ragsan-swalak ff (three shot) – hidden love or first love to blossom #sangini #swarash part-3


Hi everybody back with 3rd part..
thanx for all the comments on previous chapter though it don’t deserve I think and I personally don’t like that update..hopefully this part is good I tried my best and hopefully you would like it..


Everyone reached maheshwri house along with swalak.for swalak everything is new but still they feel it close to their heart..the family and the house everything seems familier to them it was strange feeling for them so just ignore it.everyone was so happy to get them back.the happiness can visible in their eyes.

Lucky was looking for someone when Swara asked whom he looking for? He said no one..Swara suspects this when she understood whom he looking for again jealousy got in her but quickly she recover it with her smile but deep in her heart she were hurts because lucky never saw a girl the way he was admiring ragini. Then lucky saw ragini and his face light up in smile when she about to fall he hold her in time.he was staring at her when Ap asked them.if they are alright then he got his sense and leave her.

Swara saw this and couldn’t handle it so she excuse herself from there asked them where is her room? They told her and she left from there to her hurriedly closed the door immediately her tears coming down front her eyes. She wipe it and wash her face saying relax to herself and manage to bring smile in her face..

Ragini POV,

Why why why…why always its her why always happen this to her.why fate always bring the situation where she had to chose one.from childhood she had to sacrifice her happiness her freedom over to her family she accept it didn’t complain then her fate bring the situation where she had to chose Swara or laksh now again her fate played with her..again she is in that situation where she had to sacrifice.her sister her ex-husband and her husband whom will she chose.they all mattered to her.when.she wanted laksh she couldn’t got him now shanskar why is she so illfated why there is no one to love her.maybe her love for laksh wasn’t love but they Had a chance if that incident wouldn’t happen but now all changed her feeling her love now she truly loved shanskar maybe she had little feeling for him still but not more than shanskar he is now everything to her his happiness his sorrow everything and his happiness lies with Swara which she couldn’t deny..now enough of this all always she is the omen who get hurt in love but not anymore..her fate want to see her crying so be it you won and I lost but I will not make the same mistake being falling in love ever..if my love for shanskar is true if we make for another then he will be with me I will not do anything this time now its about the trust I have for my love.shanskar is the first and last person whom I love truly if he is not in my destiny then no one is in my destiny..its a test for me and my love. I gave up everything to fate now it will led my fortune and this time I will not come between anyone.the mistakes I made in past this time I will not..I will not become obstacles of my sister life who love like anything ,not this time.I came between swalak but I will not come between swasan now its all in my fate and I will accept whatever the result is..(ragini said to herself in determined voice)

its been almost 1 week swalak staying in maheshwrI house..swalak got easily mingle with them.raglak become good friends even swasan also but still some awkward feeling was there between four..swaragini bond becoming strong day by day and Swara realise it that there is some connection between them as she knows her from before and swaragini its mixed with both of their name..she confronted her many time does she know her?was their any relation between them or is she hidding something? but ragini always ignore her question or just say its all coincident.she is nothing hidding from her..she didn’t tell her anything as she dosent want anything happened to her..but in sanlak case matter is different.they didn’t had the strong bond as both are burning in jealousy..shanskar tried to solve it but couldn’t infact he start this..


ragini was going to her room but lucky stop her..he introduce himself and tried to impress her also flirting with her..ragini was feeling damn awkward she always wanted his attention but he never give..now he doing she is feeling awkward as it unexpected also now she don’t think of him that way.she was clear about her feeling and someone was burning in jealousy seeing them together..

shanskar:hey lucky how’s you doing?you got a friend also..oh first introduce myself..I am shanskar maheshwri husband of ragini..(shanskar said smiling holding ragini hand)ragini eyes widens listening this even lucky he got shocked then he notice ragini and understood..

shanskar:ok its late night time for sleep come ragini..(ragini don’t no what to say so she silently followed him..she was still shocked with shanskar behaviour and shanskar he himself dosent know what he was doing.he got so jealous seeing them together.though laksh was her ex-husband but now she is his wife and he couldn’t stand them being together atlest that time..lucky got disappoint knowing this .

lucky: bah bhai pehlibar kisiko pasand ayI tobhi ek shadishuda larki se lagtahe jangli bili ki nazar lagi he..( also he got bad impression of shanskar as he was talking with him in mocking way so jealousy journey of both brother start from then…

flashback end….

lucky excitedly coming down calling Swara then he saw swasan together smiling and jealousy got in him..he couldn’t accept it that Swara is happy and laughing with another person not with him.because he is the one who can smile her make her happy but still dosent realise his feeling he thought he thought its a friendly feeling…
(stupid but I like his stupidity :-D)

now its the day of program where swalak will present a dance for performance..all the maheshwri also went there to see their performance..

Swara:lucky I am so nervous as I never dance in stage infronts of people..

lucky:don’t worry Swara I am here na with you just relax..

shanskar:yeah Swara you are brave and strong..you can do anything it just a dance.

Swara:thanx shanskar.you are amazing I am feeling relieved now listening your word.

lucky got jealous at this seeing there bond and gave a fake smile to shanskar.

ragini:lucky all the best..I know you will rock the stage..where is Swara I am going to look her..

now shanskar got jealous listening ragini and this time both gave fake smile to eachother but in mind both were killing eachother as an affect of jealousy..

Swara and lucky come on stage..
lucky is behind of Swara holding her wrist by his hand…

Tu hai mera ye sansaar saara
Main aur mera pyar saara
Tere hi liye hai
(lucky came infront caring her face then again dance with her in sync)
Tu hai, jag mein hai rang jaise
Rut mein hai tarang jaise
Tu hai toh, tu hai toh…
(lucky in behind Swara come forward)
Gagan gagan lehar lehar
Bahe ye chandni
O… dhara pe jaagi jyoti hai teri
Nayan nayan ghuli hui hai kaamna
Nahi nahi koi tujhsa hai hi nahi
Tu hai mera ye sansaar saara
Main aur mera pyar saara
Tere hi liye hai…
(both were string eachother holding)
shanskar watching them so keenly that he imagine himself place of lucky along with a girl but her face didn’t show that time

Chalte chalte kisi dagar mein
Jaise achanak mod aata hai
Yunhi koi ek hi pal mein
Sab kuch piche chhod aata hai
(shanskar was dancing with the girl slowly )

Chamka jo tara
Mera mann banjara
Ghoome re…
(now the girl face is shown she is our ragini dancing infront of him giving him broad smile slightly pushing him with her back)
Prem bhari dhun
Mere mann ne li jo sunn
Jhoome re…
( shanskar return her same smile shaking her with his front )

Paas aake bhi kyun moun hai tu
Ye toh keh de meri kaun hai tu
(shanskar staring at her eyes bringing her closer)
Bolte hain nayan moun hoon main
Apne naino se sun kaun hoon main
(ragini blushes free herself from him still making eye contact with him then dance )
Tu hai mera ye sansar sara
Main aur mera pyar sara
Tere hi liye hai (x2)
(ragini dance alone then shanskar came twirled her slowly making her lie down by holding her wrist and stop their both were staring eachother lovingly for a long time then all the people started clasping by this ragsan came in sense even swalak as they were staring eachother for a long unless the clapping sound heard so slightly got embressed..Swara was blushing hardly and lucky was smiling like an idiots keep his hand on his head but shanskar he was totally in shocked..he dosent know why he imagine dancing with ragini and for a moment he smile at his dream looking at ragini who was blushing then but seen again Swara shanskar smile stop and he become confused again..ragini was blushing thinking about dance with shanskar but then seeing Swara she become sad and control herself..both ragsan went their to congratulate them and took some selfie together…
A man from behind watching them and smile seeing one of them the person was smiling,he was admiring the person..

When swalak come to back stage Swara suddenly become so excited saying finally she done it kissing lucky on his cheeks and hugged him..lucky at first got shocked but then he also hug her back smiling..

In the evening everyone at home except shanskar..everyone smiling gossiping and swalak telling about their life in darjeeling then all went to their respective room even Swara as she was tired just raglak was there enjoying eachother company smiling laughing..shanskar reached home just then he couldn’t walk normaly falling many time and got up holding something it can clearly visible that he was drunked..

After talking much both raglak were tired so they was going their room just then ragini hair caught with her necklace..she couldn’t separate it also.feeling pain so lucky tried to help her out..both were close when lucky succed to separate it ragini thanked him and both left for their room.

Ragini entered to her just then she was shoved against the wall forcely..ragini got shocked tried to scream but her mouth was closed by someone hand..she left her eyes to see the person and she got surprised to see an angry shanskar.his eyes got red due to angerness..he took his hand from her mouth and catched her wrist more tightly..

Shanskar:you are mine just mine and laksh has no right to touch you.you are my wife and just I have the right on you..(ragini got surprised listening him)
Then he pressed her lips against her..he was kissing her roughly and passionately bringing her more closer to him..ragini got numb at this..she was so surprised that she stayed still figuring out what was happineng but after sometime she also response back in kiss then shanskar kissed her more passionately wildly she also response him with same passion then after 7 minute they broke their kiss breathing heavily staring at eachother lovingly ragini was blushing so hard that she forgot everything evry sorrow of her.don’t know how much she want to hold this moment forget everything just she and her love shanskar..

Shanskar:you are just mine..ne..(saying this he fall unconscious on ragini shoulder..ragini got worried at this..she placed him on bed with much difficult..when she about to leave her hair got sucked in his shirt..she separate it from him Then start staring him lovingly and kissed his forehead with care..(samjhawan song playing in background). Then she fall asleep beside him..

Lucky came from bathroom after freshenup then he notice the earing he bought for Swara..he thought to surprise her when she will wake up from sleep she will be surprised to see this earing beside her..yes saying this he went to her room careful not making any noise so that she dosent get up..

When he successful to enterd into her room with out any noise then he placed the earing beside her..she was sleeping peacefully and was looking damn cute.so lucky stared her for a long time lovingly and remember their moment a smile come up on his face

lucky:she look so cute while sleeping or else in wake up she laws become the jhansi ki rani but I love both cute Swara and my jhansi ki rani..(he said smiling and placed a kissed on her forehead cover her with blanket and stare her for sometime.(mein Jo song play in background) Then left from there..


Swara wake up after a peacefull sleep..she don’t know but was feeling so happy then she saw the gift beside her..she first got surprised then opened the gift two beautiful earing she found on that..she wears it and look herself in mirror smile broadly but then she thought who gave her this.she checked the packet but tete was no note nothing and she got confused who gave her this without telling who is the person but the earing was beautiful she said to herself and kept it..

In ragsan room ragini open her eyes slowly and saw shanskar sleeping beside her he look so cute while sleeping.an smile cover her face seeing him sleeping cutely..she got up from bed carefully as she don’t want to disturb shanskar sleep and went for fresh up..after then she combing her hairs she was blushing hardly her face got redden remembering last night and was seeing him from mirror then she left from there to kitchen..

When ragini was going to kitchen she bumped with Swara..both were so happy that it can visible in their face..both greeted themself then left for kitchen Swara also acompany ragini and they had some sisterly moment in there..

So here is the 3rd chapter on both couple..I hope I justify with both couple if not than sorry I tried my best to show it.
Just left one or two chapter then finally it will be end I am so excited..lol
Sorry for typing mistake as I update from phone so..
See you in next chapter..

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