RagSan- Pyaar Zindagi hai: Episode 1

Hi people! This is a RagSan ff.. Am telling before okay 🙂
Lets start! ❤️

~~~~~~~~Episode 1~~~~~~~~

(A beautiful house is shown, not too big nor too small.. Nameplate reads ” GADODIA HOUSE”
We can see a lady in late 40s doing Pooja and A man in early 50s sitting on a chair reading newspaper while having a cup of tea.. Suddenly one boy in mid twenties comes almost runningly)

Boy: Mom, Am getting late yar! Where is my breakfast?

(The lady turns and sighs)

Lady: Aadit, stop shouting and you must have told me before that you have an early class today!

Aadit: Mom please .. No lectures right now.. Is breakfast ready or shall i go?

Lady: Huh! Bringing! Go and sit!

(Aadit goes and sits with his father)

Aadit: Morning Dad

Man: Morning Aadit

Aadit: Dad, am going on the car today

Man: Ofcourse my son, The car is for you only na.. For whom i brought it? Obviously you .. So just take it.. No need to ask permission

Aadit(smiles): Sure Dad

(The lady comes and serves them breakfast)

Man: Shomi, Haven’t your daughter woken up yet?

Shomi: She woke up and she is also your daughter and Shekhar please.. Don’t scold her this much..

Shekhar: I know what i should do and what i shouldn’t okay?

(Just then a girl of about 22 dressed in pink anarkali suit greets them)

Girl(happily): Morning Everyone!

(No one replies and the smile from girl’s face fades away.. She sighs and sits)

Girl: Sorry Papa, I was tensed about my admission due to which i slept late and ultimately woke up late today..

Shekhar: Ragini.. You have some responsibilities now.. When will you-

Shomi(interrupts): Shekhar please, Not early morning..

Aadit: Anyways, am done .. Bye Dad, Bye Mom..

Ragini(smiles): Bye Bhaiya

(Aadit gives her a whatever look and leaves.. Ragini gets sad)

Ragini: So whats in breakfast today?

Shomi: Aloo k Parathe..

Ragini: What? But mama.. I don’t like that you know na..

Shekhar: Aadit loves them so she made it.. If you have this much problem then make your breakfast yourself only if you get up from your Beauty sleep ?

(He leaves.. Ragini gets sad)

Shomi(sighs): How many times i will have to tell you to manage your responsibilities ?

Ragini(sadly): Sorry Mama..

Shomi(gets up): Go and prepare whatever you want to eat .. Then clean your room and the rest of house too.. Me and your dad need to go to other city to meet some relatives..

Ragini: But today is my result Mama..

Shomi: Ragini, Firstly stop calling us Mama-Papa.. It is so old fashioned.. Call us. Mom-Dad like Aadit.. And secondly about your result, then inform us via mobile okay..

(Saying this she leaves)

Ragini(teary eyes): Why don’t you all Love Me?!

(She wipes her tears and does all work.. It had been 5 hours since her parents left and she was alone at home.. It was time for her result)

Ragini(folds hands): Godji! Please please Mera Admission krwa do.. You know na how much it is important to me.. Please please help me..

(She prays and checks her result and a smile crept on her face)

Ragini(jumps): Yippeeeee! Wohooo ! Oh yeah ! Finally! I got admission in MAHESHWARI HEALTHCARE HOSPITAL” Wow wow!

(She happily dials her mum’s number and informs her but gets dejected hearing her mother)

Shomi: Its Good Ragini.. We are proud of you.. Take care of Aadit and make him whatever he wants to eat.. We will come latenight.. Bye..

Ragini(sees the call disconnected and sighs): I hope one day you will care for me the same way

(At 3.00 pm , Aadit returns home)

Aadit(shouts): Ragini! Raginii! Raaginnniiii!

Ragini: Haan?

Aadit: I am very hungry.. Make me Biryani.. Am going to take bath..

Ragini: But-

(Aadit leaves before she completes.. Ragini makes him Biryani and later she eats alone at the dining table as Aadit took his plate to his room)

Ragini: Godji! Why don’t they Love Me? ?

Episode ends..

Okay.. So the plot is of my friend..
hope you will like it.. I will continue after some episodes.. Shuru k episodes usi k likhay hue hain 🙂

Do tell how it was and yes, should we proceed or not?
Please show response ❤️

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    Awesome dear…????

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    Sachi btaooooi…….. Its toooo much…… Ghr wale aise hai to bahar walo se kya umeed krni ????

    1. Aaruuu

      Well thats what all this is about.. Sono worry our Hero will compensate for all her miseries ?

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      Dont worry our Hero is there na to compensate for all this misery ?

  10. Omg my princess is sad. Don’t be sad
    Your sanky is there to loving you unconditionally

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      Yes you are right.. Princess is sad but the Prince will fill colours in her life?❤️

  11. One more ragsan story. Superb dear.

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