Ragsan+ swalak true love spoiler


Hello guys!! Naina here guys I am so so so sorry for uploading such a short update but I will update a longer one on 27th of may!!but I thought to give a spoiler and tell u guys how the story is going to be!! ??
After summi will leave the house sanskar will take care of ragini and there will be ragsan moments …..
And after one day sanskar will leave from there and swara will arrive… both swaragini will be shocked to know what happened with them and will make sure that their parents don’t get to know about it….
After one month summi and shekhar will return from goa and will so a small pooja in which they will invite the maheshwaris…..
After one week swaragini and sanlak will go to Mumbai for their college reunion….
Guys please please please comment and please tell me how did u like the story line….

Credit to: Naina

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  1. Superb story…..

  2. Interesting

  3. extremely sry for late cmnt. ur story is nyz waiting for may 27

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