Ragsan- RISTHA part 1

Characters currently playing are
Ragini: chubby girl,apple pie of her bhaijaan’s.loving ,is leaving for her family.she is paralatic nd have some attacks…had a bad past.daughter of rishi and tanu(died) bt they she was cared by her chachu nd ishima(died)
Harman:elder son of ishitha and raman.ragu called her baba…his lyf is ragu…a neuro surgen.leaving for his sis nd bro’s
Arjun: 2nd son of ishu nd raman..bussinessman..heir ragini industries.calm nd very understandable character.
Laksh:3rd son he is also workng with arjun.wl do anythng for his sis.lov her to core.
Manik:son of tanu nd rishi..he belives himself as responsible for rag’s state..very sensitive..lawyer..he is very rude to others.

Soumya: ragu u this exercise,nd she pulled her ..
Ragu:oouch diii..its too paining…huff i dn’t want to do na plz
Somu:ragu..is it too paining
Harm entry
Harman:wot had u done with my baby?u r making her to do too much workouts nd making her ull
Soumya: hey u doc.am her phisiotharaphyst and i knew how to make her do exercisess nd ther wl be smal pains .but u khadoos wont understand that.
Harm:soumya i am nt intrested in hearing ur stupidty.i dnt want ma sis to be in pain.
Rag:baba plz stop it..nd its nt somu di’s mistake.i have no pain it was jst acting…sry baba nd di
She made a puppy face
Harm:doll no sry..nw u have to do more exercises…soumya u make her do..bye
Somu pov:he have no manners to say sry..hm
Harm leavs
Somu make ragu do many exersice aftr a nap..
Somu:doll nw u have to climb stairs with this crutch
Rag:crutch but
Somu made her stand with crutch…
Ragu made a puppy face :no di
Somu (without listerning) help her to pratice in stairs
Somu:ragu nw u do it urself i wl com nw..no cheatingz ok..promise
Ragu nods ok

Ragu pov: i was climbing stairs nd almost rhd up.suddenly all lights went off.i was soo frightned (ragu is soo afraid of darkness bcoz of her past)my heartbeat incresed,can’t control my breath…god plz help me…my crutch sliped frm my hand..thund it rhc’s down…am lossing my balnc..i cant handle myself i fell down..ishimaa i scremed..
But whn i opned my eye am safe in two arms,he is holdng me near to his cheast…i could’nt see his face.suddenly he askd somethng but i cant hear..
Guy:r u ok?
Guy pov:whn i came to physiotharaphy room.all lights had gone i could nly see a girl up on stairs..suddenly i heard i thund sound nd a scream..i ran towards her nd catch her..now she is in my arms…i could hear her heavy breath…her eyes r wetty nd shining..y am feelng that she is spl for me.i dnt want to leav her.

Somu arrived with phn tourch
Somu:doll u r ok na?sry i left u here..(and noticed the guy)thanku for saving her
Ragu:(tammeringly)am ok..nd thanku for helpng me
Guy:welcome(i made her to sit in a chair but damit i cant see her face bcoz of her messy long hair)
I walkd out..huff then electricity arrived..god wot a wrong timing na..
somu:doll am realy sry
Ragu:di its ok..u plz forget this incident nd dnt share in with baba
Somu(nervously)to harman..no..if he comes to know surly he will kill me
Ragu smiles
Somu:u r realy lucky to have him..bcoz ya he is so rude but still he alwayz care’s for nd can’t even bear ur sml pain..if any pain occured for u the effect wil be in his heart
Ragu:ya di ma averthng are my bhaijaan’z..without them there will be no ragini

Guys if u have any doubt let me make it clear..its nt hst ragsan story…each nd avery character have life in this story..thanku for ur support

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