ragsan-swalak ff (three shot) – hidden love or first love to blossom #swalak part-1


hi guys back with 2nd shot..
1st one fully on ragsan so 2nd one will on swalak as i love both pairs so i had to bring swalak in any way actually little dramatic way spare me for that πŸ˜€

Part 3


In a big hospital a room is shown where a person laying on bed slowly opening eyes from unconsciousness.nurse quickly called out the doctor after some minute doctor came and nurse told him she gained conscious and saying a name swaragini ragini. doctor cheeked her when she became normal doctor asked her name and family member her address where she live as she was found in river some local people of their bought her here along with another person same condition as hers…the girl couldn’t understand anything she tried to remember something how she landed up here but no memory

the girl: who am i? why I’m in hospital? what happened to me? why can’t i remember anything..
doctor was afraid of this.he told nurse to give him her medical reports then he understood what was the problem..

doctor: i am sorry to say but you have lost your memory maybe your whole identity that’s why you can’t remember anything..

in same from another room

a boy: what!!! how can that happen? if i.don’t remember or anyone then how will i go to home? forget about home i don’t even remember my name even.what will i say when people ask my name. i don’t know they will laugh at me..

doctor: but you ae lucky as you saved from clearly dead so thanks god tgats you are alive now.

the boy: of course i had to be alive as I’m favourite child of god so won’t call me there so soon but doctor you are also like god to people as you save their live but you don’t have to do that much just give some medicine for recalling my memory as a doctor you surly will have some just last favoure..
doctor laughed at his statement and nodded in no
the boy got disappointment

doctor: you are man young boy don’t be disappoint maybe you have better something in your fate and don’t loss that smile on your face but try to be mature..
the boy smiled embressly..

in other room where the girl was in deep thought. she can’t remember anything not even her name except two name swaragini and ragini. she can’t understand why she remember this two when she dosent remember anything. and who is this ragini or swaragini? she was totally confused then hearing nurse sound she got in reality.

doctor: you are perfectly fine. just don’t streess yourself trying to remember about yourself forcefully it will be bad for your health so just lets it be. and i think you are brave girl.you will figure out everything just take care of yourself..
and what should i called you?

the girl: swara as she just remember swaragini and ragini that isn’t her she was sure so she shortcut swaragini to swara

the boy: lucky as the doctor told him he was lucky enough to live so he thought to named it till he remember anything and he didn’t thought any other name so he named lucky himself..

both doctor: ok..nice name thought

thanks doctor both the boy and girl said together.then they start to walking both were opposite to eachother so both bumped to eachother the girl about to fall but the boy got her. there was a eyelock fir a minute..in background ishq bulava song playing but then

swara: what the hell.can’t you walk with your eyes open and how dare you to touch me.all the boys are same just need a reason to touch a girl.leave me now.

lucky’s face become red with anger first he helped her but she is taunting him so he leave the girl as a result the girl fall down and got hurt..

swara: ouch..you bandar is this the way to treat a woman. don’t you know politeness.

lucky: really..first you decide what you want.you girls are impossible say something and do something else.you were blaming me for touching you when i leave you then complaining.moreover you called me bandar..look at yourself so beautiful face but still look like a jangli billi .

swara got up and gave lucky you are an impossible look but before going hit his leg and gave a victorious smile. for which he winced in pain and curse her under his breaths..

then swara start walking toward exit and saw a purse fall down from an old women.she quickly grab it to give the women but by then she left in a car.swara also start follow that women in a cab after sometime the car stopped in a baglow so the cab. swara quickly get down from cab bt she don’t have money so she gave money from the purse of that women and thought she would say sorry to her..

on the other side, lucky was in middle of road don’t know where to go then he saw a man in old age crossing the road with heavy stuff.he hurriedly reached him and said let me help uncle and helped him to cross the road.the man thanked him and said he would do it but lucky insised him to carry all the stuff till the man house.the man also agreed..

swara run fastly and caught up the women.she give her the purse saying it has fallen in hospital she saw it and followed her to give this. the woman thanked her and said her to come in house.she hesitated at first but agreed.the woman asked her name.she said swara.the woman said nice name and asked who gave this name to her then swara said she kept it herself.the woman got confused then swara said everything about incident how she can’t remember anything all that.the women felt about her and thought something..

the man said lucky to come home as he walked till here so he must be tired..lucky politely reject his offer but the man request him much so he agreed to come.
the man said lucky to seat, he will be right back.lucky nodded in yes.

the man then meet with a women actually his wife.he told her that he bought a boy and told about him everything his memory lost and no where to live. the woman got surprised said what a coincident and told him about swara and her decision the man agreed with her..
actually they are Mr.john and Mrs.john.they are in age of grand-ma n grand-pa. they live in derjeling.there they owned some orphanage and music-dance academy.when they learned about lucky and swara. they felt bad for them and thought to take swara lucky with them in derjeling. both were kind and thought them as good person so want to help them.

lucky was in drawing room seating in a sofa.just then swara reached there and saw him said you.lucky turned and found her he was also shocked to see her.then both were fighting like tom&jerry saying weird name to eacother..

Mr and Mrs. john were seeing this from beginning and smile to eachother then stopped their fight and told them about there decision. at first they didn’t agree as they don’t want to trouble them but when they said that they were doing this for their happiness responsibility moreover they thought them as their own child will have their company which they don’t have as they live alone with their grandchild so swalak agreed to stay with them though it was very good thing for them but they were more frustrated as they have to stay together so they glared eachother.

now there new journey start where is no memory of past a new fresh beginning for swalak in derjeling..

so here is the 2nd shot on swalak 1st part.it will have 2 or 3 part like ragsan..many of you are hoping for ragsan scene but now in 2nd shot just swalak will be.just wait ragsan scene will be also till then enjoy swalak journey…its little dramatic lossing both there memory but all i had to do bring swalak like before naughty one so need this memory lost drama for that or else it won’t bring swalak chemistry as before so sorry for that and all grammatical mistake and typos..

see you in 2nd part..

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  1. awesome…..lovely….plz update soon

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  6. Super episode… And fantastic scenes…and what about ragsan..

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      actually i already posted ragsan shot and part 3 link i gave in above just typing 1 or 2 in address you will find the other part also

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      its swalak start but ragsan i already posted it..first shot on ragsan now second on swalak

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  11. hey awesome dear…….and i think you are talking about Darjeeling….ryt…..
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    but awesome episode i loved it??????

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