Ragsan — Sacha Pyaar OS

Ragini was calling Sanskar…

It was her unknown time call from morning, she her self doesn’t know how many times she called him… But he wasn’t answering the call, she was praying to god, that he shouldn’t misunderstand him nor nothing should happen for him.

Again her call wasn’t answered… she was about to break into tears , she remembered one thing and she called her friend Kaavya…

“Hello ”

“Hello, Kaavya, its Ragini”

“Haan Ragini”

“Kaavya, did Sanskar called u”

“Nope, why?”

“Nothign, he wasn’t answering my call since morning”

“Arey how’s it possible, its your b’day today girl, how come he doesn’t call u”

Ragini:I don’t know, I expected his call, but he didn’t call me, and I waited for him for the whole evening to come or call… but he doesn’t. Now when I am calling he wasn’t answering my call…

Kaavya:Chill… may be he was in some work.

Ragini in a worried tone ” He will answer my call, even though in what ever work he was, but he wasn’t answering. Hope nothing went bad for him”

Kaavya:Pagal, shut up nothing such sort will happen.

Ragini:Okay, u too keep trying if ever he lift your call then please tell me. Please…

Kaavya: ARey, don’t worry, he is our friend nothing will happen to him.

Ragini:Hope so… If ever he lift your call , please tell him that I am waiting to speak to him and tell him to call me for the gods sake.

Kaavyasmiled and said “I will”

Ragini cut the phone and was left in tension. She sat near the phone… ‘It was her birthday, but her best friend didn’t call her. Ragini knows that Sanskar will wish her, but he didn’t wish her in college, nor did he called her. Ragini didn’t see Sanskar in college infact. She was praying to god that nothing should happen to him.

It was about to 12:00 when her phone rang… Ragini immediately answered it, hoping it will be Sanskar and her expectation was true its Sanskar.. “Happy Birthday madam…”

Ragini got tears in her eyes and she asked “U are fine na, nothing happened to u right”

Sanskar laughed and said “What will happen to me ?”

Ragini: Then why didn’t u call me,

Sanskar: u know that I want to be special, I just wanted to give my wish to u in a special way, for that there are only two routes… wishing first or wishing last. to wish first, u said me yesterday that its your b’day today. So it won’t make any special, so I thought to wish u last, that’s why I called u now.

Ragini: Sanskar U are truly a stupid, U doesn’t know how much did u worried me.

Sanskar:Accha… why are u worried…

Ragini: U didn’t lift the call, I was worried if ever some thing happen to u.

Sanskar:Okay, even if some thing happens to me what will u do, nothing na. then whats the reason to worry…

Ragini felt silent, she questioned her self “Why was she worried so much… but she doesn’t have any answer. so she kept silent”

Sanskar:Madam ji, are u there…

Ragini:Haan, any way thanks for wishing.
Sanskar:Accha suno… U has to wish me first okay, any way I has to bid u bye too… from tomorrow I had preparation holidays, I won’t be seeing u till mid February.

Ragini nodded.

Sanskar: If ever u nod, I won’t see u, just answer me yes.

Ragini :even u didn’t see me, u know what I am doing. Any way I am sleepy, good night and good bye…

Sanskar:Don’t tell me good bye, tell me see u

Ragini: if Kaavya tell u bye, u won’t say her any thing, but u scold me if ever I bid u bye. why?

Sanskar smiled and said nothing… “Any way good night see u”

Radhika nodded… and said “Acha, suno… your exams na, that’s why I kept some offerings for god… one of that is, I won’t talk to u till the completion of your exams. so, I won’t speak with u. see u”

Sanskar: Isko, koi bhi god ke liye offering nahi kehta, mere liye punishment kehthey hain. any way, u already promised to god na…good night see u.

Ragini smiled and cut the call.

2 months continued…

Ragini missed chatting with Sanskar a lot. she only doesn’t know why she feel like that… but her heart always used to crave to talk to Sanskar. Though she used to get every info of Sanskar from Kaavya, but she wanted to talk to him badly. She used to see him frequently, but he too with a sad face used to go away, Ragini knows, Sanskar was also feeling a lot of  pain like her but still she tried to ignore her pain. Every one except kaavya, asked her if ever she was in love with Sanskar, but Ragini herself doesn’t have any answer for it. She was in a total fix as she was confused. Finally his theory exams are completed, but practicals are still left. Ragini was counting days, when Sanskar came to college to meet Kaavya on the day of valentines.

Ragini wanted to chat with Sanskar, but she can’t…

That day she truly felt that she loved Sanskar, but she just supressed them fearing if Sanskar doesn’t accept it she will loose his friendship.


Finally his exams are over. Ragini know she will get a call from Sanskar that evening. She was waiting for call the whole night, but she didn’t get the call.
Ragini felt worried, but now she was sure that if ever any thing happened to him, she won’t be normal like this. so she was waiting for his stupid surprise patiently.
Then came a mail into her inbox…
Ragini was about to open it when she got a call from Sanskar, leaving the message Ragini took his call happily…

Ragini : Sanskar hi…

Sanskar: Ragini!! Please open ur inbox..

Ragini: Call kiya itni dinom baad, but u are asking me to open the inbox…

Ragini :Just open it…

Ragini felt some kinda tension in his voice, so she opened her inbox, and the mail was from Sanskar… Frowning she opened it and started to read…

Sanskar: Ragini please read it loud…

Ragini read it loud…

When I Talk With U,
I Know The Meaning Of

When I Laugh With U,
I Know The Meaning Of

When I Touch U,
I Know The Meaning Of

Whenever I’M With You
I Know The Meaning Of

Sometimes, I forget to say

Sometimes, I even miss to

Sometimes, my message doesn’t
reach u…

But, it doesn’t mean that I
forget u…

I’m just giving u time to miss me !!

I does all this because,
I just wanted to assure my self that
I had a person in this world,
who completely care for me,
can understand me ,
and accept me the way I am.

I just wanted to assure my self that..

she can do any thing for me,
she is mine, and
she was the best thing that has ever happened to me.

I wanted to assure my self that..

she is my best friend,
she is my best enemy,
she is my best love,
and she will accept to become my better half..

She is a pagal, jhalli,
She is a angel came from heaven,
She has a heart of gold
She is Ragini…

Will u be mine forever Ragini??”

Ragini had tears in her eyes by the time she completed reading the message…
Sanskar was silent on other side. Ragini finally spoke out…
I was waiting for the surprise u are going to give me since evening and this is the best gift u gave me.”

Sanskar smiled and said “Thank u Ragini”

Ragini: U never need to ask me Sanskar, u should have known that…

Sanskar smiled and said “I will be always yours Meri Heeriye”

Five years later…

they are happy married couple… words are never needed between them. the height of understanding is to the top between them… It’s the day when five years back they first realized their love for one other…
Sanskar  was hugging Ragini from back and they were in balcony…
All of a sudden Ragini became sad…

Sanskar:What happened Ragini?

Ragini: (pouts) I had only one problem with u from day one, why did u ask me whether I love u or not.

Sanskar smiled and tuned her to him and kissed her on forehead and said “Do u need the answer”

Ragini nodded…

Sanskar: Why did u hide ur feelings from me?

Ragini shocked…

Sanskar:I know every thing, I understand from your face that u love me, but u are fearing to say it because if ever I don’t love u, u will loose my friendship. At that moment I wanted to tell u how much I love u that’s why I messaged u that message… so that I wanted to free u from your confusion.

Ragini hugged him tightly and he too hugged her tightly…

Ragini: Sanskar from last 5 years I want to say u one thing.

Sanskar: Me too…

Ragini :Chalo donom ek hi baar bolte hain.
Sanskar nodded…




“I love u so much…”. “They don’t need words. They talk through hearts. They may be oceans apart,but they are always united. They fight amongst them, but they fight not for themselves, for one other. God was proud of his self, for creating such a beautiful lovers.. They are perfect reflections of one other.. They describe their love as Mad Love. But others describe it as Great love. Whatever it is…
Yeh hain Ragsan ka Sacha Pyaar!!

Hey peeps! How was it? Good, bad, waste of time or worth reading? Do let me know by comments.

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