am with you
ragini – our destiny leads to same place
sanskar looks at her
sanskar – look i love sw-
ragini – calm down i meant we both are betrayed by someone
sanskar – ya
he looked down

ragini and sanskar came infront of the temple and ragini told that she want to sta here for sometime , they both prayed and slept there


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  1. Saaaaara

    Awsome awsome …. just lov it … just keep updating .. but i want to know… from which track their story begins ???

  2. Saaaaara

    Next one …do make it.very longer

  3. SPP

    Awesome Interesting
    Please continue
    Waiting for the next one…………..

      1. SPP

        U r welcome

  4. Awesome awesome plz cntnue next part asap

  5. Sreevijayan

    Wooow..another ragsan ff…excited..loved it sooo much……..

  6. Ragz_teju

    nice start..

  7. Amazing

  8. Superb but a bit confused abt the past….

  9. Akshata

    awesome star but i am confused.

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  10. Hey when u r updating ur another ffs ur all.ff r amazing so.plz update all.ur ff

    1. Anshika

      Thanks a lot a lot radii but when I started them, my exam also started so I can’t continue with them, people must have forgotten it but you remember thanks a lot by the way which story you liked the most out of mine? Just to know. While you liked my other stories you are my special customer ? sorry I m over excited. Lots of love From me to you ??????????????❤️

  11. Wow..ragsan cute…

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    Awesome. Enjoying it to the core…

  13. Nice epi…waiting for next update…

  14. yaa even I want to knw when story begin

  15. Silent_writer

    Its awsmeeeeeee loved it yr

  16. amazing dear continue

  17. Saaaaara

    u r welcome di .. but plzz answer my question from which track their story begins

    1. Anshika

      Well this is the track when ragini truth came out for first time when laksh, swara and sanskar together make plans to take out truth from ragini

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