A ragsan swalak ff- Sanso Ko Jeene Ka Sahara Milgaya – 1


Sanso Ko Jeene Ka Sahara Milgaya-1
(Irrecoverably In Love with you)

“Well , I am not going to disappoint you ” said a guy of 20/22 with his intense black sparkling eyes and good looks clearing his throat with a commanding voice

“Hope” said a man taking a deep breath as he had no other option than “hoping” because till now all the doctors said the same in the beginning and at last they left with a “sorry”..He was none other than Shekhar Gadodia ,the father of depressed Swara Gadodia and cursed himself for going away for a business meeting leaving his daughter alone where she needs him the most..But he had no other option and Sumi , his wife also had gone to her village when she got news that her mother got a heart attack!With an apology of “Take care of my daughter and goodbye” the bold man left

Laksh went to Swara’s room and no wonder , as usual Swara was cowering in a corner of her bed , helding her pillows and tears flowed endlessly somewhat like a broken tap.Laksh , feels very bad for her although he had seen such patients many a time ..He enters the room and sits in Swara’s bed.She bends to look at Swara’s face , aww!! she was so innocent and beautiful , he had never seen a girl so beautiful like her but sadly , her face was emotionless , pale and dull and her hair was messy. afterall she was in depression..

Lak: myself Laksh Maheshwari , your new friend he said as he held his hands near Swaras

No wonder , Swara showed no indifference as always..she didnot even bother to look at him once because she was lost somewhere , somewhere in other world ..in the world , enriched with sorrows , pain , where she was stabbed till death but was not killed…Laksh felt as if he is talking to a stone but he didnot loose hope,..he was determined to make her normal and leave this house with words”no need to thank me” and not “sorry” because he was not antique doctors , he had determined heart , mind and soul reminding the fact that he’ll definately make her the same as she used to be..Laksh started coughing and it seemed he was lacking shortness of breath..Swara gets back into senses by his loud coughing..”new doctor” she thinks when she sees him..In an usual small voice “water is on the table” she says..Laksh’s plan worked out , he wanted her to respond and so she did..He wonders”Having this much pain , also she showed concern for someone dying for water..Who the hell made her like that..Why did destiny made her go through this phase..normally , no other patients would have reacted but Swara did making soft corner for her in laksh’s heart..” He starts shaking his head voilently and coughing even more..Worried but with expressionless face , she quickly gets up and comes back with a glass of water..She makes him drink water..There is a cute eyelock between them (Sanso Ko Jeene Ka Sahara Mil Gaya plays)..In an usual low voice she said”normally , doctors treat me but today i am treating a doctor”..Laksh smriks and then smiles at her…He stands up to her level and thanks her with full heart..Swara said “ok” with her emotionless tune and face..She closes her eyes and remincises something which makes her cry again..

Lak: plz dont cry ..plz ” he says wiping her tears with the clean white handkerchief.

Swa: in mind (i have no interest to cry , destiny played with me always)

Lak: Swara rona dhona later on ok.rats are running in my stomach..lets prepare something and eat..

Swa: she is utterly shocked by her reaction becuz normally , her caretakers used to ask her 1000 questions about her past , etc etc and she didnot answered any of those because she preferred “death” she had got no guts to live..
in mind : too young to hold a profession like doctor!he is like a child

Lak:(in order to make Swara angry so that she’ll be able to express full range of emotions)God !Lucky whom did u ask the question to? She is going to reply after a year like a donkey laughs a year after listening joke..And what did i ask whether she knows how to make food or not!how would she know , she is in love with her bed , pillows and endless tears she doesnot care about other things

Swara : (she goes near to Laksh , more close , even more closer , her heart is racing and laksh’s heart is pounding more quickly than ever) not these tricks on me doctor , i know u r doing it to take me out of depression but i dont want to go.out of depresssion..depression has become oxygen for me…I dont want this pain to be healed , because i have no expectations with this life..I dont want to be Ok so u may pack your bags today and leave tomorrow

Lak: if i had to pack my bags then i wldnot have come here from Bangalore

Swa: speaks nothing

Swara was again about to go to that corner and cry when suddenly she slipped in the floor..She was trying to get up but she was very weak..

Lak: May I?

Saying that Laksh lifts Swara in his embrace..Both of them could hear each others heartbeat..Laksh was continuously telling jokes to make Swara laugh but Swara was lost in Laksh’ who was carrying Swara in full bridal style , his cute face , his range of emotions , his shades , she was impressed by his determination and self confidence and most importantly his personality..He was not normal doctor , he was extraordinary..She felt safe in his warm embrace but suddenly she remembers something and she starts to scream , cry and hug laksh so tight and cries till her heart gets light and she faints in his embrace..By this reacton , Laksh gets teary eyed and he immediately places her in bed and starts checking her heartbeat..A great sign of relief , can be seen in his eyes after all she was normal..He was about to go to kitchen to bring fruits for Swara when a large photo frame seized his eyes..He couldnot believe his eyes , the dull , pale girl Swara was smiling , with wide opened eyes , charming cheerful face , giving a full rocking smile , carrying guitar in one hand and her other hand was bounded with the left one of her companion , a girl with Suit Salwar and french braid but laksh’s eyes were stuck in Swara’s beautiful face..

“Get ready to become this girl once again” he said pointing the photo of Swara ..He knew it was not good to creep into someone’s dairy , personal info , etc but he had to make the depressed Swara the bubbly one once again..

-epi ends-

So , will laksh be able to change Swara or destiny has someother plans?What had happened that made bubbly Swara like this??Will love blossom between Swalak or…
For the answers of all these questions u’ll have to read my ff 🙂
Do comment because its your comment that keeps me writing !!

Credit to: Anu

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  1. Super but pls introduce ragsan also …I m a big fan of ragsan

    1. I am a die hard fan of ragsan as well..they’ll have a wild card entry <3
      thanx for dropping ur valuable comment..keep smiling!

  2. so nice…..waiting for next epi

  3. Tm awsm awsm awsm. U so beautifully described each and every thing. What did happen to swara.

  4. Wow so good yar. Your writing skill is wonderful. Loved your ff. Updat soon.

  5. Awesome

  6. Wr r my lovely ragsan yar..if it is only swalak plz remove ragsan title itself

    1. I wanted to make a special entrt fr my ragsan..I’m also a die hard fan of ragsan..iif u didnor like my ff I’m noone to force u..i thought i d make such an entrt of ragsan which all wld adore but i failed I’m sorry 🙁 yet d entry of ragsan is der to come..

    2. Venn don’t overeact ok..she’s telling u dat she’ll be introducing ragsaan in a very special way why d hell u impatient person is discouraging her Anu focus on writings we love u u won our hearts with a small epi ????

      1. Ur correct dear im impatient..but im not discouraging her…..
        So sorry anu

  7. Pls make ragsan come fast….. I love ragsan….

    1. Wild card means…r you gng to make them side characters???

      1. Ohh dear they’ll hv a special entry and i m focusing on each pairs equally..giving dm.equal imp..i only mean dat ragsan will hv a even more special entry dan swalak.
        Swalak n ragsan r in my heart so i cantr choose btw dem ..

      2. Oh ohkay… As u said its wild card.. So u thought its second choice .thats it .sorry if i had hurt u

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    update soon

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  18. Awesome nd waiting for nxt part..

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