ragsan-swalak ff (three shot) – hidden love or first love to blossom #sangini #swarash part-5 last part


Hi everybody..I’m back with last part yappi..
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Now everyone in maheshwri house along with swara..

after reaching there the first thing she asked where is ishu?she want to see her as she missed her much..

RaginI got little sad but she was happy for her sister and ishu..ishu is her child not her she had to accept it.
She gave ishu to swara.swara was playing with her happily even ishu also.a tears came from corner of ragini eyes but she quickly wipe it..

Ap:ragini beta are you alright?I know all this has been hard for you but try to understand the situation.I mean….

Ragini:badi maa..its okk.I understand what you trying to mean and trust me I am happy with this as swara has right in all this..she.always been there for me now its my trun and I Will be happy if I do so don’t worry about me..(Ap blessed her keeping her hand on her head and ragini smile at her)

Shanskar came there saw swara and ishu playing.he smile seeing them.swara saw him

Swara:see na Shanskar..she got so big..last time I saw her she was so small now she became big and cutey..

Shanskar smile at her then he saw ragini going and he got sad..now that swara memory is back he had to do something about it first he had to talk with swara but where to start how he would explain her that now he love ragini not her.just now she got her memory so it won’t be right to talk about it to her now.(Shanskar thought)


Everyone on family trying to adjust this new situation though no one was actually happy everyone was worried about future how Will it go they have no idea.

Ragini came outside of house to relax her to escapes from the reality she is been..there she saw laksh..she went to him.he was sitting in and looking at the sky..ragini sit near him..he didn’t look at her but knows her presence..he didn’t asked her anything either as he knows she is also in same situation like her..there was silences between them for long time unless ragini broke it..

ragini:why our luck is so bad when its come to love..why we don’t get the person love whom we love..(laksh/lucky looked at her now tears coming down from her eyes then he realised how much he hurt her before…

laksh: I am sorry ragini for all the mistakes I have done in past with you I am sorry..I now understand how much you were hurted..I am sorry

ragini:no laksh it not your fault but its mine..if I hadn’t done anything then we won’t have to be in this situation.you won’t have to loss swara again..I know you love her I saw that in your eyes but I destroy evrything I am the culprit..I am sorry laksh.

laksh:no ragini it not entirely your fault all of us done some mistakes and realised it also difference is we can’t change it..maybe its our destiny..we should be happy atlest our love has got their happiness their love.
(ragini just stared at him then at sky again there is silences and two souls were crying their heart out for their love)

after 3 days,

ragini and laksh completely ignore Shanskar and swara in those 3days..they always keep them busy in work..swasan couldn’t got the chance to talk with them.inshort all were misunderstanding another feeling..swara tried to talk with ragini but she always give.excuse to her..now swara is full frustrated and sad on this she couldn’t handle it anymore.she was crying in her room thinking all this..

swara: why god why always you put in those situation where my own people were hurting because of me..I always try to.fix evrything but why thing got wrong everytime..first ragini then laksh now Shanskar why they had to suffer for me..when I loved laksh the destiny made us separate when I start to love Shanskar again destiny played with us and I again fall in love with laksh but I don’t know to do..how will I explain it to Shanskar and other people..no swara you have to be strong you have tell him explain him as he is now married to ragini..now its matter of all our life I hope I made the right decision plz god be with me.I have to talk with before its too late..

swara knocked at Shanskar room..Shanskar said,come in…when Shanskar saw her asked her she at this time?does she need anything or talk about something..swara nodded in yes..

swara: Shanskar actually whatever happened in past and now.I think we need to talk about it.I..I don’t know how to Say it but its important for you to know as its about life..Shanskar actually in this 1 year when I lost my memory when I had no one besides me,lucky was there..he always been stood besides me cared me helped me everytime he was there and I don’t know when I fall in love with him deeply..I know there was a past of us but now all I know that I love him and you need to know that also you are married so its better for both of us to move in life..I wanted to forgot what happened in past and start a new beginning..I hope you will co-operate with my decision…(swara told him all this in calm voice..Shanskar first was in serious and surprise mood after listening her site he breathe in relieved..

Shanskar(smiling):swara you know you are amazing you just lest my tension..even I wanted to tell the same thing.(swara saw him in confused Shanskar understood that)
actually even I love someone else now and she is your sister ragini..I wanted to tell you when your memory got back but didn’t had the courage but now you love laksh so I won’t have the guilt for hurting you..you are right we should move on forgotting the past with a fresh start.so friends…… (forwarding his hand to her)

swara at first was surprise but then smile and handshake with him saying friends…

Shanskar entered into his room saw ragini sleeping already so he also sleep besides her careful not to wake her up but she wasn’t sleeping just acting of sleeping to ignore him..

on the other side swara went to laksh room found him sleeping so she thought not to disturb him and left from being disappoint..

swara:well I can do one thing..I will tell him about my feeling in a card..yes,that would be the best way..for that I have to buy a beautiful card.I will do it tomorrow itself..(she said to herself and went to sleep thinking about tomorrow.)

In the morning ragini was going oute when Ap asked her where is she going..she
replied that she was going out for buy some groceries thing and need to repair her earing so for that she need to market.then she asked her where is swara..Ap answered even she went t outside to buy something..

When ragini was coming from market ..someone called out her name.she turned to see the person and swara.she was signaling her to stop walking as she was coming to her..ragini stopped at their waiting for her to come there when she saw some goons taking away swara by kidnapping her..she got shocked at this .she run to her quickly but by then their left..she didn’t know what to do.she called Shanskar and laksh they weren’t picking up her call so she followed the car where swara was in..the car stopped at isolated place..they take swara somewhere in that place..she also followed them..when she entered in a room there were darkness everywhere and someone closed her with his hand forcefully after that she got unconscious..

after sometime ragini got conscious found herself in a dark room..she understood they also got her.now what will she do then she notice her phone in ground..she again called Shanskar hoping that this time he would pick up her call and it happened..he answered it..ragini got relieved at bit then told him everything..Shanskar assured her that he would come,not to panic and asked where is she right now?ragini about to answer when she heard some one footstep.she quickly hide her mobile so couldn’t tell him..

When the phone got disconnect Shanskar got worried..he quickly called laksh and told him anything..laksh told him not to worry they will find them and told him something which could lead to them..

Swara slowly opened her eyes from unconsciousness..

Swara: what where am I? What is this place..I was yes I was kidnapped..someone kidnapped me.what I will do now I don’t have a phone even..I should run from here before anyone see me..

She about to leave when someone pushed her and she fall on ground..she looked up to see the person face and get shocked..

Swara:sahil you kidnapped me..how could you do this..I thought you are my friends but..

Sahil:what but ha..friend friend I don’t wanna be your friend I had act as it..because I love you I want you but that lucky came between us and I was about to marry you but you refused..I am sorry but I don’t have other option rather than kidnap you make you mine forever..

Swara:never I will never be yours..I love laksh and him just not disgusting person like you..I couldn’t even think that you…

Sahil:oh really..now I will show what kind of person I am saying this he start come closer to her and about to touch her when when a hand stop her..


Laksh started to beat him so hard even sahil fought back give laksh much punch but he was in so angry that noting could hurt him..

On the other side,Shanskar was beating the other goons badly but then one of them bought ragini there keeping a knife on her neck and ordered Shanskar to stop..Shanskar got angry see this..

Shanskar:leave her or else you will face your death I swear..

The man said him that he will leave her if he stop..so Shanskar stop at that and said police..the man turned to see if there any.Shanskar took the chance and got the knife from him pushed him and start beating him more badly..

Shanskar:you will hurt my ragini..I will break his leg if anyone does so..(ragini got so happy to see him and seeing his care for her saying my ragini she was surprised happy to know that.)

Then police came when everyone almost death was in half conscious after beamed badly then taken by police even sahil also .

Shanskar came to ragini hugged her tightly even ragini also.then taken a back watched her angrily.

Shanskar:what you think yourself huh?after knowing the danger still you came here.we could have handle it na but you were ready to being hero..if something happened to you then how would I live dam it as I love you..I can’t live with you plz don’t do this ever..(ragini got shocked listening his confess..she couldn’t believe that he said he love her)

Shanskar was continuously speaking didn’t even gave the chance to speak ragini so she just peck his lip quickly to stop him.Shanskar was in shocked then..

Ragini:I love you too Mr Shanskar maheshwri..(then hugged him in shyness Shanskar also hugged her smiling thinking about their confession and kissed her forehead and gave a peck on her cheeks also in her neck..ragini blushed hardly and hugged him more tightly..

when police took away sahil from there..laksh quickly went to swara and kissed her passionately sucking her lips showing his emotions and care to in that kiss..no wonder swara was in great shocked then when he realise what he was doing he taken a back from her and start stammering…

Laksh:I am sorry swara..I was not in control I didn’t

Swara cutting his word kissed him quickly..

Swara:I love you stupid bandar then hugged him keeping her head on his chest..laksh happiness was beyond imagine though he was surprise at her confess..

Laksh:I love you too still hugging her.swara hugged him more tightly then..

*** *** *** *** *** ***

@maheshwri house

the house is decorated beautifully seems like wedding reception..yes its their wedding day finally after much tragic in their life it became smooth beautifully..they were with their love one whom are destinated with them…

swalak and ragsan were brought in there for their marriage after then marriage customs started..all four were looking at eachother respectively smiling…

Love just happened..it never see time person wealth nothing but in the end there is one who is destinated with you forever and I am getting married to that person who is destinated with me..(swasan thought themself in mind)

If anyone doesn’t get their love at first it doesn’t mean they were unworthy for love maybe better thing written in their fate for which they don’t get it at first become there is some reason behind it..and today I am lucky enough as I got my love with me..my love has win and I married to my love..(raglak thought in their mind)


both of their room decorated beautifully..both the bride were waiting for their husband to arrive..

Ragsan room,

Shanskar entered into room closed the door..ragini was sitting in bed..he went to her..ragini was nervous as hell..Shanskar sense this..

Shanskar:well someone was being much brave in that day infact kissed even but what happened today?(he said wicked at her..ragini glared st him then blush little shyly..

Ragini:so you are my husband..I can kiss you whenever I want..I am not nervous I think you are that’s why teasing me saying that..

Shanskar:accha.then prove it by kissing me(Shanskar naughty see at her..ragini got redden blushing.)

Shanskar:for your easier I will show it how to do it..(he said winked at her.ragini pushed him little saying no)

Shanskar:come on na ragini..I waste whole one year so I had to pay it na..I will pay the whole one year to you in this one day(he said naughty ragini kept blushing listening him)

Shanskar cuped her face taking closer to him..ragini closed her eyes in shy then he lock his lip with her..it was sweet caring pure one kiss they had making their heartbeat faster satisfaction care and goosebump in their stomach showing how much they wanted eachother care eachother..Shanskar kept kissing her changing their position and his hand caring back..ragini caring his hair by her hand softly..then Shanskar laid her down in bed undressing her and himself….

Swalak room,

Laksh entered into the room of course closing the door..he again checked if it was closed or not but then he didn’t saw swara on bed..he got worried and someone from behind screamed bhaow..he got scared at that and swara start laughing seeing him.then laksh tried to catch her but she run away both stop at window site feeling tired..

Laksh:ajse mera ajadi khtam..usdin bo uncle sahi kehrahta hamare barame lagtahe jungle billi ne sach much me najar dali he..

Swara got angered listening him glared him angrily and about to leave when laksh locked her against the wall..swara got surprised but still tried to push him but he were too strong..then he pressed his lip against her making her stop pushing him.swara surprised little but melt in his kiss..her whole body started to shiver.thank god he was holding her or else she would fall down at that moment then she also kissed back..their lip moved in sync tasting their lips it was passionate morely wild kiss they were enjoying..

Laksh breaking the kiss asked her whom she love lucky or laksh..swara answered him that she love her Mr bandar..laksh smile at that then take her in bridal style made her laid down take out her cloths even his also……

In background bolna song playing on both couple

Chhuteya na chhute mose
Rang tera dholna
Ik tere baajo dooja
Mera koi mol na
Bolna mahi bolna
Bolna mahi bolna

their moaned pleased the atmosphere making go crazy their partner for more
then both couple consummate their marriage making love with eachothe

so here it is last part of this ff..hopefully you would like it and do tell how was it.

Aur kisine kaha hame nahi farmayish ki thora bara banane ke liye shayed itna kafi he bara…

I will miss you guys though I will be on other ff commenting but exam he so little break I will take..its been a grate journey with all of you made some new friends and sister thanx a lot being there with me.

Take care and be happy all of you!!!!

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