RagSan SS : Yours *Prologue*


“Tumhse milna, pyaar karna, meri kismat mein thha, bas tum hi meri kismat mein nahi thhe Sanskar.” thought Ragini, looking at Sanskar’s photograph in her hand.

“Sanskar toh hamesha se hi Swara ka thha na, toh mujhe tumse pyaar kyon hua?” she cried.

“Jab yeh kahaani Sanskar aurr Swara ki thhi, toh mujhe iss sab ke beech kyon le aaye tum? Khud toh aage badh gaye aurr mujhe, mujhe ussi mod par chod diya, jahan tumhaari saansien mujhse judi thhi.”

“Bohot door chale gaye ho Sanskar..2 saal beet chuke hain tumse alag hue, magar phhir bhi lagta hai ki jaise waqt aage badah hi nahi. Tumse alag hone ka faisala mera thha, lekin mujhe majboor tumne kiya..aisa lagta hai ki zindagi aage badh gayi par main nahi..”

“Aaj bhi tumse bohot pyaar karti hoon, tum meri saans banker mere saath ho…Sanskar ne bhale hi Ragini se pyaar na kiya ho, lekin Ragini, Ragini ne toh sirf Sanakar se hi pyaar kiya hai, aurr yeh pyaar kabhi kam nahi hoga…”


Confused? ? This is a SS, a short story that I have been writing earlier, only 2 updates and one Epilogue is left to write. So I thought why not post it here with my favourite couple in lead? So here I am with this SS, RagSan SS : Yours.

The backdrop of story is ; SwaSan used to love each other but Swara’s parents got her married to Laksh. Hesitant at first, Swara slowly fell for Laksh but Sanskar couldn’t move on, so it was very complicated situation which got more complicated when Ragini came into the life of three.

Ragini is Swara’s step sister, they share the same father. Ragini is the daughter Shekhar had from his second marriage after his wife’s death but Dadi never accepted Ragini and her mother. Ragini came here to meet her family but fell in love with Sanskar, who kind of used her to make Swara jealous first, so that she will leave Laksh and come back to him and later when he realized that SwaLak truly love each other, he used Ragini to show them that he could move on as well. So he married Ragini but broke her heart.

So Ragini left them all but is this the way their story ends. No, this story need a closure, that’s why this SS??

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  1. Where can I read your SS that you posted before?

    1. Megha

      I have two ongoing RagSan ff’s and just one OS posted here.
      This is my first SS here.

      1. Ohh do you post anywhere else?

      2. Megha

        Yeah, I am at IF and wattpad as well. Are you on any of these forums?

  2. A New Story…*Yipee*
    Great start. Looking forward to the rest of it?
    Thank God! Chalo at least yeh story toh complete he aur hum bina rukawat ke padh sakte hain…LOL? Just kidding?

    And yes, m not on IF so if u ll send me links of ur ffs that u write their then u have to either send me on wattpad or u can tell me their names here…They are not member only stories, are they?

    1. Megha

      Firstly thank you for commenting, glad that you liked the concept of the story 🙂
      And secondly, yes those are members only stories of mine ?
      How about I post them all here as well???
      And those stories which are not for members only, I will PM you the links okay?!

      1. Okie dokie…Yes if u post those stories here it’s a gonna be a big treat for me…
        And the other stories, l ll wait for the links?

      2. Megha

        Cool! ?
        I will do that. They are originally on ArSh, Armaan and Shilpa from DMG.
        Should I post them here on RagSan? Or do you have another pair in mind?

      3. Yup u can post them on any pair u want…actually l have a weird brain which is capable of imagining any pairs because if story is superb, pairs jaye bhaad main?

  3. Awesome

    1. Megha

      Thank you 🙂

  4. SPP

    Awesome Superb

    1. Megha

      Thank you for commenting ?
      Glad that you liked the concept.

      1. SPP

        U r welcome dear

  5. Nice different concept waiting for ragsan faceoff

    1. Megha

      Thank you Anita?, glad that you liked the concept.
      They will meet or at least see each other for far in the next 3 updates but the face off will happen in 4th episode of this SS.

  6. Nisha_Anu

    Its interesting! Waiting for more.

    1. Megha

      Thank you?
      Glad that you liked it, I will update the next part soon.

      Just compiling all the links to my stories, will M you soon?

  7. superb episode…
    ur story as always amazing thanx for come up with nice story that too ragsan really enjoy reading it as always

    1. Megha

      Aaawww thanks for the compliment!?
      Me glad that you loved the concept of the story.
      Will update the first part soon ?

  8. Woooo….interestng megha….wtng for nxt update…love ragini.

    1. Megha

      Thanks a lot for commenting?
      Glad that you.liked it, will update soon?

  9. Yeah its really nice and interesting…..thank u so much fr posting here….waiting fr further updates

    1. Megha

      Thank you Pammy for liking and commenting.
      Glad that you liked the concept of it.
      Will update the next part soon.
      Thanks once again.?

  10. Write in english yar

    1. Megha

      Actually I wrote this stories months ago, really really long ago.
      2 years you know??
      So there are some parts that are in Hindi but the updates are mostly in English.
      I am editing them now ?

  11. Megha

    @Nupur How I wish I could have a brain like that???
    That way I wouldn’t skip some amazing stories that are not on the pair I like but quite opposite actually?

    1. Hahaha…ok when m not using it then l ll surely lend it to u?
      But it is true l m madly in love with the ‘Mentalist couple Jane-Lisbon’, ‘Revenge couple Emily-Daniel’ and Ash-Hrithik…and in tellyworld it is a very loooonnnnggg list.
      Who are ur favourites apart from arman-ridhima and ravi-sargun???

      1. Megha

        Nope not Armaan – Riddhima because that would include Sukriti and Jenny as Riddhima. The only Riddhima I love is Shilpa, so no AR for me it will be always ArSh/KaSh??
        And Ravi-Sargun ofc! They are the best?

  12. wow, interesting

    1. Megha

      Thanks for commenting lovely.

  13. Mega dii u r giving a new surprise ever day. ??tough the plot is many time heard but l know that if you will write it . It will definitely become an xtra ordinary one.

    1. Megha

      Glad that you liked it Amna?
      Thanks for commenting?

  14. awesome

    1. Megha

      Thank you?

  15. Akshata

    wow!! u have written it so beautifully. even i felt the pain of ragini.

    1. Megha

      Glad that you liked it?
      Thanks for commenting Akshata.

  16. Piya

    Awesome stry yar.. post nxt part asap

    1. Megha

      Will do. Thanks for commenting?
      Glad that you liked the start of it.

  17. omg megha di u r just nailing everything u write
    this story is also awesum
    rags line were so painful
    waiting for 1st epi
    update asap pls

    1. Megha

      Glad that you loved the prologue ?
      Thank you archi for commenting.
      Will update asap?

  18. Azure

    Interesting. What is your wattpad id? Looking forward to this story.

    1. Megha

      “MeliTales” is my username at Wattpad, but this story is not on wattpad.
      Glad that you liked the prologue, thanks for commenting Azure?

    1. Megha

      Thank you Venni?

  19. What’s an SS? Sorry I don’t know

    1. Megha

      SS means Short Story

  20. Lila

    Awesome….can’t wait for it

    1. Megha

      Thanks for commenting Lila ?
      Glad that you liked the concept of the story?

  21. Priya15

    Wow that’s so nyc.. I love it.. Even I love ragsan to the core…. Di one question… U wrote one more ff in Watt pad and if???! I m not in those sites. . So pls upload those. Ff here also… I m damn excited to read it… As I love to read ragsan stories only… N di one more qn… Sorry to ask so many qn… But… It’s not qn it’s a compliment and a request… I m just n love with ur hindi… Write it n hindi itself….

    1. Megha

      Firstly, Thank you for commenting Priya. I am glad that you lived the start if the story.?
      And I have many ff’s going on at various sites?, I will post them here one by one.
      And yeah most of my ff’s and other fictions are half in Hindi and half in English.
      Will update soon
      Thanks once again?

  22. Megha

    Thanks for commenting Lila ?
    Glad that you liked the concept of the story?

  23. Superb. Loved this . The story seems quite Interesting. Excited for the next n curious to know what happens next.

    1. Megha

      Thanks you Nishita, I am glad that you loved the concept of the story and commented.
      Thank you so much?

  24. Sonya

    wow another ragsan story
    im big fan of them
    i must say you are a great writer dear
    the way u write prologue , make me glued to ur story
    ur hindi is superb , i think if it was in english might wont get the same emotions and feelings lol
    but theyy way ragini describe her feeling is really emotional
    are ragsan divorced or not
    will sanskaar realized his mistake or not
    plz write more on ragsan

    ur dp is really cute
    i know its sargun but i was confuse about the man
    but now i know its ravi lol
    i become big fan of her after watching her movies , she’s superb yaar
    i know diff topic all together lol

    1. Megha

      Thank you Sonya for this wonderful comment?
      I am glad that you loved the concept if the story, RagSan are my favourite as well ?
      And yeah, sometimes my Hindi amazes me as well ? even I can’t believe sometimes that I wrote that ?
      And about RagSan divorce, deportation and other stuff, you’ll get to know about it in future updates.??

      And about my dp, will yes I love Ravi-Sargun, they became my favourite when I first saw them together in zee tv’s show “12/24 Karol bagh” as Omi and Neetu??

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