ragsan-swalak ff (three shot) – hidden love or first love to blossom #sangini #swarash part-2


Hi guys back with 2nd part on both couple..little late as lack of idea so hopefully it will be good enough to read atlest..

Part 1


Scene start with everyone is in hospital even the girl who fell unconscious is under observation.everyone looking worried,confused,shocked they don’t know what to react so all just stay quite until they got know about the girls health issue..

Some hour before,

Shanskar:today I will take ragini for shopping maybe her anger would slow down maybe she start talk to me and I will get the chance to explain her but I have to convince her also and its a mission impossible task and I am tom cruse.I better take help from other to convince her but of course not mom.she would bring whole family to join us if I does..yes badi maa. She can help me and he gave a big smile to himself……….

Swara: lucky come na..you promised me that you’ll come with me for shopping besides we need buy some necessary things for program. So you are coming that’s it….(bechara lucky had no choice but to acompany her).

Lucky: nice ab is jangli billi ko jhelna parega uski nukar banke.mujhe bata he sare shopping bag mujhe uthane ke liye apne sath le ja rehihe..lucky kaha fas geya to.(making cute sad face)

Ragsan reached in shopping mall by car..shanskar get out of the car and opened ragini’s side like a gentalment infact he thought he will behave like a true gentalment to impress ragini it was his plan. Ragini loved and got impressed with his caring gesture being gentalment but she didn’t show it to him still ignoring him. Bechara shanskar got disappoint little bit but then again light up his face saying he will anyhow impress her making her angry go away.(he totally become a lover boy to impress his miss)

Swara:lucky see na this earing so beautiful isn’t it?(luck wasn’t listening her he was just nodding his head in evry matter.Swara notice this and angrily left from there)

lucky: beta lucky tone kya kia abto jhansi ki rani gussa hokar cali geyi..use manana hoga barna bo bomb blast ki tarha tujhpe blast hogi.(saying this he left to search her)

when ragsan entered into mall..ragini felt some unknown feeling like some presiouse thing of her is here in mall..she didn’t understand it so just ignored it..
first they went to child store section for ishu..when ragini selecting some dresses shanskar left from there unnoticed by ragini.he went to jewellary shop to buy something for ragini..he was choosing when his eyes fall on a beautiful necklace simple yet beautiful..he imagining ragini on that necklace wearing and looking beautiful as Angel then he cone in reality listening salesman voice then looked at the necklace a smile automatically covered his face.he told the salesman to pack it beautifully as its for his wife..ragini came there and shanskar quickly hide the packet smile nervously at her.she suspects it but didn’t ask him anything..

lucky:Swara oh god you are here.I am looking for you everywhere now found you.see I got tired even

Swara: who told you to search me and get yourself tired..go away from here leave me alone..

lucky:oh that much anger sorry(holding his ear) ab cand jesa itna khobsurut larki ko Kong chor saktahe itna bekof nehi ho mein (Swara blushes hearing him) bas kabhi kabhi tom koch jayada teri ho jatiho tab to serial ki vamp jese lagtiho jese ki kha jawgi jese ab dekho esa lagrahahe ki ab mujhe kha jawgi (lucky said smiling).Swara angered reach to the peack.she was looking at him as if actually she would eat him now so he his stomach so hard in anger for which lucky got numb and hold his stomach in pain saying ouch..one of salesman said to him you both look great together and don’t worry this type of fights happen in a marriage life in the end boys have to give up..

lucky:kya..abhi to Swara mujhe kisi aurke sath bhi flirt nahi karne deti agar usse shadi karounga to apni bibi ke sath bhi romance karneka muka nahi milega(he said to himself thinking of marriages with her)

ragini was walking when she saw a beautiful watch..she liked that so much..
ragini: wow such a beautiful watch
this would suit him shanskar much.bhaia plz pack this watch(she said smiling)
when she about to leave she heard a voice exactly like Swara she turned to who is it but by then the person left..

ragini:why I am feeling like that I am close to Swara.she is here somewhere..

Swara:I will gift this watch to lucky.I hope he would like it but he will be surprised first but does he feel the same for me which I do.Swara you are going so fast but what so harm to give him gift.I will give him and will ask him about his feeling (she said smiling)
she truned her face saying ha..for a moment she thought someone called her by her name but there is no one..

lucky:this earing so beautiful but it will look more beautiful in my jhansi ki rani..(he said smiling then he saw ragini and got mesmerized in her beauty then he saw she left her one shopping bag.he quickly grab it)

lucky:Swara come fast.that girl she left her shopping bag.we have to give it to her.(Swara didn’t argue she agreed with him and both of them followed ragsan)

after that now they are in hospital.lucky was crying and Swara is under observation.then doctor came out all went to him..

doctor:who is her family members(lucky come forward surprising everyone)

doctor:just you..where is her parents?

lucky:actually 1 year ago an accidents happened with both of us and we both lost our memory so since then we together and both of us don’t know anything about our past so..(everyone got shocked listening him)

doctor: now I got it..I think she got remembered something about her past for which she got stress and fall unconscious..remember this may put her life in danger so I suggest you to keep her away from her past..(maheshwri they don’t know what to react first they were happy for swalak alive but they don’t remember anything anyone its a shocked for them)

lucky:this never happened before but I will take care of it..

Ragsan were just silent..they were numb when they saw swalak..their love but now situation different.no matter what happened but they were their love still both of care for them but do they still love them? They don’t know now their mind wasn’t working at all both of just prays that Swara should be alright that’s it and ragini continually seeing lucky she was so happy that he is alive.he has gone through much because of her maybe he got some happiness in his new life and Swara her sister her soulmate she is alive.she had believe that she is alive and its got true she can’t believe it also can’t deny it that shanskar is married to her but he loves Swara..its the most difficult phrase of their life their past infront of them at stake of their relation..

Nurse come out of the room hurriedly and asking who is lucky as the Swara was keep saying his name..lucky hurriedly went to her followed by others..

Lucky:oh got you won’t stop give me heartattack but this time you really scared me don’t do that ever again..see I am also crying lucky who never cried now crying because of you jangli billi..I will take my revenge ha.(Swara smiled at his statement she was so happy to see lucky unconditional care for her)

Ap(holding her tears with much difficult): beta are you alright?(Swara nodded in yes)

doctor came to check her again and said she can go home now just don’t stress out herself thinking any past thing.Swara nodded and lucky assured the doctor he would take cater of her..

Dp:listen both of maybe new here..where will you live and where did you live till tjode years..(lucky said everything to him about Mr and Mrs.john and they would stay in hotel as they don’t know anyone in here..everyone relieved a bit listening this that atlest someone kind people like them help their child when they needed and thanked them in their heart..

Ap:if you both have don’t problem than both of you can stay at our home..you are new her don’t know anything about here.also we would be much happy to help you both..(swalak said no but all of them request of them much that they couldn’t say no..all the people were so happy at their decision..

Lucky was staring at ragini lovingly for a minute but Swara notice this..she got jealous at this but she couldn’t hate her..she didn’t like the cipkali when she tried to flirt with lucky but in ragini case it was different..she was feeling some unknown attachment toward her but couldn’t also deny that she jealous at that time and seeing shanskar she felt she knows him infact all the family member seems familier to her but she don’t know them she thought..

All the people excuse them.from swalak when they agreed to stay with them..outside of room they all decided they will not say anything to them not even laksh as they don’t want anything happened to them after on year they got them now they won’t risk anything for it even if they had to be stranger for them..ragsan didn’t react anything.they don’t know what to do or what to say but they were happy that they were coming home…a newtwist in their life their past in their new life..in what way they would accept their past when they don’t member them or when they are married??

So here it is 2nd part of 3rd shot….
Sorry sorry sorry big big sorry as I know its not good pattering infact worst part I think but trust me my head is full blank becouse of study exam and I am in lack of idea in today episode also their is no ragsan reaction so for sure its not good..I will try give ragsan pov in next part their reaction and hopefully would give a nice part person me for today..

See you in next part..

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