Ragsan and Raglak analysis

Hello, everyone, I’m a silent reader after reading some analysis, I want to make one because I think some writer are forgotten. I’m a huge fan of Ragini. It’s not an analysis, I cannot tell the writer if it’s good or not, this is just my favorite stories among a lot! So let’s begin

1- BROKEN HEART/ Sacrifice/ Ragini SS by LovelyAliya
I’m very surprised to not seeing your FF in analysis! I’m very fond of your stories! I love them, in fact, I’m crazy about them lol! You write so well, and you describe every emotion! I like the suspense in your every story! I just hope that you update every day, every hour ( I know it’s not possible)
And yes I love interacting with you, you always keep replying when I’m asking you to update soon! Thank you for replaying all my messages, you just don’t want to tell me your real name ( so sad πŸ™ )
Love you a lot Di

2- REALITY ( Ragsan) by Amna

I don’t how to tell, I love your story a lot! The love between Laksh and Ragini wonderfully describes. And the past update was fully emotional, Ragini going to coma, Lavanya going with Aditya and Aditya mystery. Love it a lot

4- IS THAT U RAGINI by Anamika

Love your story! Everyone hate Ragini even Swara and we don’t know why! They all think that she have no value, and end up marrying the fiance of her sister Swara. I like the way DP is, but then I think he should remain the head of the family, not carefree like he is now ( just my opinion)! My request if anyone know her, please tell her to come back, I miss her update a lot! I was used to wait for her update all day, now I’m missing her story a lot :p


I love the way Ragini overcome her past and try to build a friendship world around Sanskar! Sanskar and his revenge are everywhere lol Continue this way :p

6- LOVE by Smily

I love this story also because first in the serial I want them as a pair because I thought that Laksh doesn’t value Ragini! And I still like them as a pair, but yet Laksh does also the work πŸ˜›
In this story, Ragini and Sanskar are made for each other, now I want some twist, because when it’s lovey Dovey it’s boring! You lust add some spice scene. I know you will do it


I like it a lot! In fact, when it comes to Ragsan I love them so, keep enjoying us πŸ˜‰


What I can say, fanstastic! Love the way it’s written! Love the hate-love of Ragsan, hope they will melt soon continue darling

9- WHEN I FALL IN LOVE by Pavani
Oh god, when you announced that you will end this FF I was like crying because I love this FF a lot a lot a lot! I want to ask you ti write the season 2, when Swara recover from her memory loss, and she be the villain ( not totally but yes for adding chilly lol) I have thought of some stories too ( it’s my kind request make a season 2)

10- YOURS ( ragsan) by Megha

It’s a new one, but I’m in love with. How can Sanskar ditch Ragini in the name of trying to make Swara jealous? I want to read more, if you read this Megha please update soon! You have a fan here lol

11- ANYTHING FOR U by Crytal

I’m waiting for this also, hope you will post it soon! Like it very much, and I’m curious how Ragini and Sanskar will end up :p

12- SECOND LOVE by Sree Harini

Love this FF a lot too! I was waiting to know who will save Ragini, even if I have some glimpse but want to read it! I hope you will update soon! Just love the way it’s written, and how it’s described to be the second love! We cannot count our love story, we can count how many person we were in relation but love is not countable. Do continue

13- TRUE LOVE WILL THAW by PinkChocolate
Even if Laksh has remorse, I think Kabir is best for her! He is so lovely, nice caring and loving! I love the way he is, the way you are portraying him. Hope Ragini and Kabir will be one πŸ™‚

14- All story of CK1234

Even if it’s short, I like how you describe Ragini and her change! Her care for Dev etc… Love the way you write, the story is absolutely amazing do continue πŸ™‚

15- LOVE-ONCE AGAIN by Alisha

I have to say I love this negative Laksh, it’s very different from what we used to have. Love Parth and Ragini bonding! I’m just sad because Swaragini is separated, but yes I like that you made Kavya apologize and positive.

That’s it, and I love to tell to the new writer, do continue even if you get negative or less comment! You should write for pleasure and not for getting more comment! Because many readers won’t comment like me ( I confess, I barely or can say never comment, so don’t be sad or upset, it doesn’t mean that your story is a flop :p

Love and kiss from Cutieangel

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  1. Pavani

    Tnk u very much for liking my ff .I will think about it for sure

  2. I’m also missing is tat U ragini…I like to suggest Azure akka ff..red string of fate itz over but do read it …nd she s writing another one nw pride Vs prejudice both r ragsan ff…..

  3. PinkChocolate

    Hey Cutie? So bad! Didn’t even comment for a single chapterβ€Ό But still Thank you sooooo much for liking my ff? Yeah Kabir is a sweetyheart? But RagLak are made for each other?I hope you like the further parts too? Take care?

  4. missing so many ff’s of ragsan
    power of true love
    everything is fair in love and war
    is that u
    broken heart
    is this love
    soul of love
    second love raglak
    ishq kadhal love
    haters towards love

  5. for your smile
    a friend request by joona

    if u all finished ur work pls comeback with this ff missed a lot

  6. ragsan sorry
    ragavi aur ragavi , ssk all ff of ragsan are superb

  7. ragsan sorry
    ragavi aur ragavi , ssk, heart with u pavani akka all ff of ragsan are superb

  8. thank u dear i will come back with my plot is that u ragini for sure i will come dear
    and also srry for making u wait surly i will change dp’s track

  9. Nd prateeksha ff…love s so pure tat nvr b explained…all r awesome

  10. LovelyAliya

    Hey my cutie pie thank you for remembering me in your analyse!
    That’s so sweet of you, and yes I will not tell you my real name, maybe some other day πŸ˜‰
    Ya it’s my pleasure to talk with you darling!
    Thanks once again for your comment! I’m busy now like you know, but will update soon

  11. Hai cutyangel..iam also a big ragini(teja) fan..thank you 4 this analysis…i didn’t read some of the ff you said..now i wil read them..thanks 4 all who sujested ragsan/raglak ff so that those who doesn’t read them can also know about it..and all the writers, please continue writing such fantastic stories and stay blessed..

  12. Thank you so much for including my story but u didn’t told anything about it. ??All the stories which you said are amazing especially my pinki’s story. Love Kabir & choti.

  13. Thnx a lot for liking my story dear . Will always try to make it more wonderful

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