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RagSan- Pyaar Zindagi hai: Episode 2


Hey guys! Am back!
Thank you everyone for the precious comments 😊

~~~~~~~~Episode 2~~~~~~~~

(Next Day.. Ragini wakes up by her alarm, smiles as today was a new day and a new beginning of her Life which she HOPED would be beautiful.. She went to fresh up, and dressed herself in a simple red top and white jeans, wore her lucky bracelet and tops and applied kajal on her eyes, and a bit gloss on her pink rosy lips.. She smiled at her reflection in mirror)

Ragini (smiles): DR RAGINI GADODIA! 😄

(She went down and greeted everyone)

Shekhar: So you are ready now?

Ragini (smiles): Yes Papa

Shomi: God bless You, Come and eat breakfast..

Ragini: Okay

(She started eating , just then Aadit comes)

Aadit: Morning!

Shekhar: Come Son, Eat breakfast, you might get late..

Aadit: Yea Dad

Ragini: Papa? Can i take the car?

Shekhar(sternly): No Ragini , you go on your Scooty

Ragini: But Papa, Bhaiya also goes on car

Shekhar(angrily): How many times i have to tell you dont compare yourself with Aadit!

Shomi: Calm down Shekhar.. And Ragini, you both are equal to us.. Stop comparing.. Aadit has his own place and you-

Ragini(interrupts): Please Mama! Don’t lie! I know what place i have and i see that daily! 😓

(Saying this she leaves with teary eyes)


(A beautiful hospital, large yet elegant and maintained.. So lets see whats happening inside😜

A boy in of about 26-27 is seen flirting with a girl)

Boy(kisses girl’s hands): Beautiful, you look hot😜

Girl(shyly): Thank you Handsome

(Just then Ragini came runningly there and collides with them )

Ragini: Aaoww!

Boy: Are you blind Miss?!

(He sees upwards and was lost in our Heroine😍)

Ragini: Am so sorry-

Girl: Raguuu!

Ragini(happily hugs the girl): Diya! Finally i found you yar! I was calling you but your mobile was switched off

Diya: Sorry babes

Boy: Ahm Ahm

Ragini(with attitude): What?

Boy: Well, What’s your name?

Ragini: None of your business MR.FLIRTY!😒

(Saying this she drags Diya with her and goes after giving The boy a stern look)

Boy(smiles): Ms.ATTITUDE.. But SANKY likey likey😂

(Yo! The boy is our hero Sanskar aka Sanky😎)

(After sometime, all the interns are standing and one of the heads Dr Harsh Maheshwari is guiding them.. Sanky yawns and looks here and there showing no interest 😂)

Dr Harsh: That’s all doctors, you all will be alloted departments after sometime.. Now please go and make yourself comfortable.. I want my interns to be Best! Got it?

All: Yes Sir

Dr Harsh: You all may leave

(All leaves except Sanky.. Just then another Lady Doctor came inside)

Lady: Harsh?

Harsh(smiles): Shivani.. Come..

Sanky(flirts): Hey Gorgeous..Looking s*xy😜

Harsh(stern look): Stop it Dr Sanskar aka Mr Sanky , my IDIOT BRO! How many times i have to tell you not to flirt with my wife?

Sanky(smiles naughtily): Woh kya hai na Sirrrr😜 Itni beautiful wife itne sadu insaan k liye achi nahi hai😂

Shivani: Stop it both of you! And Sanky, why are you still roaming here and there..

Sanky: Bhabhi please

Shivani: Fine, Go now

Sanky: Han han ja rha hu.. Continue your romance😜

Harsh: Sankyyy! 😡

(Harsh runs behind Sanky but Sanky already left from there with jet speed😂)

(All interns were sitting.. Eating, Drinking Enjoying happily.. Ragini was walking alone in corridor as Diya was busy flirting with another boy😂😂)

Ragini(murmurs): God! What type of friend i have got! She is all the time busy with those Donkey Monkeys 🙄

(Suddenly someone taps her shoulder.. She turns)

Ragini: TUM! 😡

(Obvio its Sanky😎)

Sanky: Yea baby darling

Ragini: Stop flirting with me!

Sanky: Okay Chill Sweetheart😜 By the way, What are you doing here?

Ragini: And why should i tell you?

Sanky: Can’t you talk politely?

Ragini(sighs): Sorry, Actually am a bit nervous

Sanky: Nervous? Why so?

Ragini: I have heard the senior doctors of this hospital are very strict and khadoos type especially-

Sanky(raises his eyebrow): Especially?

Ragini: Dr Harsh and.. Dr SANSKAR MAHESHWARI

Sanky(coughs): (In mind) who the hell told her this stupid thing! Kon kameena hai woh! Choru ga nai mai usse

Ragini: Hey?

Sanky: Listen i think you might have a misunderstanding.. Dr Sanskaaaaar is very sweet

Ragini : Whatever.. Anyways, Am Ragini .. Ragini Gadodia.. You?

Sanky(in mind): If i told her am only Sanskar Maheshwari, she will be afraid of me and.. No No i cant tell her

Ragini(snaps her finger): Eee Hello?

Sanky: Umm.. Me.. Am.. Sanky..

Ragini : Sanky? Weird but still nice name

Sanky(sternly): Lame! 😒

Raginj: It sure is😂 And will meet you later Dr Sanky .. Bye!

Sanky(smiles): Bye Gorgeous (gives her a flying kiss and runs away)

Raginj(murmurs): Pagal! 😒

Episode ends..
So how was it? 😃

  1. Awesome. Like sanky’s role

  2. Amazing dr. Ragsan scenes are nice

  3. It’s beautiful flirting update.

  4. Awesome

  5. Amazingggg loved it

  6. Awesome . Make it longer

  7. Superb sissy. Sanky don’t flirt with anyone .

  8. Superb interesting. Post soon next part

  9. Awesomeee

  10. Awesome dear

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