ragsan-swalak ff ( three shot) – hidden love or first love to blossom # RAGSAN part-2


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Part 1
if anyone new to read this then first read the link part then it will be understable..

ragsan-swalak ff (three shot) – hidden love or first love to blossom #RAGSAN part-1

1st part link

Ragini was going to washroom of shower just then wind start blow faslty for ragini felt an uneasy feeling like someone remembering her so she thought something then took a pen, wrote Swaragini name beautifully then blow it to the sky and gave a warm smile…..

after shower ragini came out of washroom without noticing anything on the other side shanky also coming to same direction as a rest both landed up on bed. ragini on top of shanky her wet hair was falling on his face..he lock up the hairs behind her ears slowly more romanticly..both were lost in eachother eyes. there were some unknown feeling flowing in there eyes just then

shanky: ginu..why you are so heavy? get up na.. shanky said innocently….
ragini who was lost in his eyes staring him lovely listening this got up with a jerk..

ragini: what!!! shanky am i look like a fat girl to you?said angrily but cutely

shanky: no but you are heavy na..see I’m feeling in whole body right now said cutely

ragini knew he was innocent at heart but his statement really made her angry toward him no matter what situation they are but he is her husband first and she is girl also a wife so how can she tolerate her husband said heavy to her which more sound like fat lady so she left from their and again came back took her tangle and glared at shanky angrily and left from there..
shanky was confused at her behaviour so he was having a what happened type look in cute way..

Dp was discussing with rp. ragini also came their to give them coffee. they told her to sit as they want to discuss about the project she was handling which one shaskar used to.. she quickly told them about the recent report of that project and left from there huridly..

ap:beta ragini where are you going and why are you in so hurry?

ragini: actually bari maa.. i have to feed ishu in time as she has to take medicine then shanky,he doesn’t like stay hungry so have to made food for him that’s why..

ap then left for kitchen..sujata notice her being lost in thought.

sujata: jiji..what happened? where are you lost?

ap: i am thinking about ragini bechari has go through much and suffured most. now when her new life waiting for her then again she sucked between her responsbilty.she handle of of it nicely even shanskar responsbilty him also. just feeling sad that she didn’t got her husband love till now first laksh now shanskar. i wish she would get her husband true love and i am sure she will be a great wife, life partner and supporter which she is even now..said looking at sujata in emotional way.
sujata: don’t worry jiji..everything will be fine by time then she saw some shadow and asked,who is there?

ap:what happened? who is there ?

sujata: don’t know jiji..

ap: shanky..what are you doing here beta? sujata turned to see him

shanky: bari maa..i came here to drink. said in nervous voice

ap: oh..but why are you so nervous? anyway here s the water take..

@ragsan room
shanky asked ragini who is the person in photo? handing her the photo.ragini got shocked to see it. she is swara my sister she manage to say it.

shanky: oh..but i never saw her with you

ragini: actually she is busy na.that’s why

shanky:whom are you talking with?

ragini:why shanky? she got afraid if he heard anything then

shanky: you are talking it him for a long time which you don’t do with me..

ragini: actually shanky. i am talking with my mother. she is also my friend like you that’s why..she said nervously avoid eye contact with and left from there quicly gave an excuse..

shanky his eyes become red with anger and clutches his hand hardly for which bleeding start as photo frame broke in his clutches as result cuted his hand.he was just seeing his hand bleeding..

ragini who came for some work saw this and shout shanskar. instently took his hand for first aid. shanky pulled back his hands from her grip which shocked ragini.she can clearly see anger in his eyes then
shanky realised his action then quickly changed his expression as if nothing happened

shanky: ginu. there is much blood you will get sick if you touch it and i don’t want.i will go to bari maa. she used to treat me with some medicine whenever i got injured and my wound become fine so i am going to her..he said calmly but without eye contact and left from there..
ragini suspect at first with shanky weird behaviour but now she is confused day by day her suspect getting stronger. is shanky acting to be a mad if it’s then why? she thought in her mind..

in the evening ragini was chatting with someone then she left her phone open went to washroom. all this was seeing by someone when she left. the person entered into the room took her mobile went to chat option to see the massage

ragini: shanskar..
yes the person was shanskar. he shocked listening her voice and turned around to her lowerd his eyes.
ragini: first i suspected but now I’m conformed that you are pretending to be mad..but why shanskar? why are you doing this? what will you get this? answer me shanskar.

shanskar: what are you talking about ginu? don’t tease me calling mad

ragini: stop it shanskar. you can’t foil me i know your drama.you did it before so stop pretending..
yes you are right i am pretending n its because of you shanskar said pinning her against the wall hardly he hold her shoulder tightly for which she winced in pain and request him to leave her as it was paining.
ragini: really it much less compare to your fault breaking our trust. ragini saw him in confessed.

shanskar: what you thought i wouldn’t know it wrong. i know everything you deceiving i got proof also see this video( same video shanskar saw in office where it shown that ragini was hugging someone and agreeing with him to destroy maheshwari) its the same company employ for which swalak in not here today with us they are the reason behind it n you are with them you are the reason of swalak death . i can never imagine you will decive us like this you broke our trust our friendship n you will get punish for your decive that’s why i planned all this drama to exposes you and trap you in your path. all i did pretend because of you i had to he said in anger ragini got shocked to know this. she try to understand him that all this is misunderstanding but shanskar didn’t listen and left from there leaving her and she collapsed on the floor crying virgoliously..

Pal bhar thahar jaao
Dil ye sambhal jaaye
Kaise tumhe roka karun
Meri taraf aata har gham phisal
Aankhon mein tum ko bharun
Bin bole baatein tumse karun
‘gar tum saath ho..
Agar tum saath ho..

ragini waiting for some one in isolated place something hit her head then all blur.
ragini opened her eyes found kartik infront of her she got afraid seeing him close to her. he tried to molested her and she tried her best to free herself from him but he was too much strong then a strong punch hit kartik mouth. yes its shanskar who punched he followed ragini till there and feeling some bad will happened went to that place and saw all this. he was n so angered that he beated kartik Blake and blue. so kartik run away from there then came toward ragini. she got happy to see him andhugged him so tightly he was caring her back then asked her if he is alright then again got angerd

shanskar: what the hell are you doing here? if something would happen to you than i would die as i love you damn it. ragini got shocked listening this even shanskar he doesn’t ow what he said he just split out whathis heart said

shanskar: i mean as a friend i care for you unlike you who know just break trust. after all this i still helped you as i am not like you i have humanity inside for which i had to help you…btw your boyfriend also turned out to be a faurd like you.aso you deserve that….ragini got hurt deeply listening his word

ragini: he is not my boyfriend n i don’t have as i also L……she stopped in there
shanskar: what ha
ragini: let it be. you will never understand my feeling….and started to walk and about to fall but shanskar hold her in right time

Teri nazron mein hai tere sapne
Tere sapno mein hai naraazi
Mujhe lagta hai ke baatein dil ki
Hoti lafzon ki dhokebaazi
Tum saath ho ya na ho kya fark hai
Bedard thi zindagi bedard hai
Agar tum saath ho
Agar tum saath ho

both staring eachother both were deeply hurt but their heart craving for eachother.then shanskar removed her hair from mouth sensually.but then got sensed and leave her.both were feeling awkward then they left for home..

so here is 2nd part.it again got long chptr so i have to made 3rd part so sorry then in 2nd shot pakka will be revealed swalak mystery.

Credit to: ragsan-swalak fan

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      thanx dr but sorry actually its a
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    1. ragsan-swalak fan

      thanx dr

    1. ragsan-swalak fan

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    thanx dr but sorry actually its a three shot so

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