RagSan – Sanskaar’s Love Ragini’s Hate. (INTRO)

This story starts after Swara & Laksh wedding. Here Ragini did not turn negative. She double crossed Sanskaar and failed his plan. Sanskaar was boiling with anger. He thought to take revenge from Ragini. He became friends with Ragini and apologized to her. He apologized to his family to. They excepted his apology and forgave him.

Few days passed by. Ragini & Sanskaar became good friends. Ragini did not knew when she started falling for him. But She did not knew what was going on in Sanskaar’s mind.

Here Sanskaar in his room looks at Ragini’s pic and thinks “You saved this Maheshwari Family from my revenge, but now who will save you from me. ” He smriks. He calls someone and ask them to arrange something.

Then he calls Ragini.

Ragini- Hello. Sanskaar. She blushes while taking his name.

Sanskaar – Kya karr rahi thhi. He talks sweetly & romantically.

They talk.

Sanskaar – Ragini woh i want to meet you tonight.

Ragini- Aaj Raat, But Sanskaar.

Sanskaar – Plz Ragini , i wanna tell u something . I will come to pick u up & plz dont tell anyone abt it.huh.

Ragini- Okay. They cut call.

Ragini (to herself)- Sanskaar ko mujh sey kya baat karrni hoggi. Kahhi woh bhi toh mujhse… Pyaar. She blushes

Here Sanskaar looking at his phone thinks – ” Merri pyaari Ragini, aaj woh hogga tumhare saath jisse tum kabhi nahi bhool paao gii. Aaj tumhari Barbaadi ki raat hoggi” He laughs.

It was night. Ragini wore her favourite Anarkali suit. Here Sanskaar to get ready. He came to Baadi to pick up Ragini. He messages her to come outside. Ragini steps out of her room. She makes sure that no body wakes up. She goes outside & sees Sanskaar. Her heart skips a bit seeing him. He was looking very handsome. Sanskaar smiles at her & signals her to sit.

They drive away.

Ragini- BTW Sanskaar what is the work that u called me at night.

Sanskaar – Ohh Raggu, u ask lots of questions. You will know soon. He gives her a smile which turned to an evil smrik when Ragini blushed & turned her face to otherside.

Screen freezes…..

So how did you all liked it. Plz comment & tell me what you think Sanskaar Gonna do.

Second part will come up Today only.

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