RagSan SS~Rhythm Of HeartBeat -Chap4

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The episode starts with Ragini closes her eyes n sanskar comes n furiously holds her by shoulders n make her to face him

Screen Pause on RagSan
Music starts playing in bg n screen starts playing slowly slowly

Ishq mubarak
Dard mubarak
Ishq mubarak
Dard mubarak

“Sanky is mesmerized seeing ragini…. Tears starts brimming from ragini eyes as she felt tight hold on her shoulders , sanskar sees her tears n his grip on her starts loosening as he felt his heart stabbed by something looking at her tears ”

Aisa lagta hai kyun
Teri aankhen jaise
Aankhon mein meri reh gayi
Kabhi pehle maine na suni jo
Aisi baatein keh gayi

“As Ragini felt his grip loose She starts opening her eyes…… Finally her eyes meets his n both becomes lost their pain in slightly visible in their eyes”

Ae mere dil mubarak ho
Yahi toh pyar hai

Ishq mubarak, dard mubarak
Songs plays in bg n they kept sharing a intense eyelock his shining eyes captured her emotions

As reality strikes in Ragini Mind She jerked n with full force pushes Sanskar….. Due to full force Sanskar stumbles n about to fall when he hold himself n straighten himself n realizes what he just do now n looks up n found a shivering Ragini looking at him scared

“Vo vo” said Sanskar n take a step frwd ragini n thinks to justify himself

“Noooooooooooo” shreik ragini n throw the glass which is kept near her n tightly keep her hand on ear to close them n starts shouting

Sanskar panicked looking at her condition

“I m m m sorrrrryyyy i i” he stumbles to say anything he goes n sanskar hold her but she pushes him n he fells n she hit her hand on floor which got pierced with the glass which she throws

Sanky widen his eyes seeing the blood n his heart floats in pain seeing her like this

No…. Dont wanna go…. No no dnt take me” shouted ragini n starts panicking while hearing her shouts Ap comez in room n shocked to see ragini in that state again

Sanskar takes out his handkerchief n comes near ragini n tightly hold her hand n tries to tie handkerchief to stop the bleeding but ragini kept jerking him n keep shouting to leave her

“Go go go dont come come near ” shouted ragini crying holding her hair n tries to free herself from sanky hold

“Sshshhhhhh listen see nothing happened dont panic dont panic i will do nothing with u trust me” said sanskar while his voice is stuck at his throat n he cupped ragini face n tries to make her calm looking into her eyes which show deep pain reflecting…. Ragini bcm calm after looking into his eyes she felt relief n sooth of her pain in his eyes. Sanskar sightly smiles through his unknown tears which felt unknowingly to him He wipes her tears with his thumbs as ragini felt his touch her heart starts feeling restless n her past life flashes n she jerked sanskar who is going to tie her hand due to which the broken glass Pierce sanskar hand also n blood starts oozing

“Ahhhh” he winced n hold his hand in pain. Ap widen her eyes seeing that n about to hold ragini when sanskar without paying any heed to his wound hugs ragini tightly

“Noooo stayyyyy awayyyyyyy no dnt dnt ” shouted ragini chocking to free herself from sanskar hold as she got panicked attack again n her eyes become red n she keep shouting

“Sssshhhhhhhhhh calm down calm down” said sanskar caressing ragini hairs with his wounded hand n with other hand holding her tightly

Ap smiles through her tears seeing them

“No” said ragini fumbling n falls uncouncious in his arm. As soon he realises he pick her up in his arm n placed on bed n ties handkerchief in her hand. Ap comes n caresses his hairs. Sanky turns n smiles at Ap.


“Hmm so she is ragini” said sanskar painfully looking at ragini sitting on couch when Ap is dressing his wounded hand

“Sanskar” said Ap worried as she found tears flowing from sanky eyes looking at ragini. She hold sanky face n make him to look her. “What happened bacha” asked Ap. Without waiting a sec sanky hugs Ap n cries bitterly.

“Sanky what happened bacha” said Ap caressing his hairs. After few mins of crying sanky break the hug n looks at Ap.

“Nothing just missing mom” said sanskar wiping his tears looking at Ragini

“Hmmm so sanky the coolest boy of his mom is crying haaan. Forget what ur mom says when u cries” said Ap

“Yes that tears is mine but pain is her” said sanskar n smiles remembering his mother

“Soooo” said Ap n wipes his tears” No more crying” said Ap n goes out of room

Hearing his mother name he smiles n nods.how much far she is from him but still her name can bring smile on his face n takes away all his sorrows as he saw her in that state he feels his mother is going away from him n he has to hold her to b with him. When he saw her wounded hand n her shreiks his heart is paining he dont knw the reason but he feels he is connected to her. Sanskar get up from couch n goes near Ragini He sits besides her n wipes her tears traces n looks at her face her face clearly show her pain n her eyes when his eyes meet her he can feel her pain in that.


Sanky is shown praying in temple after praying he distributed prasad(sweet) to everyone. He takes blessing from the priest n goes from their smiling while descending down the stairs he sees a old women is geting problem in descending. He smiles n picks up the lady in her arms n descend the stairs while everyone looks at him shocked.sanky keeps the lady down and the lady blesses him. He smiles n goes from their while walking he sees a girl standing near bridge her back was facing. Sanky thinks she is just standing their but suddenly his gaze falls on her bleeding hand he widen his eyes n runs at her direction. The girl stands on roof of the bridge sanky runs n before the girl take her step forward sanky pulls her towards him.

“Leave me leave me i want to die” shouted girl crying n releasing herself from sanky. Sanky looks up n found the girl whose head is bleeding n she is in bridal lehenga n her hand is also bleeding n her face is reveals she is Ragini Sanky is lost in her face. Ragini jerked him n about to jump from the river when sanky holds him She tries to release herself which makes him angry

“Leaveee meeee i want to die die” she says n again tries to jump but before she could Sanky slap her hard across her face n she falls on ground with thud his eyes red due to anger.

“R u mad” shouted sanskar whcih jerked ragini n she bcm horrified

“What do u think what u r trying to do. R u insane who is going to die just because her marriage did not happens Life is gifted by God n u dont have any right to take it away” said Sanskar holding her by shoulders n shouting at her. Marriage the word make her numb n tears starts flowing everyone gathered their due to scene. As tears starts flowing from ragini eyes Guilt overpowered his anger n he painfully looked at her burned red cheek n his finger imprinted on her cheeks. And the grip on her starts loosening n he takes off his hand while Ragini keep numb

“I i m sorrry” said sanskar without looking at her ” actually” before he can say anything she faints on the ground He looks up n found a person gives her injection.

“She is mentally retarted sorry if she does anything to u” said the person n picks up Ragini in his arms n vanishes in thin air while sanky still looking at her face till she vansihes from hsi sight. Sanky look at the bangel on ground n pick it up n keeps in his pocket”

Flashback ends

“I m sorry i dont knw what happened to me that day i never slapped any one but after seeing u jumping from bridge again n again i can’t stop myself from hitting u but the guilt still is in my heart i dont kw what make u to do that but i m sorry i never can hit any women” said sanskar holding Ragini hand with tears in his eyes

“But to overcome from my guilt i have to fulfil my promise to make u fine and now i promsie these tears has no place in ur life” said Sanskar looking at her determined

“Destiny makes me meet u again i m sure it has something store in it” thinks sanskar

Screen freezes on RagSan…. Sanky holding Ragini hand

To b continued…..

Precap: friends??

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