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Heyaaaaa guyzzz Welcm To 2017… May this year brings u lots of happiness guyxxx….. First of all thanks thanks thanks a ton i never imagine that my SS will loved by people in one chappy also…. Basically its my special Thanks To my Readers n supporters Of my all ffs Especially Heal my Wounds….. My first ever ff which is now loved by many people i have to thanks Sam as well cuz she post my story on watty as well n its loved by pepl also its a great achievement for meee…. Ufff again i started my bak bak session ok sorry guyxxx widout w8ing further lets begin……


At Kolkata orphanage Home

Ragini is sitting on bed lifelessly she had no hope to life she is just staring at the window just then Ap enters n sees her she feels bad from starting she wants to give her motherly love but ragini always keep distance from her n everyone never let anyone close to her but still everyone loves her bcz everyone can feel her pain in her eyes which shows a lots of deep affection and pain n sorrow

Ap caresses her hairs while ragini looks up n wipes her tears

“Have it beta” said Ap by keeping soup infront of her

Ragini remains silent n looks at Ap she always sees her mother in Ap she always want to cry in her lap but her dreadful past never let her to do that she always keep distance with everyone cuz she hates family the one who love their child but in her case her family is the reason of her souless body

Ap understand n take spoon n keep it infront of her mouth…. Ragini looks at Ap n she nods…. A tear drop from ragini eyes n she eat it with Ap hands… Ap feels happy n her heart dance in joy…. Ap wipes a tear from ragini eyes n make her eat the soup with her hands

After eating Ap wipes ragini face n make her lie on bed n cover her with blanket while ragini gives blank look but Ap smiles n nods at her n make her sleep while singing lori “chandaniyaaan from rowdy rathore”

After sometime ragini sleep while ap caresses her face lovingly as Ap has mother heart she clearly can see her tears which is flowing in her sleep also like she n her tears are only thing which are connected through her hearts n in those tears there are no of pain n sorrows which is coming through the jorney of her heart n soul
Ap kisses her forehead n leaves from there wiping her tears

Scene shift

“Sanjeevni Hospital” Sanky parked his bike n wear his coat n his cool blacks shade looking mr. Handsome hunk n headed towards entrance

“Hi beautiful” said sanky instantly when he enters n saw the receptionist
The receptionist blushes n wishes him Good Morning

Sanky smiles n takes his steps towards his cabin

“Mrs. Sanskar Kapoor” said sanky entering his beloved classy well design cabin whom he consider as his wife :p afterall he is a physco Doc He goes n gently placed his coat on his chair n smiles seeing his mother pic

“Mom  its my 789 day in this hospital as u said i treat evryone as my family here everyone treats me like their son its like my second home how many times i try to keep myself away from them i cant as dad se we have to keep ourself away from getting attached to others but i cant yeah yeah i knw one day evryone left but that doesn’t means u stop living cant we do that we start living for ourself as well as those wo left us just like i m living my life for u My Mentor My Life My Moon My Mom n as i m ur super cool sanky Today i m going to do my darest task that is to flirt with nanny n to bring her back to life n  i knw when my beautiful queen is wid me i can do that ” said sanskar n winks at his mother pic

Sanskar wear his coat n keep his shade on pocket n walks out of cabin

“Tujhe dekha tu yeh jaaana sanam Pyar hota hai deewana sanam
Ab yahan se kaha jaeeen ham
Tere bahoon mai marjaen hammm” said sanskar streching his hand in srk style

All kids claps

“Yayyyyyyyyyy” cheers kids

“Thank u Thank U ” said sanskar bowing infront of them in gentle man style

Howz it senurita” said sanskar side hugging a 50s lady who is sitting on bed blankly

“Uffuuu señorita now dont sit ideal yrr how long will u make ur prince wait atleast tell how is it” said sanky pouting

“Ok ok i knw what u want then only u will tell Tadaaaaaaaa” said sanky n keep a kheer bowl infront of her

“Now atleast tell” said sanky pouting sad

“She will never tell”said a voice from back

Sanky turns n sees a young girl in jeans n blue top with white coat standing

” she will i knw she will ish”said sanskar determined

The girl is reveals as Dr. Ishana Bose played by vrushika mehta

“U very well knw she cant speak nor hear then y u always sings song infront of her n talks with her whole day by knowing the truth also she has no hope to live n her family disowned her she never says a singel word through actions also nor she ever smiles in ur reply then y u always do this n till when u will keep doing this” said ishana with hopeless expression

Sanky smiled n look at the lady who is still sitting at same position with no expression sanky smiled n goes to that lady n sits infront of her… The lady look at him n then again she look down sanky again smiled n make the lady look at him by making her chin up

“I knw one day she will smile through her heart n she will live her life for herself ” said sanky smiling looking at the lady who seems Like understanding him but again she looks down

” i hope that day come soon”said ishana wiping her tears which fell by seeing his affection

“Ofcourse afterall This Phsyco Doc never give up so easily” said sanky winking at ish who smiles

Ishana smiles n hits his head

” hayeeeee Ms. Heart stoler ur smile”said sanky n acts like fainting

“Shut up sanky” said ishana walking with him at corridor

“Sanky n keep his mouth shut naaah not possible love guru”said sanky shaking his head

” stop calling me love guru mr. Sunky”said ishana annoy

“If u call me donkey also then also i will not stop calling u love guru afterall u r the famous heart surgeon ” said sanky winking

“Uffff i dont understand ur these names n their matches ” said ishana taking coffee from cafe

“One ginger tea” said sanskar

” ish darling for understanding me u need to do phycology which is not ur cup of tea”said sanky taking sip of tea

“Ok ok u win n i loose no one can win u over talks now forget it n tell me why r u roaming free today dont u have ur darlings n heart robers today” said ishana taking sip of coffee

“Naaah no appointment nor any darling or heart Rober ” said sanky sadly

“U cant stay away from ur pateints right” said ishana smiling

“U knw me very well ish” said sanky smiling

“Yup afterall i m ur bestie right” siad ishana smiling n looking at him lovingly

“Yup my so called boring bestie who just have she n her work” said sanky mocking at her

“Hawwwwwww how mean sanky” said ishana pouting

Sanky is about to reply when his phone rings….. He read the msg n his face lites up like star

“Ok ish darling catch u later gotta go” said sanky standing

“But where r u going” said ishana

“To My janeman”said sanky n runs from there

” ufff he n his list of jaaneman now to whom he is going”said ishana confused

Scene shift

“At Kolkata Orphange”

Ap comes to ragini room n sees her sleeping she then remembers how she add sleeping pills in her soup

“I m sorry beta its necessary to make u sleep otherwise u could havebeen face attacks which can worser ur mental health which i cant let happen i promise u i will bring u back n i knw who can do this ” said Ap to herself n wipes her tears n take her bag n leaves

Scene shift

Ap is standing outside a park

“Mai shayar tu nahiiii magar ae haseeen jabse dekha mane tujko mujhko shayariii agai” said a voice

A sweet smile appears on Ap lips n she captured the person ears

“Ahhhhh janeman leave” said voice

“Sanskarrr” said Ap glaring

“Ahh ok ok u caught me” said sanskar giving up his hands

Ap leaves his ears n sanskar smiles n hugs

U knw i always feel my mom is wid me infront of u” said sanky

“I m ur mom so what i did not gave birth to u…. U r my sister child means my child ” said Ap caressing his hairs

“Cant u stay wid me forever” said sanky controling his emotions…. In this world there is no one who dont have emotions feelings n pain its just those people hide it with their smiles n laugh

“Sanskar u knw na ur papa never let me stay wid u” said Ap wiping her tear b4 she can caught by sanskar

Sanskar remains silent bcz he knows for his pops he is everything but when it comes to staying wid Ap his father will never allow because he think Ap responsible for his mother death but sanskar as being his mother shadow keep intract with Ap n always went to meet her secretly he shares his each n everything with her more then his own fathef bcz he thinks his mother soul in Ap he loves her morethen anything but he cant show his love arround his father he always tries to defend but after seeing his father tears he always remains silent even though he is the boy who enjoys his life to the fullest but there r some things which make him weak by heart n he bcm helpless but he always tries to make himself strong n to make others happy which her mother always thought him from childhood

“Sanskar” said Ap after 15 mins of silence

“Hmmm” said sanskar still keeping his head on Ap shoulder

“Can  i ask u something” said Ap looking at him

“Maasi u dont need to ask u just order to this servant” said sanky to liten the situation

After alot of thinking Ap tells everything about Ragini to him while tears start flowing from her eyes

“I need u sanskar plz bring her back to life i seemy daughter in her i cant loose her sanskar plz” said Ap folding her hands n breaking down

“Maasi means maa jasi n mom dont need to please their sons its their right to ask something n i promise u i will bring ur daughter back she will live her life its ur sons promise” said sanky by keeping his hands on Ap while a unkwnwn tear falls from his eyes feeling unknown pain

To b continued

Today is my birthday a special day its just for me its just for GREAT wala happie bdy update to u all sorry i cant add ragsan scenes but from nxt update u will see them do vote n cmnts ok so now i neeedd to thanks my Mental sisters for their awsm surprise n wishes…. I just want to say u all that u all r really very previous to me I knw we all just chatted n dont even meet anyone of us but still i feel Connected to u all by my heart….. I just cant stay away from talking wid anyone of u i love to tease fight n share evrything wid u all in short spam u all bcm a integal part of my life which i cant resist n my one n only wish is to meet u all one n i m very very blessed to have such specials people in my life i knw we r mentals but we loved to call by that bcz we r mentals sisters a unbreakable bond of sisters even though we r not blood relations but we all our heart relation n i m very proud to have u all in my life love u all alot se b ziada alot to the infinity of sqaure to the moon n back love u n i wish all ur wishes come trueeee b happy sisez a big group hug love yaaa n thanks for the awsm surprsie
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Thnks my sises i only can thank u bcz ur loved made me spell bounded all ur stories edits n videos were fab i never thought that i will ever matter in anyone lifes this much love u to the bottom of my heart


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