RagSan SS~ Rhythm of Heartbeat (prlogue)


Heyaaa guyzz its fizoo again but this time with Ss on ragsan dont knw y soo stupid am i that i cant stop writing when something snapped in my mind as in this holidays also i cant stopped even though i m handling 4 ffs but what to do its my passion n tried to give all my ffs equal imp but heal my wounds is special for me bcz of which i got many sisies n frndss so this SS is special thanks to hmw ff reader’s hope u all like it……


A boy is shown driving his bike in full speeed

‘Life’ He said driving the bike looking at road

“Life is just 4 alphabetic word but its have deep meaning n for me life has 1 meaning which is TODAY means NOW .. The day i m spending today may be tomorrow i dont have this and may be the day which i spend today is better then my yesterday unknown to my future so basically Life have many meaning but for me to live is my life…. We should give meaning to life not our life to gives us meaning to live” He stop his bike n looks at children playing n remove his helmet and looks at them

Boy:So Today My Life is to take this opportunity so i m taking it n smiles n runs towards the childrens


A girl is shown sitting at window roof staring at shining starts and moon her tears are twinkling with the light

Girl:Lucky are those na who dies n becomes stars in this peaceful sky without any pain in their life… LIFE a name of Merciless pain broken and unseen wounds which Life gifted me from birth For me its worthless to live a life … I wish i could die and come there to atleast breathe in peace…. Life is just name to watch this heartless people or Life is just to shreik just to make u live in false hope that someone will come n save u from those lust or life is just to sit and cry at a corner of ur bed throughout ur life For me Life is more then live in Hell” The girl says looking at twinkling stars who are laughing at her fate through their shine

……………. …. ………………………..

Chap-1 ~Introduction

A Big Room is shown with white and blue well designed walls with white furnished furniture but the whole room is mess clothes and cushions are shattered on floor and its looking like complete mess Just then a sound of window opening is hear and A boy in black hoddie is shown secretly climbed the window and jump inside and stands

“‘Thank God i reached on time otherwise blad head will kill me today” Boy said taking a sigh of relief and collapsed on sofa

“Ahhhhhhhhhbh” the boy screamed as he felt someone twisted his ears hard n looks up n found a man passing him a fake smile…. The boy sheepishly smiles

‘Pops” said boy smilingly to man

“Ooo Pops who pops may i knw him… I only know blad head” said man removing hands from his ears and the boy bites his tongue

“Blad head who blad head pops i think u heard wrong i said pops not blad head” said the boy innocently

” and when did i said u say that” said the man folding his arms

The boy greeted his teeths n curses himself ” y lawyers are sooo sharp” he muttered under his breathe

“Bcz lawyer have lazy sons like u na that’s y” said man sadly

“Pops” said boy looking at man

“Sanskarr” said the man same as his tune

Yes the boy in black hoodie is reveal as sanskar kapoor played by varun kapoor

What papa u always says that u knw na” said sanskar but intrpt by man

“The great lawyer Shehkar Kapoor son Dr. Sanskar Kapoor is useless i kwn that my son” said man n reveals as shehkar kapoor played by sachin tiyagi

“Well my sweet pops u r mistaken its not less its full ur son is useful n u knw that” said sanky hugging shehkar

“Ur smartness will not work on me this time tell me where were u whole night” sais shehkar breaking the hug n seeing him

Sanky sheepishly smiles n says” Life is an adventure so i thought to challenged it ”

“U n ur life pantheras” said shehkar shaking his head in negative

“Uffu pops yehi tu jeene ka maaza hai but in ur case u r oldie thats y u dont knw these pantheras u should learn it from ur smart n genious son” said sanskar pulling shehkar cheeks n winking at him

“Sometimes i thought who made u physiatrist when u urself need a good doctor” said shehkar looking at sanskar who starts eating nutella with his hands

“Umm numm numm pops u knw na mom want me to bcm dr then how can u say that i need a doctor i have a best doctor which is my mom right mom” said sanskar looking at his mother portrait hanging in wall with garland

Shehkar look at her photo with moist eyes

“Ahhhh popsy now dont start ur ganga jamna here” said sanskar looking at shehkar with annoy face

Shehkar smiles n wipes his tears “sometimes i doubt u r my son only God knws what ur mom eaten at ur time” said shehkar snatching nutella jar from sanskar n eating it

“Well pops in that case i have doubt on u also that u r my real father or not i have to do ur DNA and at my tym mom eat choclates for sure but Dadi at ur tym surely eat karela thats y u r bitter yuckkkkk” said sanskar making faces at shehkar

“Now a days children are 2 steps ahead then parents” said shehkar at disbeilf at sanskar answer

“What to do popsy its life” said sanskar n kisses shekar cheeks n headed towards washroom taking his towel

Shehkar sees him with disbelief and takes out his clothes from cupboard n clean all his room mess n goes out

Scene shift

” Kolkata Orphan Home ” A orphanage is shown with big Garden many childrens are playing there…. A women is shown walking in corridor and checking rooms of Home

“Did Everyone have breakfast? ” asked the lady to the boy standing next to her

“Yes mam everyone comes but room no one come from room no 25” said the boy with hesitation

The lady stopped her steps n looks up at the boy worriedly her face is shown she is Annupurna Head of Orphanage

“What?? cant u tell me before” Ap almost shouted and rushes towards room

She hurriedly rushes upstairs and stopped her steps infront of that room.. She calm her breathe while her heart is feeling restless and tears starts brimming with heavy heart she opens the door n realizes its locked she within a second with her spare key opens the door n froze at her place after seeing the scene infront of her her heart restlessness wons….. A girl is shown lying unconscious in a pool of blood and blood ozing from her wrist and a glass peice held on her second hand…. Ap kept numb for a moment….

“Raginiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii” shouted Ap when she realizes what really had happen..

The girl lying unconscious reveals as ragini played by tejasswi prakash

“Ragini… Ragini ” said Ap tapping her cheeks while tears are flowing from her eyes

“Call th doctor now” shouted Ap at the boy which is looking in a shock

Ap hurriedly ties the stole which on her neck n with the help of some people she make her lie on the bed

After sometime

“Howz she? ” asked Ap instantly to the doctor when she spot their family doctor coming out of room

“She is fine but… ” said doc but stopped

“But what” asked Ap scared

“But if she again tries to kill herself then she can slipped into coma bcz in this 3 months this is the 4 tym she tried to commit sucide which is very dangerous to her health specially her mind she has kept something inside her which is needed to come out otherwise she cant b able to survive she needs a treatment which may helps her to overcome i hope u got what i meant its all upon on u to make her to relive or to lost her forever” said the doc n leave from there

Ap looks on n headed inside room n sees a unconscious ragini lying on bed …. She goes n sits beside her n holds her hand n caresses her face

Ap pov

6 months its been 6 months when u come n becomes a member of my small n sweet family ‘Ragini’ ur name when the first and last word which i heard from ur mouth after that i never heard anything except ur cry i still remember the day when u r trying to jump from the bridge if i dont come at a tym then may b we lost u….. U r not my own blood but dont knw from the day i saw u i feel a connection towards u and ur eyes which speaks alot i always seen a deep pain inside u n always want u to share it wid me when u tries to kill urself for the first tym my heart stopped and i feel like my child is going away from me the pain of mother loosing her child spread in my heart and when i got to knw that u r out of danger i feel like i got my life back “A tear dropped from her eyes on her bandaged hand” U r my Life even though u never speak with me u never share anything with me but still u become my life there is many children in this orphanage but the connection i felt towards u i never felt with anyone else sometimes its not needed that for telling anything u have to speak sometimes a mother heart is enough to knw the pain which her child is going through… I dont knw that u consider me as ur own or not but from now its my Promise that i will bring u back to Life and i need to find the correct person who can do that n make u to relive ur life again ” thinks Ap caressing rag face and wiping her tears

“Ahhh”winced ragini when she opens her eyes with pain n looks here n there n found Ap smiling at her

” R u okay” asked Ap as she sees her opening her eyes n looking at her

Ragini slightly nods with null expressions

“Wait i bring ur medicines” said Ap

Ap is about to go when ragini held her hand

“Why did u always save me” asked ragini with painful voice while her eyes starts tearing

Ap turns n she feels happy that first tym she heard her saying something to her but her heart pained sensing the pain inside her

“Bcz u have to Live ur Life for urself” said Ap wiping her tears

“Living a Life is worthless” said ragini with null expressions

Ap did not reply to her n goes from there as she feels she has to cry her heart out

As Ap leaves tears tap starts flowing from ragini eyes with silence

Scene shift

Sanskar comes out from washroom in towel n sees all his room clean and his suite on bed a crept smile appears on his lips n he gots ready in blue jeans n white black shirt he takes his Dr coat n goes downstairs

“Wahhh what a smell” said sanskar as he smells the aroma of breakfast infront of him

“Aray great seems like doc back on duty haan” said shehkar as he spotted coat in his hands

“Yeah what to do its necessary to prove some people how useful person u are” said sanskar eating

“Ohoo to whom the blad head or ur pops” said shehkar by making a morsel and keeping infront of sanky

“Ofcourse pops” said sanskar eating the morsel

“No talks while eating” said sanskar stuffinh the bf to shehkar mouth

Shehkar glares him while he kisses on his cheeks

“Bye bye popsy see u at evening” said sanskar wearing his coat and taking hsi bike keys n headed towards outside

“TAKE CARE ” said shehkar looking, at him

Sanskar smiles n leaves

Scene shift

“God plz send someone to make her relive her life i dont kwn why she hates her life too much i just want her to live her life like happy girl plzz make her smile again plzz make her to live again i cant see her like this God plzz” said Ap tearing seeing a broken ragini

Scene shift

” I m coming” said sanskar riding his bike with a cute smile on his lips

To b continued…..

Sooo frndsss howz first chappy guyzz do let me knw through comnts n ur votes dont forget to tell haan n take care of urslf n keep smiling n stay blessed


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    Okay m startng it wid intro…frst sanky’s charecter…u have described him soooo amazngly…hes a free livng guy…he lives lyf to its full..a happy go lucky type…full on adventurous…+a doctor…he enjoys each sec of his lyf….hes charecter is damnnnn fabulous…now about rags charecter….she a lill mystry to me till now…shez reallly depresssed r8 nw…she dont wanna live her lyf due to some past reasonnnn… her charecter is really attracting me ..i could feel connected to her pain…

    Now coming to ch. 1 ….sanky n his father’s bondng ws sooooooooo fantastic n interestnggggggg….dis father son duo is mindblownggg…..n on d other side AP’s concern for rags is incredible….she cares for her so sooooo much!!!!one side sanky is a mast maula type guy….n other side rags have no will to live her lyf…she always tries to end it!!!…feeelng sooo bad for my ragini…waitng eagerlyyy to know about her pastttt!!!!

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    1. Silent_writer

      Tysm sisy n u dont need to feel like that just b like sanky live ur lifeeee i alzo knw how its feels but now i dont care i care about my life only n u also should see urself first cuz its lifeee my sis so u have to knw how to cross from hurdels well i close my lecture class n thanks a ton rich

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      Thnks a ton asra hehehe yeah i m back on Tu but not in my home cux i m still on vacations i cant stay away frm writing na soo i write for u all n about marriage yes its finished 3 days back

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