ragsan-swalak ff (three shot) – hidden love or first love to blossom #swalak part-2


hi everyone back with 2nd part.hopefully you would like it..

Part 2
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swara: beautiful place loved it so peaceful..

lucky: yeah.its beautiful n peaceful indeed but now peace will be gone as strome like jangli billi came Here.may god bless derjeling peace.
swara understand he was talking about her so she got angry..

swara: really i am praying for this it’s safe as a bandar came here with his bandrgiri..may god bless derjeling city..
now lucky got angry.with were continusly fighting like this even Mr. and Mrs. john got fed up with their fight.they both glared at swalak so they got quite after that..

now Mr and Mrs john showing them their house..the house was much big beautifully decorated also neat and clean both swalak liked it much. then a small cute girl age of 7 came there running and hugged Mr and Mrs john..

lucky: aww so cute girl. Mrs john is she your daughter?
both Mr and Mrs john got shocked even swara and the small girl then swara started to laughing like mad

swara(laughing): stupid..look at her she is so small age of 6 or 7 not 28 or 27 that she would be daughter of Mr and Mrs john. maybe she is their grandchild about whom they told us..isn’t she Mr john?

Mr john: yes. she is our grandchild bela. our daughter and her husband died in a car accident since then she is with us.he got emotional saying this even Mrs john also..swalak feel bad seeing them upset so they change the topic and asked where is there room? Mrs john said to a servant to get ready their room in short time till then they said swalak to wait.

lucky: hey cuteypie what class you read in? the small girl glared at lucky mischiefly and hit his stomach strongly and run away from him laughingly.lucky said ouch in pain also said what a cute girl she is full of mischief mind..swara again start laughing seeing this..

swara: stupid. don’t even know how to talk with child..see me
hey cute come here see this flower i brought it for you..
bela took the flower rip it fully then gave it to swara..she was astonished by her act and now lucky time to laugh.he was laughing like mad and copeid her saying her dialogue.she was fuming in anger..
the small girl bela said to them to start their fight..she liked their fight and also said they fight like tom and jerry her favorite carton show..swalak git little embressly..
then servant came and said them that their room is ready.both swalak glared at eacother than follow the servant..

after dinner all went to sleep but in midnight lucky wake up as he felt thirsty so he went to kitchen there they saw someone shadow it was dark so he couldn’t saw it clearly when the person turned all he can see was the person white face.he got afraid shouted bhot and run from there went to his room closed the door tightly and coverup him with sheet saying mantra then there was a knock on door he got more afraid continusly saying mantra again heard the knock this time like three time then heard some girl sound seems like jangli billi sound lucky thought..
with much courage he opened the door and screamed aah even the person got afraid listening his screamed..

swara:aah..what happened? why are you screaming like joker idiot bandar..listening this word lucky understood it swara and got relexed..

lucky: tome aur koch nehi ata heart attack deneke alava..aur ye tomhare face pe cream jesa kya he. koch nahi mila to cake ka cream apne face pe laga liya bah.btw kesa hein cream yummy..saying this he tried to touch her face..swara pushed his hand

swara:bekof bandar..ye cream nehi facepack hein.khana hein
lucky got surprised listening this and nodded no.

swara: i came here listening some voice but i forgot pagal bandar gharme hein to eyeshob ajib harkate to hongi..saying this she left.

lucky:lo karlo bat pehle to khod rat ke 2 baze logoko heartattak detihe face pe cream lagake baked hokar aur kehhtihe mein ajib ho bah bhai meri nind bhi khrb kardi jangli billi ne then he went to bed.


suddenly swara got up from bed saying ragini and thought herself who is ragin? why she feel connect with her? and sometime she misses her even though she don’t know who is she??

everyone in dinnintable for breakfast.swara was looking so excited at other everyone faking smiling at her eating breakfast just then lucky come there still looking sleepy and saw swara excited face asked what happened?

Mrs john: you wake up come breakfast with us..swara made it today..lucky got surprised

lucky: what..when? that too jangli billi i didnt’t know jangli billi can cook

swara:yes i made it as i am not useless like you.
lucky gave her whatever look and sit down for breakfast eating one peice of pancake he throws it mouth

lucky:what kind of pancake it is even begger won’t eat this eww.how come all of you eating her disgusting food. all trying to signal him ro keep quite but he didn’t understand it then swara eat the pancake even she throws it.she looked at Mr and Mrs john they avoid eye contact with her.

Mrs: dear you made it with so love then how could we refuse it that’s why.
swara glared at lucky then he ignored her Mrs john order servant bring someother for for breakfast lucky thanked god in his mind that he don’t have to eat those food.
after breakfast when everyone gone just swalak was there. lucky taunted swara for her food.swara got angry and challenged him to cook better than her.lucky agreed
to this if he cook better than swara has to praise him and will not call him bandar it his condition of winning swara agreed.
lucky went there with full of attitude when he start ready himself then he couldn’t find anything swara was there.she asked if he wants help he reject her offer.lucky thought to make pancake or noddle something like that.after searching he find all imprtant ingredient but he dosent know use of all those thing like he couldn’t recognise which one is sault and which one sugar same with other thing infact he put red chili powder and put it on oven in high temperature..noddle it was still hard to eat and he put all type of masala lol.
there was some white flour in lucky face,he was looking like a joker swara saw this and start laughing like mad..lucky got angerd so he put some in her face now swara got angerd she took the jug of water and throw it on lucky even lucky do the same thing all the ingredient they found throw it to eachother now both are looking like a joker of rainbow all type of coloured in their whole body one could find but they don’t bother about anything they were just fighting like this in one point lucky sliped swara start laughing so he he made her also fall down.swara was in top of lucky now things got differ when she fall on him they stared eachother for sometime they forget about everything their fight also just then the oven got blasted now they got their sense both got up and eyeing eachother in surprised like what the hell happened..

Mr and Mrs john reached there listening blast sound when they reached kitchen they saw the whole kitchen was messed up and there were two alien in kitchen cover with different type color..

Mrs john: wha botht are you doing here in kitchen? and look at both of you..why both of yin in this alien look.do you got in competition who can be colorful alien.how did oven blast happened

swara: its all lucky fault.he done all this.

lucky:accha.you called me that’s why i am doing this.cooking now you are blaming me doblestandard.

swara: why did you accept collage if you can’t do it..

Mrs.john: stop both of you. why it is here..pointing red chili powder.

swara:actually lucky wanted to make colorful pancake so he put the red powder in the mix like coco powder..
Mrs.john eyes got big with surprised and correct them saying its red chili powder now swalak time to get shocked.

Mr: dear swara..you know everything about cooking swara nodded in no.now Mr.john time to get shocked.he asked her if she put poison in pancake now all got shocked listening this

Mrs.john: what are saying dear.why will she put poison in breakfast and where will she find it.there in nothing like that thing in here

Mr.john: but there is bottle of rats killing if she thought it food ingredient then it like poison to human body na..
now lucky screamed with fear and said he don’t want die like this

lucky: kaha fas geya mein is pagal ke sath ab coha ka dawai khake marna hoga kesi kismot hein dobke nehi mara to khake marna parega..

Mrs john: all of you relaxed don’t panic and rats killing poison is not here in kitchen so don’t worry..now all got relaxed listen this..

like this days are going..swalak bond got stronger each day but they don’t stop irritating eachother like playing pranks..one time swara glued lucky chair..poor fellow had to be in tgats chair for whole day and did take revenge keeping white flour in swara dryer machine..she also put colour on lucky toothpaste.his teeth got red colour by that..obey night he make up swara like a ghost and upload the picture on net.like this they always pranks eacother but when one in danger other one comen forward to help..
one day swara saw a peixe of paper she took it and got shocked..is a paper where written swaragini beautifully..now she conformed that there is some connection between her and the word swaragini but what connection..
she left outside thinking all this..about her who is she and who is swaragini or ragini?she was walking but in dept thought and it almost evening but she was in her land not noticing anything just keep walking..some goons saw her alone and followed her..

so here is the 2nd part full on masti..i really miss swalak nokjhok so one whole part to their awesome chemistry their nokjhok..hope you its good as i am not prankmaster so
and sorry for grammatical mistakes and typos you will find much in here.

see you in next part ..

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  1. it was awesome…i was laughing like hell…i too do miss swalak masti…thanks for this episode….keep writing…lovely episode…

    1. Sss

      aww thnx pooja even me miss swalak much so that’s why write this and I am glad that you liked it also made you laugh I succeed much seems like.

      1. ya u fully succeed…..

  2. AMkideewani

    Fantastically superb

    1. Sss

      thnx crazygirl 😀

  3. Sss

    actually this part i read don’t know what i write i write this part so fastly that i don’t know i write..there is much grammatical also so sorry if it too much

  4. Superb.loved swalak

    1. Sss

      thnx ammy 😀

    1. Sss

      thnx dr 😀

  5. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Awsm and funny dear.Loved swalak. Keep it up.

    1. Sss

      thnx uma 😀
      will try

  6. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Loved it
    Waiting for the next one……….

    1. Sss

      aww thnx dr :-D..
      will try to update soon

    1. Sss

      thnx dr 😀

  7. superb pranks? now i will apply this pranks on my brother….?

    nd nyc episode full of masti….love Swalak?

    1. Sss

      thnx sinzo liked your name..
      I think your brother need more bless if you like this pranks mischief mind huh 😉

  8. Pari123

    It was awesome dear loved this part. …waiting for your next part

    1. Sss

      thanx Di I am so happy you liked it loved:-D.I will try to update soon

  9. Superb

    1. Sss

      thnx anjali btw are you same anjali or new as old anjali logo is different so

  10. I am waiting for your next part…. Please update soon

    1. Sss

      oh sorry for your wait but I posted it just wait little more

  11. Super episode… Amazing… I loved it…swalak scenes are super…

    1. Sss

      thnx suhani I’m glad you liked it

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