RagSan SS~Rhythm Of Heart Beat -Chap 6- Friends??

The episode starts with sanskar reaching hospital,through out the journey he was smiling like an idiot imagining ragini smile,he was literally dancing with joy it is the feeling which he can’t describe…Making someone smile is one of the best thing a person can ever do,as soon as he opened the door of hospital he realizes that no one is present and the whole hospital is vanished. He felt strange and starts taking steps towards his cabin but stopped as he heard crying voices from old ward,he felt strange and walks towards that ward,don’t know why he was feeling strange, as soon as his gaze fall on the person he froze in his place.

“Sen..senur…rita”,sanskar gasped.

Everyone presenting there turns and saw sanskar standing,everyone relieved seeing him.

“We were waiting for you only sanky,she wants to meet you”,says ishana coming towards sanskar with mosity eyes,sanskar did not move from his place he was looking at the lady his senurita lying infront of him with oxygen mask difficulting to breath.

“Sanskar”,shakes ishana. Sanskar jerked and his eyes become moisty he rushes towards infront of the lady and tears starts following from his eyes. The lady open her eyes and saw sanskar infront of him crying. The lady tries to sit,sanskar saw her and makes her sit by holding her. He looks at her as a tear tripped down his cheeks.

“From past 2 hour’s he was calling you”,speaks the head looking at sanskar who looks at him and then again at the lady.

“Senurita”,speaks sanskar as the lady wipes his tear from her hand and remove her mask. Sanskar holds her hand from removing but the lady smiles and nods looking at him.

The lady signs looking at ishana who smiles and brings the plate with cake. Sanskar looks at  her and open his mouth to speak but the lady stuff cake in his mouth. Sanskar looks at the lady and looks away with moisty eyes. He remembers how she throws the cake and pushes him when he tries to cheer her up.

“Sor…ry”,the lady senurita speaks while all looks at her in shock,sanskar also looks up with shock.

Tears starts flowing from the lady eyes and she hugs sanskar crying who was numb sitting on his position. The lady whom everyone thought as deaf and dumb can hear and speak also. For him everyone is family cuz in his point of you relations is made by heart not blood. He was a naughty and jolly person who wants everyone to be happy also that will be their saddest also he don’t let them loose hope because for him living in a life is live. Sanskar pats his senurita head and breaks the hug. He wipes her tears and smiles.

“My senurita looks beautiful while smiling not crying”,sanskar speaks making a weird face looking at lady.

“Ewwww what’s this darling”,he points towards the lady face who seems confused with his reaction.

“Ooo my my i never thought that my senurita can look a ghost also in crying face”,sanskar speaks in a dramatic way to which the lady hits him on shoulder and smiles through her tears. Everyone present there smiles seeing them with moisty eyes.

“He is the real charm”,the head speaks to one of doctor.

“No sir he is life”,speaks ishana smiling through her tears seeing them. She felt pride looking at him.

“Badmash”,the lady speaks and the room filled with laughter as sanky hugs the lady and everyone claps.

“Who gonna says that she’s not gonna survive few time ago”,the nurse says looking at them.

“It’s GOD wish maybe she only needs sanskar to see that’s y her health become like that”,replies ishana standing next to her.

“Aray what you all are doing here now don’t you wanna give me and my darling some privacy”,speaks sanskar as he saw everyone still standing there. The staff shakes their head seeing him and headed towards their work smiling.

“Can i join??”,asked ishana still standing.

“Well what if i say no ms.heart stoler”,exclaimed sanky smirking.

“Well mr.PHYSCO firstly i asked senuri i mean anti not you so it doesn’t matter”,ishana smirks coming towards them.

Sanky pouts looking at them while the lady smiles.

“Senurita you have 2 choices you want me to stay with you or this heart breaker”,asked sanky pouting.

Ishana looks at him while he makes a face.

“From now you are heart breaker only ms.heart breaker”,replies sanky while ishana give him “idiotic” look l.

“I want my raj”,the lady speaks up as sanky face fells listening to her.

“Kya senurita you don’t know my name also”,sanky pouts as the lady smiles.

“I watch DDLJ 40 times max i can’t forget names soon raj”,the lady speaks as sanky makes a thinking and ishana chuckles and hit him.

“Idiot PHYSCO if she is your senurita then obviously you will be his Raj na”,ishana speaks as sanskar eyes beam with joy.

“Suchhhiii”,he asked looking at the lady.

“Muchhiii”,replies the lady to which sanky cutely smiles.

Ishana smiles and leaves the place,finally sanky done that which he wants too… None can say that the lady who never cares about anyone will have a great effect on her life without sanky presence.Sanky do which he says. Her mother should be proud that her son is spreading colours in everyone life.

Sanky sings songs and entertain the lady for many hours. In spending time with the lady  he totally forget about his plan which he actually plan for ragini. Isn’t it his lucky day that in one day he makes two people’s smile. Like today GOD all his blessing on him. When he came and saw the lady in bed lying with mask for once his heart stops cuz he is connected with her not her with everyone he spends time or try to make them living a life. Being a psychiatrist he can read and understand everyone situations and with it he makes them what he thinks can make them happy and to relive. He wants every single person happy cuz he know what Pain is which make you stressed and depressed. Yeah everyone dont live a happy life but still don’t make your pain to make a dark shadow on your life. Just think what makes you happy and do that even if you feel like killing you 100 times.

“Never loose hope”,the lady says and pecks his forehead. Sanky smiles and cups her face leaving as its already late. He thinks of ragini and the lady words, like her he is gonna change her life also. Her one smile can sooth the pain which sometimes haunts him in dreams. Sanskar thinks of ragini and tells the lady about her cuz he feels like telling to her. The lady says to never loose hope cuz she knows he can make her on right path to live her life. Atlast he reached the orphanage and parked his bike and headed towards AP Room.

Knock knock!!!

“May i come in mam”, sanskar peeps through the door and sees Ap working on laptop.

“You don’t need to ask come”,replies Ap keeping the laptop aside and sanky comes jumping on her bed lying on her lap.

“Tired?”asked AP messaging his head. Sanky felt relieve and he closes his eyes nodding yes.

“Thank you”,speaks AP after a minute of silence.

Sanskar opens his one and looks at AP who looks at him smiling.

“For r….”,before she can complete sanskar speaks, “for making her smile isn’t it”,asked sanskar opening his both eyes. Ap nods looking at him with tears.

Sanskar sits up and wipes her tears.

“Gosh am i only one to wipe every lady tears”,asked sanskar looking up and then at Ap making a angry face.

“Sanskar”,Ap speaks as sanky kept looking at her with an angry young man face.

No response, Ap calls out him 3 times but Sanky did not move nor changes his expressions.

“Beta you are okay??”,asked Ap to which sanky widen his eyes and keeps his hand on his both hands.

“Nahhiiiiii”,he shouts and continue,”beta who beta kiska beta kaha ka beta, don’t you know that mother’s never thank their children’s but you thank me that means i am stranger who help others right so i am not your beta thats mean you are not my maa nor my janeman nor”,before sanky can speak more Ap joint her both hands infront of him.

“Slip of tongue sawwy”,Ap speaks making a big puppy eyes to which sanky laughs.

“Dramebaaz Maasi maa haan”,sanky speaks to which Ap winks replying” Like Son Like Mom”.

“Ahaan”,sanky speaks and both laughs heartedly.

“So what’s next”,asked Ap to which sanky lips covered a mischievous smirks.

Next day

The sun rays falls on ragini who is sleeping,her face seems little different today maybe thats because after a lot of time she spends some time with someone else other then her loneliness. She slightly smile in her sleep but soon that smile turn into fear,she tightly clutches the bed sheet and starts panting. Sanskar who is observing her standing outside the door rushes to her.

“Ba..ba no..ooo do..nt”,she panicks while sanskar tries to listen what she was saying. He was about to hold her but stops and runs outside.

“Nooooooooooooo”,shouted Ragini getting up from her nightmare. She was sweating and tears starts flowing from her eyes. Suddenly she felt a hand wiping her tears. She looks up and found the handicapped child  looking at her. The same child for whom she smiles yesterday.

The child passes her a smile and nods no pointing towards her tears. Ragini saw him and control herself from panting. Ragini wipes her tears and plaster a fake smile looking at the child.

Sanskar who saw this passing a winning smile to AP who is standing next to her.

“See maasi maa i told na she have a impact of my talks yesterday that’s y she is trying to make the child happy otherwise she would starts shouting and panicking instead i guess we should stick to this plan only”,explains sanky to AP who is looking at him lovingly.

“Issshhhh don’t look at me like this janeman kuch Kuch hota hai”,sanky winks at Ap who hit him and blushes,”idiot”.

“You here,do you need anything”,asked ragini calmly yet slowly to the boy who is looking at her.

“No, i saw you crying in sleep so came to check you, you okay na didi?”,asked the boy in a worried way.

“Can’t she on her volume a lill bit”,murmurs sanky to himself as he tries to hear what she says.

Ragini fanitly smiles and caresses the boy face.

“Now you wake up na chalo lets eat breakfast together”, says the boy and moves back holding his wheelchair.

Ragini wipes her forehead and looks heren there nervously.

“Vo…vo”,ragini stammers saying something.

“No didi you are coming that’s final otherwise i will cry”,the boy says making a crying face.

Ragini removes blanket from herself and stands,” don’t cry i will come”, she replies nervously looking at the boy who smiles widely.

“Btw didi my name is Ansh”,the boy says and revelas his name. Ragini smiles hearing his name.(ansh played by divyam daam)

“Ansh”,she repeats a lill loudly enough for sanskar to hear,his heart beats rapdily hearing her calm voice and he smiles dreamily.

Sanskar who is lost in his dreamland comes out as Ansh hits hard on his shoulder by the stick which he holds.

“Ouchhh”,sanky rubs his shoulder pouting at ansh.

“Why did you hit me champu”,asked sanky kneeling down infront of him with fake anger.

“Ulta chor kutwal ko dante”,ansh speaks to which sanky makes a confused face.

“You only take me here and only lost in another world smiling like an idiot”,ansh justifies to which sanky glares him.

“Whom you call idiot”,asked sanky narrowing his brows to which ansh also narrows his brows replying,”you i know Orphanage Anti calls you idiot i heard it twice”.

Sanky face palms himself seeing ansh who smirks.

“Don’t you think you have sharp ears”,asked to which ansh smiles.

“Not only ears i am born sharp uncle”,replies ansh to which sanky makes an annoy face.

“Usko did and me uncle don’t you thinks it’s un justice”,asked sanky to which ansh nods no.

“No cuz she looks younger and beautiful like of didi age and you”,ansh stops and makes faces.

“Me what?”,asked sanky raising his one brow.

“By your sense of humor and dressing sense you looks like an uncle”,replies ansh chuckling to which firstly sanky nods and then glares at ansh. He was about to hold him when they heard the door opening sound. Sanskar peeps and sees Ragini comes out of washroom wearing blue churidar looking pretty. AAnsh who saw him smirks and pushes him to which he lands on floor near the door. Ragini who saw him widen her eyes and about to panick when ansh comes smiling.

“Didi you got ready, and uncle what are you doing on floor do you want to sleep”,asked ansh to which sanky first glares him and then gets up dusting himself plastering a fake smile.

“Vo i was just walking around and slips”,sanky reasons to which ansh smirks while ragini clutches her duppatta not looking at him.

“Ohh so you should watch before walking na,anyways be careful next time”ansh says and looks at him and then ragini” lets go didi”,ansh says and ragini hurriedly nods taking ansh with her.

Sanskar angrily pouts.

“Great choice Mr.PHYSCO”, says sanskar and pats his shoulder shaking his head remembering how he goes and asked ansh to help him to make ragini perfectly fine.

Scene shift

Ragini goes and brings plate for ansh and herself,she keeps the plate infront of him and starts eating silently. Ansh who looks at her then looks here there to find sanskar and saw him waving his hand infront of him.

Ansh ask through his eyes what’s next to which sanskar takes a spoon and replies that ask her to make you eat. Sanskar signs.

Ansh fakes cough to gain ragini attention who panicks and gives him water patting his back.

“You okay?”,asked ragini worreidly to which ansh weakly smiles.

“Can you make me eat please”,asked ansh with puppy eyes to which ragini nods and makes a morsel making him eat. Ansh smiles and happily eats.

Sanskar who saw this smiles and burns his hand placing on hot tea and sucks it looking at RagAnsh.

“Be careful”,says Ap standing next to him to which he smiles.

While eating ansh eyes becomes moisty as he remembers his granny. Ragini who saw his tears wipes it and worriedly ask.

“What happened ansh?”,asked ragini cupping his face. Ansh looks at her with mosity eyes.

“I remember my granny she also makes me eat by her hands,don’t know why she left me”,says ansh and burst out crying. Ragini who saw this hurrieldy hugs him patting his back with moisty eyes cuz she knows how it felt when you have no one besides you in your family. She cups his face and wipes his tears.

” i am here na i will make you eat”,says ragini and pecks his forehead.

“Promich”,asked ansh to forwarding his hand. Ragini nods keeping her hand.

Sanskar wipes his tear which is peeping from corner of his eyes and smiles.

“Friends???”asked ansh forwarding his little finger.

Ragini smiles placing her finger on his and binding it.

“Friendsss???”,comes sanskar voice forwarding his palm. Ragini hearts starts beating fast and the smile on her face fades hearing his voice and nervous occupies it.

Sanskar looks at ragini eagerly to answer while ansh looks both of them.

To b continued……

So what should be ragini answer no or yes???? Any idea

Phewww finally wrote the typical chappy after a long time….its very hard but i tries to give the update as u expected so do u think ansh will play a cupid in ragsan lives????

Hope you remember this ???

Thank youuu soooo much guys for your support in my every ff trust me its means alot and thanks to silent readers also love you allll soo sooo much and yup i had great exams and had missed TU alots….so howx the chappy sistas do tell through your comments i am waiting…..

So which ff wants u all next??? Do tell me.

Till then take care stay blessed keep smiling. Loads of love


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