RagSan- Pyaar Zindagi hai: Episode 2

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~~~~~~~~Episode 2~~~~~~~~

(Next Day.. Ragini wakes up by her alarm, smiles as today was a new day and a new beginning of her Life which she HOPED would be beautiful.. She went to fresh up, and dressed herself in a simple red top and white jeans, wore her lucky bracelet and tops and applied kajal on her eyes, and a bit gloss on her pink rosy lips.. She smiled at her reflection in mirror)

Ragini (smiles): DR RAGINI GADODIA! ?

(She went down and greeted everyone)

Shekhar: So you are ready now?

Ragini (smiles): Yes Papa

Shomi: God bless You, Come and eat breakfast..

Ragini: Okay

(She started eating , just then Aadit comes)

Aadit: Morning!

Shekhar: Come Son, Eat breakfast, you might get late..

Aadit: Yea Dad

Ragini: Papa? Can i take the car?

Shekhar(sternly): No Ragini , you go on your Scooty

Ragini: But Papa, Bhaiya also goes on car

Shekhar(angrily): How many times i have to tell you dont compare yourself with Aadit!

Shomi: Calm down Shekhar.. And Ragini, you both are equal to us.. Stop comparing.. Aadit has his own place and you-

Ragini(interrupts): Please Mama! Don’t lie! I know what place i have and i see that daily! ?

(Saying this she leaves with teary eyes)


(A beautiful hospital, large yet elegant and maintained.. So lets see whats happening inside?

A boy in of about 26-27 is seen flirting with a girl)

Boy(kisses girl’s hands): Beautiful, you look hot?

Girl(shyly): Thank you Handsome

(Just then Ragini came runningly there and collides with them )

Ragini: Aaoww!

Boy: Are you blind Miss?!

(He sees upwards and was lost in our Heroine?)

Ragini: Am so sorry-

Girl: Raguuu!

Ragini(happily hugs the girl): Diya! Finally i found you yar! I was calling you but your mobile was switched off

Diya: Sorry babes

Boy: Ahm Ahm

Ragini(with attitude): What?

Boy: Well, What’s your name?

Ragini: None of your business MR.FLIRTY!?

(Saying this she drags Diya with her and goes after giving The boy a stern look)

Boy(smiles): Ms.ATTITUDE.. But SANKY likey likey?

(Yo! The boy is our hero Sanskar aka Sanky?)

(After sometime, all the interns are standing and one of the heads Dr Harsh Maheshwari is guiding them.. Sanky yawns and looks here and there showing no interest ?)

Dr Harsh: That’s all doctors, you all will be alloted departments after sometime.. Now please go and make yourself comfortable.. I want my interns to be Best! Got it?

All: Yes Sir

Dr Harsh: You all may leave

(All leaves except Sanky.. Just then another Lady Doctor came inside)

Lady: Harsh?

Harsh(smiles): Shivani.. Come..

Sanky(flirts): Hey Gorgeous..Looking s*xy?

Harsh(stern look): Stop it Dr Sanskar aka Mr Sanky , my IDIOT BRO! How many times i have to tell you not to flirt with my wife?

Sanky(smiles naughtily): Woh kya hai na Sirrrr? Itni beautiful wife itne sadu insaan k liye achi nahi hai?

Shivani: Stop it both of you! And Sanky, why are you still roaming here and there..

Sanky: Bhabhi please

Shivani: Fine, Go now

Sanky: Han han ja rha hu.. Continue your romance?

Harsh: Sankyyy! ?

(Harsh runs behind Sanky but Sanky already left from there with jet speed?)

(All interns were sitting.. Eating, Drinking Enjoying happily.. Ragini was walking alone in corridor as Diya was busy flirting with another boy??)

Ragini(murmurs): God! What type of friend i have got! She is all the time busy with those Donkey Monkeys ?

(Suddenly someone taps her shoulder.. She turns)

Ragini: TUM! ?

(Obvio its Sanky?)

Sanky: Yea baby darling

Ragini: Stop flirting with me!

Sanky: Okay Chill Sweetheart? By the way, What are you doing here?

Ragini: And why should i tell you?

Sanky: Can’t you talk politely?

Ragini(sighs): Sorry, Actually am a bit nervous

Sanky: Nervous? Why so?

Ragini: I have heard the senior doctors of this hospital are very strict and khadoos type especially-

Sanky(raises his eyebrow): Especially?

Ragini: Dr Harsh and.. Dr SANSKAR MAHESHWARI

Sanky(coughs): Wha..at? (In mind) who the hell told her this stupid thing! Kon kameena hai woh! Choru ga nai mai usse

Ragini: Hey?

Sanky: Listen i think you might have a misunderstanding.. Dr Sanskaaaaar is very sweet

Ragini : Whatever.. Anyways, Am Ragini .. Ragini Gadodia.. You?

Sanky(in mind): If i told her am only Sanskar Maheshwari, she will be afraid of me and.. No No i cant tell her

Ragini(snaps her finger): Eee Hello?

Sanky: Umm.. Me.. Am.. Sanky..

Ragini : Sanky? Weird but still nice name

Sanky(sternly): Lame! ?

Raginj: It sure is? And will meet you later Dr Sanky .. Bye!

Sanky(smiles): Bye Gorgeous (gives her a flying kiss and runs away)

Raginj(murmurs): Pagal! ?

Episode ends..
So how was it? ?

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