ragsan-swalak ff (three shot) – hidden love or first love to blossom #swalak part-3


Hi everybody back with 3rd part little late but what to do hopefully you would like it..

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Swara was walking alone some goons who were following her called out her saying beautiful hot cheek but she was in deep thought so didn’t notice anything when one of goons man bloked her away then she got sense.he staarted teasing her,she tried to ignore it but the man stop her holding her hand now this angered her..she hit his lag hardly with high hills. The goon left her hand and winced in pain.he got angerd at this so he tried to molested her by force.swara tried to free herself but the goon her in a way that she can’t free herself from his grip she got afraid and start shouting for help cryingly..

Desom Desom Desom
……….. ……….. ………..
This type sound heard in that place like beating someone black and blue…

Yes yes its lucky our hero. He saw all this after that (you know what happened ).after sometime the goons rum away being beated badly..lucky turned to swara she was in shock.she can’t believe what happened a while ago and the fear if lucky wouldn’t show up then what would happened to her..lucky gave her his jacket and asked her if she alright.swara just tightly hug him.buried her face in his chest.even lucky response to it by keeping his hand on her back and tried to console her..when swara realise her position what she was doing she quickly back of from him..

Lucky: whoaw you aren’t fighting with me..jangli billi back of from fighting that’s a miracle.he said smiling tried to cheer her up but she just ignored his nonsense joke and started to walk.lucky became little surprised but he didn’t said anything just started to walk with her..the atmosphere was romantic winds blowing everything so peaceful but swara there were many question in her mind many unknown emotion and connection for she was confused.
lucky was just staring her.he also confused with her soft behaviore maybe she is upset about recent happening he thought..

lucky’s mind: but why do you care about it?don’t you think you are being to much protective about her his mind mocked him.

Lucky: I care about her as a umm friend so protective about her what problem in that?

lucky’s mind: really as a friend but why you take so much time to think about it huh something is fishy huh his mind again mocked him

lucky: shut up idiot stupid gadha tujhe kuch nahi pata to apna yeh usless dimag mat cala .he said to his mind I mean himself lol

swara: wow finally you admit that you are idiot stupid and gadha and yeah meherbani hogi agar tumpa apna useless dimag na calao to..
lucky didn’t get angry but happy as swara is back to herself so he was smiling like an idiot then he realised he reached home he hit his head slightly to his fooliness and went to house..

there was clouds on sky and become little dark seems like in Amy moment rain will be there and it started raining..swara saw raindrops so quickly went outside there she saw some children playing on rains her face brought a sweet smile seeing this even she joined them playing with them in rains..

Cham cham cham…

Zulfon se baandh liye baadal
Seene pe se udne laga aanchal
Mujhse naina mila ke
Mausam hone lage paagal
Sabse hoke befikar
Nachun main aaj..

Cham cham cham (hey!)
Cham cham cham (hey!)
Cham cham cham…

Main nachun aaj
Cham cham cham (hey!)
Cham cham cham (hey!)
Cham cham cham…

lucky came there and saw this then he also dance with them

Rain drop bouncing
My heart is announcing
You got to take me away
Let’s start jumpin’
My heart goes pumpin’
I love you in every way
Dhadkano pe boondein jo giri
To nachun aaj…

he stopped at her swara got surprised seeing him dance then she also joined him

Cham cham cham (hey!)
Cham cham cham (hey!)
Cham cham cham…
Main nachun aaj
Cham cham cham (hey!)
Cham cham cham (hey!)
Cham cham cham….

both were dancing so happily with eacother then one point stop and staring lucky lovingly as he was dancing freely with the children he s looking cute also so our heroien couldn’t stop staring him.then all stop dancing lucky looked at swara.she ave him a warme smile and left from there.lucky smiled at her antics saying pagal larki par cute bhi hein..

days are going good for swalak being happily prank at eachother help eachother but some one feeling also increasing day by day without the person knowledge..

Mr and Mrs john have some music and dance academy.swalak joined there as teacher.swara as in music teacher and lucky as in dance. but both were learning music and dance with eachother like swara teaching lucky music and lucky teaching swara dance..

one day swara in hall singing song just like that but soon she got lost in her dreamland while singing.

Haan aa o…

Main jaan ye vaar doon
Har jeet bhi haar doon
Keemat ho koi tujhe beinteha pyaar
doon (x2)…
Saari hadein maine meri, ab maine
tod di
Dekar mujhe pataa awaargi ban gaye
Haan hasi ban gaye
Haan nami ban gaye
Tum mere aasmaan
Meri zameen ban gaye
Aa o… aa…

(remembering her first meet with lucky and there first fight glare and pranks with eachother all that her face got a smile remembering this)

Kya khoob Rab ne kiya
Bin maange itna diya
Warna hai milta kahaan
Hum kaafiron ko Khuda (x2)
Hasratein ab meri tumse hai jaa mili
Tum duaa ab meri aakhiri ban gaye

(remembering lucky saved her from goons and their danceeon rain she taking at him while he dance)

Haan hasi ban gaye
Haan nami ban gaye
Tum mere aasmaan
Meri zameen ban gaye
aa… o…

(all their moment spending with eachother flashed in her mind while singing song)

She opened her eyes as she was singing closing her eyes in her dreamland.she got surprised at her thought about lucky.she knew she was falling for him but she always ignored and the feeling keeps increasing and even in her dream she was thinking about her.she got up sit thinking her feeling about lucky and why his making her insane a new feeling in her heart why he so effect her as she was thinking she didn’t notice anything so she got hurt in her leg she winced in pain just then she was about to put her feet a had stop her feet from keeping it ground..it was lucky hand.he took a peice of glass showing her that it might would hut her leg.swara got overwhelmed with his care and gesture she was already falling for him but seeing his care she falls more for him.
Swara tried to walk but couldn’t abduction about to fall but lucky hold her.she thanked him and again tried but failed then lucky took her in bridalstlye started walking toward room.swara was staring at him lovingly.then he put her on bed and order her to stay there,he bring some cream applied it on her leg then said her to take rest she tried to argue but he was to stubborn to listen so she agreed to rest and lucky left from there..

Swara: I don’t know lucky why I feel my heartbeat fast when you are with me and those goosebump on stomach when you were close to me.I can’t describe the feeling but ut feel so special and so safe to be with you..when the gooons tried to force me I got afraid but somehow my heart believed that you would come and save me and my believed win you are the one who save me who protect me who care for me who fight with me for lily reason now I can’t imagine my day without you why you have this effect on me? Why I feel so close to you as you are the most important person of my life without whom I can’t live to think why? is this called love? Is my feeling.g toward you love? All feeling in my for you are those love? She closed her eyes and thought about love and her feeling and her princecharming all she could see a person eyes and his smile then slowly slowly it shows the face of that person she opened her eyes in surprised and jumped from her bad..

Swara: yes it love..I am in love..alkaline the feeling in my heart is my love toward you lucky..yes I Love You LUCKY <3 she shouted loudly then closed her mouth saying shut up to herself and winced ib pain as she got hurt on leg..stupid swara in love You forget about your pain and lucky gave you order to takecare of yourself so you have to listen him na she said to herself then went to bed and smile thinking about all memories and her confession then doss of..

it was new fresh morning for swara as she realised her love for lucky so everything she find beautiful and peaceful.there is sparke of happiness in her eyes which can clearly visible..lucky got suspect at her behaviour first she was much happy after got hurt on leg then she was talking in riddle with him much changed in one day lucky thought.swara smiled at his confusion..wait Mr bandar to get mire surprises from your jangli billi she told to herself abduction smile on her statement your jangli billi..swara you are going too fast just yesterday you realised it now everything about you become him wow.you are in so love slow down yourself or else lucky would die with your surprises stupid lucky..

Mr and Mrs john greeted them and said them that there is some importance work for them hopefully they won have any problem doing it and its regarding academy.swalak agreed at once and said now its there academy also they would do anything regarding it also it ls job and duty as a teacher..

Mr john: actually there is some cultural program helding on and from many academy all the teacher of there will be there presenting their dance or music and we got invitation too so I want you both to join as you both know dancing and singing.will you go if you don't have problem..swalak agreed and said it their fortune to be part on that and asked about the place were it will hold.

Mrs john: in kolkata. You should left today itself..swalak agreed together..

Swalak: so here we come kolkata and smile to eachother..swara was in cloud on nine as she would get some alone time to spent with luck..both were much excited about their journey to kolkata but Will their happiness stay still after reaching there? What will happen when if there past meet them again?
To know it stay tuned..

So here it is 3rd part mean last part of 2nd shot fully on swalak..now real story start mean last shot on both couple..
I made it long chapter with much difficult as I am busy now so I would try to finish it up soon az possible my exam also coming so..I tried my best to show swalak bond correct hopefully you liked it..

See you in next part..

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