ragsan-swalak ff ( three shot) – hidden love or first love to blossom # RAGSAN part-3

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everyone in hall waiting for ragsan after sometime they show up.everyone was staring at them. seeing their expression ragini understood that shanskar told them everything not everything just one of story but the other side only she knows it. she loved at shanskar but he looked away…

Ap come toward raging asking if she is alright and she nodded then Dp asked her what’s all this? shanskar told them everything but he want to listen from her want an explanation..

ragini become little happy knowing that Dp still has some trust on her that’s why he is giving her a chance to explain thing..

ragini: thanks bade papa for giving chance to explain. i know all of you hurt at my action but i did all this for a reason. maybe you all think me as a deicever for breaking your trust but i didn’t all i did for welfare of this family my family all of you are my family i thought all of you as my own family member then how can i.deceive my own family.. i know karma industry is the reason of lash and swara death. they tried all the way to destroy maheshawri. after death of swara still they didn’t stop then they found out about me and my past so they offered me to join them and i said yes to them as i have to to be with them if i want to exposs them for punish them for their deeds for that i need some solid prof against them also i had to find about the person who deceive us..yes someone from our business employ has helped them for all the thing they did. zo i need to find him that’s why i joined them but not to help but to exposs them then i got to know karma industry owner karthik he is the main culprit he did all this not just for business rival but for revenge..Revenge for his sister being in jailed.

her sister name is taniya. in childhood she was being jailed and karthik hold maheshwari responsible for his sister condition so since then he promised himself to.destroy maheshwari. i had to joined him to know his plan he thought I’m with him but i am not i just acting to be with him and for that i.had meet him.many time corporate with him so that he won’t get suspect about my motive and shanskar misunderstood that he thought i was deceiving him n this family which is not true. i am just helping my family for not getting hurt in anyway by joining them that’s the truth..she said all this cryingly feeling hurted and then left from their cryingly…

everyone got shocked to know this part even shanskar. they didn’t thought their past will come infront of them like this and couldn’t believe karthik is the person who tried to destroy them and hold them responsible for his sister condition but they tried to help her just couldn’t in that situation and for that they had to pay heavy price.they lost swalak who will never returned..

shanskar he just couldn’t believe that it wasn’t ragini but him who was at fault. he broke the trust not ragini.she still maintaining her promised their friendship. just because of some misunderstood he broke their friendship and trust for eacother all the promised he had made to ragini. he is feeling guilty at his action and behaviour toward ragini. he has hurt her the most didn’t support her misunderstood her though he has made promises to her for support her any situation trust her at any cost. he can’t explain what he was that Time totally helpless all he can do is apologise to her which is much less than he hurted her..

ragini in her room crying thinking her fate which always do injustice with her.she never thought she would face this day..she made mistake in past still she is paying for her past mistake no one would believed her will never they? and shanskar will never he would trust her? will never he give a place in his heart for her wasn’t she anyone to him…she never want love from him as he don’t love her or will never. she want his trust care support from him.dosent she deserve his little trust? but she loved him trust him more than herself.she can do anything for him intact she did all this fro him and ishu.she can bear anything but nite them getting hurt. but why always she had to sacrifice herself or blamed why she had to explain evrytime first laksh who hurted her feeling but she didn’t complain because it was never love now when she turely loved shanskar still she is the one who got hurt why everyone don’t care about her feeling after al she is also human like them who git hurted..she said all this to herself crying and cursing her fate for all this..

shanskar standing in outside looking at the shy saying many things to him.just then Ap come called him out he turned to her.

shanskar: badi ma i know i am at fault i hurted her most but now i don’t have the courage to stand her apologise to her..

Ap: when you were hurting then you have the courage now what happened.is it because of this or something else is bothering you? shanskar git surprised little how come she know exactly like ragini reading his mind..

Ap: beta life isn’t about being in one place.you have to move in new place willingly or unwillingly but its better to accept the present happily.maybe past hold a special lplace in your heart but in new place its new experience new memories automatically hold a special place in your heart but if you make your present more than past than it hold your whole heart which never can be replaced by past. so its all about in present if you stuck in past then you can never enjoy the present.because of past if you don’t realised the value of present then in future you will realised it what you lost but ut will be too late thenremember life dosent give always second chance which you have..i he you are understanding what i am meaning.now you are in same position in between past and present.

past you can’t bring but if you ignore present or stay ways from if because of past then you will get nothing just repentance of doing this..beta i know you have some feeling for ragini which you are trying to ignore but don’t do it..i have strong believe that you both are made for eachother..that’s why today ragini is with you not swara.it can ragini in place of swara that day but fate has some other plan to bring two lover who destined together tgats why swara was in that place not ragini maybe it my thought but i am sure of my belief. so don’t ignore your feeling toward ragini try to realise it before got too late remember i told life always dosent give chanc..

shanskar got in deep thinking about all this..

@ragsan room

shanskar entered to room and saw ragini crying with much courage he going toward her..

shanskar: ragini i am sorry for all this for hurting you misunderstood you and not trust you i am sorry..he said in cold voice closing his eyes..

ragini: its oak shanskar..its not you fault but my bad luck which always try to hurt my feeling in any way moreover i am used to it..she said in crying voice avoiding eye contact with him and went to sleep without his reply cover her face with sheet.

shanskar feeling bad seeing her like this when he is the reason of her this condition. ragini i don’t know the feeling i have for you its love or not..i don’t know if i will able to love you like swara give you right of a wife but i promised you i will fulfilled my all promised which i made. i will make our bond stronger where will be unconditional trust care support respect for eacother as i now trust to more than my self.now you and ishu are the most important person in my life i care both for you and i will protect both of you at any cost..he said to himself determined way

shanskar:karthik i will not leave you for hurting my ragini taking advantage of her and for killing my brother and swara..you messed with wrong person.i will never leave that person who will try to hurt my own people which you did..you have to pay for it karthik..he said in anger clutching his hands without knowing the fact that he said my raginiwhich indicate before realised his feeling he accept ragini

so here its the 3rd part mean last part of 1st shot fully on ragsan..hopefully would like it and sorry i didn’t add any romance scene in which i am really bad then i had to make ragsan bond stronger positively with full trust so had to write boring part sorry and also there many mistakes so have to bear that too..

see you at 2nd shot..

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