ragsan-swalak ff (three shot) – hidden love or first love to blossom #RAGSAN part-1


hii everyone..i’m so happy to see such a good response and glad all of you liked the story concept..hopefully will be at your expectation in this shot..
so let’s start,


A bedroom which is decorated beautifully and was written in the wall RAGSAN. one man entered into the room and saw a girl in a bridal dress was looking a photo in her hand..

shanskar: umm…m..Ragini

Ragini she heard his voice and quickly turned her face to hide the tears..

ragini: shanskar do you want to say something?
shanskar got little amazed and thought how did she know.

shanskar: actually ragini i want say..

ragini: its okay i understand what is going on your mind even same thing with me but we both know that we agreed for this marriage just for ishu shake and family’s happiness. i don’t love you asso you don’t so i don’t think we need be in actual husband-wife relationship.. we could just be good friend and support eachother..hmm

shanskar: yeah exactly i wanted to say the same thing.. so friend no best friend? bringing his one hand

ragini: no..best friend forever..
shaking her hand with him.

shanskar:oh yeah..it’s already got late i think we should sleep. you sleep in bed. i will sleep at couch

ragini: okay. but will you be able to sleep in there?

shanskar: don’t worry..i got used to it

ragini: what you mean by that? my sister used to torture you making sleep you in there..she in angry tone

shanskar: no no no…i didn’t meant that..but you know how we me n swara got married.. it was situation demand

ragini ( laughing) : hey i was just kidding
shanskar smiled a little seeing her laughing

shanskar: ragini you look beautiful while laughing. never fade it from your face face and thank you so much for taking good care of family after swara death everyone shattered but you handle of them with good care and ishu you give her motherly love so all for it i own you..trust me i will try my best to be good husband and support you in any condition.you will find me any bad or good situation in life beside you supporting.that’s my promise

ragini got emotional listening all this so a tear escape from her cover of eyes

ragini: thanks shanskar..you trust and will stand by me at anycost that’s a big thing for me and this is my family also so i am not doing any favour its my responsibly n love toward my family

shanskar: yes you are..ok so good night

ragini: good night

both went to sleep but couldn’t. there are many things going on their mind about their new beginning of life..


ragini she was combing her heirs but suddenly she got uneasy feeling like someone is calling her name,remembering her all she could remember is swara as if she is calling her..

shanskar: ragini are you alright?

ragini: yeah shanskar..just missing swara badly..
even shanskar got upset remembering swara. ragini noticed that. she doesn’t want anyone to get upset remembering the past so to divert shanskar mind she thought changed the topic

ragini: shanky. see na ishu got so much naughty. maybe she went after you

shanskar: what no. i was very good boy in childhood. maybe she went after you

ragini: accha. but i don’t remember anything when i was at ishu age.see you you just remember everything.wow
shanskar get little embressed

shanskar: forget all this but who this shanky?

ragini: Buddha. its you. short from of shanskar such a big name so thought to short it..
shanskar gave her a amazed look..

in the evening ragini entered into the room and saw shanky crying holding picture of swara

ragini: missing her

shanskar: hmm nodding his head

ragini: even me. i know all this thing must be difficult for you. first kabita now swara both you love went far from you

shanskar: no kabita wasn’t my love. yes i thought it as love but it was never love and i understand this after meeting swara. it was never same with kabita. she was more like an obbsseion to me to get her in my life. i always have expecting from her which i didn’t had fRom swara. moreover love makes us the right person caring and selfless person but in kabita case i went wrong path become a selfish person which i wasn’t meeting swara she was my love not kabita she was my joonon which can never be justified as love..

ragini went from their crying. shanskar was lost in his world so he didn’t noticed
ragini entered a room where is pic of her n laksh wedding. she touched it and cried her heart out

ragini: i am sorry laksh. i become so blind in my obbsseion to get you which i thought as love and destroyed everything.very relation,you love all the thing you lost just because of me because of my foolness. i thought i loved you but it was never love it was my juunon for which you suffered most and secrifised your love. shanskar is right obsession would never be regarded as love which i thought. i am sorry for all the things.. she said crying and then weeping her tears

ragini: enough now i can’t fix the past but i could make everything fine now. i will be selfless n will cary my responsibilyty at anycost. this family gave me much respect happiness n forgave me now its my turn and i will be the best mom of ishu will take care of everyone like swara did maybe i will get her forgiveness and will rectify my mistakes by doing this.
now i will be a strong ragini r family for swara and for myself.no one can hurt or break my family unless i am alive that’s my promised to myself…

like this 6 month have passed. in this six month ragsan bonding become more their care for eachother increased and all the other thing gore normal like before but from previous 1 month there is some changed ragini she always went outside always take tension shanskar noticed this..

oneday shanskar at office got a phone call after talking he become very shocked and then saw some video and become very much angry.he quickly left the office drive himself for home but he was driving in so speed as he was in much anger due to which he had an accident. some local man bought him to hospital and from his phone they call all the family member all become shocked and crying left for the hospital.

in the hospital all were crying and praying for shanskar safety and then after the oparation the dactor came and assured them that he is alright just vote injured in brain so hopefully nothing bad before he can speak they went to see shanskar but in some time they called doctor asked what has happened to shanskar after sometime doctor came chacked shanskar and told the family member that due to brain injured he has lost his mental stable and so acting like a kid as its side effect..
whole family.got shocked listening this and this was the second time their son life to become like this thought it was fake in past but now on real.
ragini her responsibility increase more now she had to care of shanky even his responsibility.

shanky went to home after discharge. as he doesn’t understand anything so all the things like swara pic all were removed from his room..in this short time shanky got mingly with ragini.it was not diffucult for her as she has handle him before


ragini was arranging their bad. shanky was playing with toy. she then made sleep ishu and came to their room. shanky was still playing.

ragini:shanky.its late night so sleep

shanky:okay ginu

ragini: ginu? who is she?

shanky: its you. i can’t utterd ragini its very long so i will call you ginu. shanky said innocently

ragini: smiling and remembering their moment addressing him shanky. ok fine now go to bed..

shanky:ok. you also come na..
ragini become shocked listening this. thought he was like kid that time but still he was a man moreover her husband so it was an awkward thing for her but still she said as she can’t leave him like this..
this is the first time both shared bed together situation demand but still..

in midnight ragini felt someone hugging her tightly. she saw it was shanskar. it was damn awkward moment for her but she can’t do anything if she does then shanky sleep will break and he was looking so cute while slepping. ragini was staring at him lovingly

ragini: shnky look so cute in his this personality more than the real one always working.then she also sleep in his hold

days are going like this. ragini to handle all the responsibility specially shanskar and ishu now both were most important person in her life without whom she can’t even think to live. her feeling toward shanky also increasing day by day..

so here is the 1st part..actually it become so long that i had to make it by two part. second part will update tommorow..
its a long part so there will be much mistakes grammatical or typing so have to bear that..in promo there was so good response that now i’m afraid if not that much good this. so sorry if its not good or not enough as your expectation..

this part is fully on ragsan even the second part and about swalak you will get to know about it.see you tommorow hopefully 😀

Credit to: ragsan-swalak fan

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      first thanx for commenting and i am sorry but my story lone demand this shaskar moreover shanky would suit him in this so have to bear that all i can say wot read the next maybe you loved it n thanx dr

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