ragsan-swalak ff ( three shot) – hidden love or first love to blossom (1)

this story start with when swasan-raglak got married but in raglak case laksh n ragini became good but laksh wasn’t conformed about his feeling for ragini their relation just started to growing also there was no kavya drama.laksh married to raging as he realise his mistakes and in swasan case same story but they adopted a child named her ishu……..

everything was going good but one incident changed all their life that is swara’s kidnap. some business rival of maheswari has kidnapped swara for their revenge on meheswari and demanded huge money from them but their plan was something else. laksh and shanskar reached the place where they have been told to come and soon fighting took the place both laksh and shanskar were fighting non-stop but one of the man grab swara by heir and bought her near the river(the same place where rajat took swara kidnapping her) saying he will throw swara in the river if both laksh and shanskar didn’t stop fighting. shanskar sreamed saying swara meantime laksh reached their beat the man hardly as possible then with much afford grab swara’s hand. she was handing a tree branch with much difficulty as the man push her into river bit luckily she got a hold of tree branch and then laksh grab her hand inorder to save her but fate has some other plan. the man whom was beated by laksh got up with much difficult and push laksh hardly toward the river so both laksh and swara drowned into river just then shanskar reached the place beating all the goons but it was already late by then both swalak drowned into river no existence of their body. just then police along with other family member reached their in that time all were looking swalak even shanskar searchered the river fully but couldn’t find of them..shanskar he was crying like mad person taking swara name and ragini she just become numbed couldn’t utterd a word from mouth fearing in that the most important person of her life swara and laksh she will may lost them..both ragsan didn’t know what to do or react..it’s their worst situation of their life lossing their love of life..

after two days of that incident..
police came to maheshwari house and told the family member that they didn’t find swalak after searching much infact they searcherd the whole river but there was no clue of swalak so they declared swalak as dead. all the family got shattered listening this and rtarted crying and ragsan both went to their respective room crying stood infront of swalak pic touching them and crying vigorously…

after one month,
there is wedding occasion in maheshwari house.yes its ragsan wedding occasion. all the family member believed that swalak will never come so they need to move on even ragsan moreover they have thought about ishu. she is a small child need mother love so they decided to get married ragsan also they need to move on their life.. ragsan unwillingly agreed to this marriage for the shake of ishu and promised themselves they would be good friends to eachother like before but this time forever. nothing would break their friendship bond and trust for eachother..

so here is the promo of this story..its actually three shot story..

i will continue this if i get good response. i know many will judge this story but basically i write this story being as ragsan-swalak fan so i didn’t thought the logical this its couple story for me. i was much upset when CVS made raglak-swsan if they could heart out feeling making unlogical story just for swasan-raglak pairs so why i can’t make my own story with my favourite couple in their story πŸ˜‰
but if its not good or too much dramatic then i will not continue.
so it’s upto all of your response…

Credit to: ragsan-swalak fan


    • ragsan-swalak fan

      thanx dr..i understand even i wish but stupid writer anyway that’s why i am writing least here in ff they would be together

  1. Prakriti19


    |Registered Member

    Awesome Di…Nice concept …Please continue soon..I am a Swasan and Raglak fan…But still I love Swalak and Ragsan as it was first pair..So still I read Swalak and Ragsan ff…

    • ragsan-swalak fan

      thank you so much dr ..
      even being swasan-raglak fan you still liked it i am so happy..yeah story will be here by tomorrow maybe today lets see

  2. JezzachinnuS


  3. SPP


    |Registered Member

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Please continue DEAR
    Waiting for the first one……….

    • ragsan-swalak fan

      oh your comment made me happy so much..thank you so much dr for your sweet word..hopefully will not disappoint you

    • ragsan-swalak fan

      thanx dr..same here favourite couple..will update by tommorw or today maybe.wait till then

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