ragsan-swalak ff (three shot) – hidden love or first love to blossom #sangini #swarash part-1


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@maheshwari house
Everyone was watching tv shanskar also came there there is a breaking news on tv that karma industry owner karthik is being jailed for being caught in illegal work also there company had a big loss.shanskar saw this news and smriks as he knew it would happened..other family member they got shocked listening this even ragini then she glance at shanskar. Shanskar notice this and avoid eye contact with her, ragini about to ask him just then she remembered something so didn’t asked and shanskar relieved a bit left for office….

**** **** ****

Swara: finally we reached kolkata..observing the view.

Lucky: yes..we have a weak for the practice so we will explore kolkata city in this 2 days..what say? Swara also agree with him..

Lucky: look swara the girl she is beautiful na also s*xy…swara got angry at his statement..

Swara: what beautiful..she is looking like a painted bimmbo.as if whole packet of white flour she put in her face eww..

Lucky: really even you also do the same remember that night..swara got emberssed at this

Swara: oiii it was facepack and the girl she applied is make-up..there is different between this two stupid

Lucky: whatever but she is so s*xy na..then the girl coming toward them and asked them if they could help find her the address..lucky said yes to her but swara hit his leg and said to her that they were new there so they don’t know anything and lucky was cursing her under his breath for hitting him.
The girl got disappoint but then asked lucky his name and phone number in.flirting way..swara angerd now reached at peack but lucky got superb happy he about to say but swara grab his hand and take him from there.lucky got surprised at this and continusly asking her where she was taking him? Swara stop at a point and angrily asked him what he was doing with that cipkali?.lucky didn’t understand her meaning he thought she was talking about lizard so he start shouting saying lizard lizard where is it?

swara: idiot..I am saying about that girl whom asking help from us…lucky relaxed a bit listening this

lucky: oh is her name cipkali? how weird..btw how do you know her name?
swara became frustrated listening his stupid talks

swara: I don’t know her name but cipkali suit much for those of kind girl got it..now tell me what are tryin to do with her flirting huh?

lucky: someone getting jelouse huh?

swara: o hello I am not getting jelouse got it..

lucky: then what have you problem with my flirting?

swara: you are not here to flirt but to attend a program for which we need to preparation now just focus on that idiot..
lucky just fake smile at her

swara(in mind): of course I am jealous..how can he flirt infront of me with that girl..this time I leave you Mr bandar next time I will break your leg..

****** ***** ******
in the evening everyone at home…shanskar tried to talk with ragini but she keep ignoring him infact from that day.she didn’t talk with him if shanskar tried to talk she give some excuses so today shanskar determined that he will talk with her anyhow.so he thought to take her out on a dinner but she won’t agree if he told. he took help of his mom request her to convince ragini for dinner outing..she happily agreed.
then after sometime she came to shanskar and said ragini agreed..shanskar was so happy listening this he went to change..

shanskar was waiting for ragini..after sometime she came..shanskar got mesmerized seeing her..she was looking so beautiful and s*xy on her red colour sari with silver colour blouse and put some light make-up with matching earing simply elegant..

shanskar: you look beautiful..
ragini got surprised but blush a little unnoticed by shanskar.

uttra: you are right bhai..afterall she is my bhabhi…
ha chori said sujata from behind and other member also came there nodded with uttara and said to shanskar that they should leave now..shanskar got confused at this and asked why?

sujata:you forgot it shanskar that you made dinner plan all we have dinner outside even said to convince ragini huh….

ragini looked at shanskar but he was in shocked and cursing himself for his fooliness..he made mistake taking help from his mother now he has to pay for it..he was thinking to have dinner outside with ragini alone but now he is going on a family dinner great moreover he had to talk with ragini now all his plan failed so he went with them on frustrated mood..

all the maheshwari family member sits in big table..ragini and shanskar sit opposite to eachother..ragini was eating silently and shanskar was just staring her..why he didn’t he notice her before so innocence in her face like her heart so attractive actually he was thinking all this but not in his sense..

his mind: are you falling for her?

shanskar :yes..

his mind: remember you both are friend just friend huh?

shanskar:in that time situation was different now situation is also different also relationship that was past now its present and with time changed everything..he just split out his heart saying then he realise what he said and got shocked himself he wasn’t suppose to mean it..what is wrong with him?is he falling for her? was his present making a speciall place in his heart more than his past? he was thinking all this then he saw a man eyeing ragini with lust eyes..he clentched his hand tightly,left from there without anyone notice,went to that man place and punch him hard
shanskar:she is my wife whom you were eyeing..if you try it one more time I promise I will take your eyes out..he leaves him then..ragini saw all this and she was so happy to see shanskar possessive site atlest he care for her but she was still angry with him not trusting her so she thought she will ignore him more times and its his punishment..shanskar saw her tried to talk with her but she ignored him

shanskar: everyone say truth that after marriage husband became puppy…itne dino se uske piche ho ferbhi vao nahi dete..dekhneme to innocent aur sushil lagtahe par attitude to dekho..beta shanskar abto jindegibhar uske piche ghurna parega lagtahe…and make a cute puppy face…

**** **** ****
a boy was in a big house he was feeling he was here before he knew that place keeping all his thought aside he remembered why he is here..he saw a family happily talking with eacother joking he smile at this scene.then he called out them saying excuse me.all turned to him..
a girl was waiting outside a big house .what so taking him much time to give a packet ? let me check.she said to herself and start walking she was keenly observing the house an attachment working toward it then she saw the person whom she was looking for in confused state and the family member of that house in shocked state but no one notice her so she called out the person she knows and everyone looked at her they got shocked more seeing her infact they got biggest shocked seeing them seems like but the girl eyes fall on a girl like her,she got some blur flashes of holding hand then fall unconscious the boy caught her n everyone got worried

so here is the pert one of 3rd shot on both couple..sorry there is no romance part in this as its needed but hope its good enough..
see you in next chapter…

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