RagSan & RuMya FF – Ek Duje Ke Liye CH–2

Chapter 1

Scene starts with Ragini coming downstairs.
Ragini- Dad, He is coming in 5 min…
Scene shifts to another Mansion, Its Maheshwari Mansion—
A lady was in Kitchen. Making Juice. She was Annapurna.
Just then a servent come & says- Malking Sahab aa gaye.
Annapurnna smiles & goes outside.
Annapurnna- U have came DP ji…
DP turns to him & smile. He went for jogging.
DP- Haa, Annapurnna ji…. Btw were are Sanskaar , Laksh & Uttara.
I am here Papa. They turn & see a handsome boy walking towards them. He is Laksh.
He comes & hugs Annapurnna.
Laksh- Good Morning mom.. Morning papa…
DP- Laksh u are so lazy…. how u treat ur patients.. huh…
Laksh- Maa, See na..
Annapurnna- DP ji…
DP-kk, so now were is Sanskaar…
Laksh- I know … he must be doing exercise…
Camera shifts to a cute, handsome & s*xy guy… Who was sweating yet running on treadmill… He was none other then Sanskaar…
He was shirtless. His 6 packs cld be seen clearly. Just then he hears Annapurna calling him.
Sanskaar- Coming Mom….

He wears his Sandow T-shirt & goes downstairs.
He wishes them Morning.
Sanskaar- Were is Uttu Maa…
Laksh- Bhai she is Kumbhkaran… Must be sleeping….
DP & Sanky- Laksh…
Laksh makes a pout face & says- Merri koi izzat he nahi hai….
And hugs Annapurnna.
Annapurna- Awww merra baccha…
DP & Sanky to hugs him.
Sanky- Come Laksh lets wake up Uttu…
They both go… They enter Uttara’s room & sees her sleeping. Sanskaar & Laksh smiles seeing her.
Sanskaar goes & sits beside her.
Sanskaar- Uttu, wake up… See its Morning…
Uttara- 5 min bhai…
Sanskaar- But uttu…
Before he cld say Laksh throws a jug of water on her…
Uttara wakes up shocked.
Uttara- Bhaago, tsunami.. run run…. She hears Laksh laughing aloud. While Sanskaar was controlling his laugh.
Uttara- Laksh bhai…. She gets up & runs while Laksh too runs.
Sanskaar- Lucky, uttu… slowly… u will fall… But they kept running….
Scene shifts to Rathore Mansion—
Rudy after getting fresh comes down running.
Rudy- Morning Dad… Mom.. Dadi..

As he sees her says- God Dadi, u are looking babes today… haa…
Ragini & Janki shakes there head..
Dadi- Chuppa karr khotteya… Mujhse flirt kartta hai…
Raghu- Rudra U must be sleeping or may be flirting in sleep right…
Rudra- Didu…
Ragini- Dad… Common lets go for jog… All 4 goes while Jhanki goes to make breakfast.

Scene shifts to Gadodia house—
A Lady enters a room & sees a girl sleeping. Lady is Sharmishta.
Sharmishta- Shona wake up… yes the girl is Swara…
The girl wakes up & hugs her.
Swara- Morning mom, were are dad & bhai.
We are here Swara. Said Shekher & Karan coming in. She wishes them Morning & smiles. She goes to get ready.
Scene shifts to park—
Raghu, Dadi , Ragini & Rudra were jogging. Just then a sweet cute girl comes and says.
Girl- Ragini dii…
Ragini- Soumya…
Soumya wishes Raghuvendra & Dadi… She ignores Rudra.
Raghuvendra- Arrey Beta u came alone were is Dayal.
I am here Raghu.. Says Dayal coming…. Raghuvendra hugs him…

Screen freezes…..

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