RagSan… pure love OS


Hey guys this is my first OS hope you guys like it…

P.s. it’s really long so don’t get tired of reading it and DO NOT SKIP read the whole story … 


Ragini Sharma: bubbly, stubborn loves her parents (Shekar and Mishti) and family rich but doesn’t show that she’s rich… best friend is Laksh Maheshwari since childhood, shares everything with him. (age 22)

Sanskar Patel: arrogant, handsome, hot, rich business tycoon, parents died in a fire accident… He is arrogant and rude but inside his really nice and really soft his sister is Swara loves her so much (23)

Laksh Maheshwari: nice, bubbly, handsome, hot dashing guy everyone will fall for him in first sight… loves his family, his best friend is Ragini since childhood, never hides anything from her even if he hides something from his family but never Ragini… (23)

Swara Patel: sister of Sanskar… loved her brother to the core… can do anything for her brother listens to him never breaks a rule, shares their feelings to each other… (21)

A guys was sitting in his office and was looking at groom’s photos and he liked on and asked his P.A. to get more details about his guy the P.A. says “okay Sanskar sir”
(yes, it’s our hero Sanskar)

Sanskar: he should be a perfect person for my Swara what do you think? …
P.A.: yes, sir he looks like a good boy I will get his details asap

Scene changes to a park…
Here in at the park a girl and boy were chasing each other their friends are calling them from far… “Ragini, Laksh” “come let’s go…”
Ragini: enough lucky let’s go home
Laksh: okay let’s go I’m so hungry
Ragini: come

They say bye to their friends and go home when they went home everyone was sitting there talking both the families Ragini’s and Laksh’s they were talking about Laksh’s wedding holding a girl’s picture Ragini grabbed the photo of Ap and running around with it teasing Laksh…

Ragini: Lucky’s getting married, Lucky’s getting married…
Laksh: oh stop it Ragini let me see the picture please, please…
Ragini: okay… (she give the picture)

Laksh was mesmerized to see the picture she looks at it and it was Swara yes, it was Sanky’s sister…
Laksh: she’s pretty but not a pretty as you Ragini…
Ragini: Laksh

Ap comes to them.

Ap: stop it you guys and the engagement is today do you like the girl Laksh?
Laksh: (hesitatingly looking at Ragini) yes, mom
Ragini: yay!!! By Best friend is getting married… but you have to promise me one thing…
Laksh: anything for you
Ragini: you can never forget me after marriage you always have to be my best friend?
Laksh: Promise… as I said no one can come in between me and you my best friend…
Ragini and Laksh hug each other and starts to prepare for the engagement

Engagement night their friends, family and people from the Brides side where coming to the Maheshwari Mansion…

The bride and her brother walked in everyone looked at them…
(that time Laksh and Ragini were in Laksh’s room getting Laksh Ready)
After a while of wait Ragini and Laksh came downstairs…

Everyone was mesmerized by seeing Laksh and his handsomeness and Ragini’s beauty…
Especially Sanskar he was just flat on her beauty. He wanted to know more about her he wanted someone to introduce him to her. Just then they came to the stage and Ap and Dp introduced everyone to Sanky and Swara and they did the same…
The family gave the two couples time to talk they sent Sanky and Ragini with them…

They went to the balcony and spoke, as Sanky and Ragini were standing in few steps different…

Laksh: hi
Swara: hi
Laksh: so have you got any questions to ask me?
Swara: well just one… do you have any questions?
Laksh: yes, I do and what’s your question?
Swara: have you had any girls in your life? Like loved anyone?
Laksh: well the only girl in my life is Ragini not it a lover’s way but she is my Best friend she comes first than anyone hope you understand.
Swara: I understand and for me my brother comes first than anyone.
Laksh: have you had any relationships?
Swara: no, I have not had any relationships…
Laksh: I want to tell you something hope you don’t mistake me…
Swara: I wouldn’t don’t worry
Laksh: um… I don’t know how to say this, but I loved Ragini I proposed to her but she didn’t accept it I loved her so much I still love her but as my best friend we have been together since childhood, we have been together in each other’s ups and downs… now I’m getting married I want me and her to get married on the same day and same time so will you wait for that time? Will you ask you bother and request him this… and we will get time to get to know each other
Swara: I don’t really care about your past I just care about how you are for our future so yes I will wait and will tell my brother and request.

Scene shifts to RagSan;

Sanky: um… my name is Sanskar
Ragini: my name is Ragini
Sanky: so tell me about yourself?
Ragini: sure, what do you want to know?
Sanky: um anything?
Ragini: okay… my age is 22, I love the colours blue and purple, my favourite food is palak paneer, um… I’m a training teacher oh and also Lucky I mean Laksh he is my Best friend we share each other’s feeling; we never hide anything… I’m an open type. So tell me about yourself?
Sanky: um… my age is 23, I love the colour blue and black, my favourite food is dosa, I’m a business man, I love my sister she is my everything we don’t have parents they died in a car accident… (tears are rolling from his eyes)
Ragini could see him crying for some reason and tried to console him and wiped his tears…
All of a sudden Sanskar hugged her she was shocked at first but then she too hugged him back… then Sanskar composed himself…
Sanky: sorry I didn’t mean too
Ragini: don’t worry I understand your feeling…
Sanky: can I get your number?
Ragini: yes, sure its 07………
(they smile at each other)

Just then Swara and Laksh came back and said “let’s got”
They went down stairs the party was over Sanky and Swara went back to their mansion…

Days rolled Sanky and Ragini missed each other but they didn’t understand their feelings…
One fine day
Sanky decided to text her

Ragini’s phone beep
She got a message from a number that was not on her phone
“sorry if I disturbed you your sleep, oh its Sanskar (Sanky)”
She replies “no its okay I was a sleep but have to go to dad’s office there’s an important meeting with the ‘Patel groups of company… anyways how are you?”
Sanky reads the text and gets shocked and thinks to himself I shouldn’t tell her it’s my company I will go to the meeting with my employees and give a shock he replies saying “oh okay then I’ll text you later or you text me later when you free?”
She replies say “yes, sure I will”

The scene shifts to the Sharma groups of company….

Meeting cabin:

Shekar: Ragini is the presentation ready?
Ragini: yes, it is
Shekar: apparently the boss is coming as well
Ragini: don’t they usually?
Shekar: actually he usually doesn’t go to any meetings he lets his employees go but for some reason his coming to ours that a bit surprising…
Ragini: oh wow

Someone was knocking on their door
Ragini: come in
Pa: mam the Patel groups of company clients have come
Ragini: okay tell them to come in

Sanskar: hi Shekar uncle, hi Ragini
Shekar and Ragini: Sanskar you?
Sanky: yes, me
Ragini: you texted me this morning you didn’t tell me you were coming here
Sanky: wanted to keep it a surprise, so I didn’t tell you
Ragini: Sanky!!! Okay shall we continue with our presentation
Sanky: sure
They present their presentation, throughout the meeting Sanky was just admiring her beauty… the presentation was over… this was noticed by Shekar and Sanky’s P.A…

Sanky: I love it, I accept your proposal
Shekar: really? Thank you so much Sanskar
Sanky: no worries uncle
Ragini: why don’t you come to your house for dinner today you and Swara? Laksh’s family will be there too why don’t you join us and let’s celebrate this merge of our companies… what do you say papa?
Shekar: yes, she’s right join us?
Sanky: sure uncle
Shekar: be there by 5pm yes?
Sanky: yes, uncle…. Uncle can I speak you in private please?
Shekar: yes, beta sure…

They go to Shekar’s Cabin…

Sanky: uncle I want to say something hope you don’t misunderstand me, because I am straight forward and don’t like to hide my feelings so I’m want to tell you something
Shekar: no worried tell me Sanskar…
Sanky: Uncle, I really like Ragini, I like her maturity how she handles her situations and I just feel like that she is just perfect for me…
Shekar: I realised that when you were staring at her while she was presenting… I was going to ask you if you liked her…
Sanky: I’m sorry if I have said anything wrong
Shekar: I would be like to get a Son in law like you I know that you will look after my princess really well…
Sanky: uncle do you agree to give your daughters hand in marriage?
Shekar: yes, but one thing you really have to impress my daughter only if like you I will give her hand otherwise sorry beta
Sanky: I will try my best to impress her uncle
Shekar: and from now don’t call me uncle call me papa
Sanky (teary eyes): okay papa
Shekar: what happen beta
Sanky: it just reminded me of my mom and dad sorry papa
Shekar: don’t worry beta now you have another mom and dad okay?
Sanky nods and they both go out and sees Ragini standing there

Ragini: what took you guys so long?
Sanky: nothing me and papa were just talking about few things
Ragini: papa?
Shekar: yes, Ragini I told him to call me papa and Mishti ma
Ragini: okay if your papa and son drama is finish shall we go home and prepare for dinner…
Sanky: but before you go Ragini can I speak to you lets got to a café?
Ragini: sure Sanky? Papa is that fine?
Shekar: yes, beta I will go home and you come okay?
Ragini: okay

Sanky and Ragini went to Costa and sat

Ragini: so Sanky what do you want to say?
Sanky: basically Ragini I don’t like hiding my feelings and I’m straight forward
Ragini: yes?
Sanky: Ragini I fell for you at the first sight I saw you I really like your maturity and your dedication toward your work… so I wanted to ask you will you be my better half?
Ragini (shocked): Sanky I will be your better half the first time I spoke to you I just felt that I had some strong connection to ward you, when you cried that night made me feel bad and sad I wanted to be there for you… yes Sanky I will be your better half…
Sanky: REALLY?
Ragini: YES
Sanky was really excited she picked her up and twirled her around…
Everyone in the care was staring at them and then he put her down…
Sanky: but Ragini my Swara comes first if there is any problem for her I will be there for her so you shouldn’t say anything about that
Ragini: I have no problem, but the same goes to you if Laksh needs me I will be there for him okay?
Sanky: yes, sure
I love you
Ragini: I love you too
They hug and leave


Everyone was there, also, Sanky and Swara…

They had dinner and everything they were sitting there…
Shekar: I want to make an announcement as everyone from our families are here
Dp: what is it?
Shekar: I have fixed a groom for Ragini
Ragini (look shocked and looked at Sanky): what’s the rush dad?
Laksh: because me and Swara are waiting for your marriage so that we can get married at the same time
Shekar: just look at the groom picture and tell me if you like him or not
Shekar give the photo but just then Laksh takes it off him and looks at the picture and teases Ragini they were chasing each other and Ragini was like give it to me and Laksh said this is what you did to me so I’m going the same…
Finally, he gave the picture and Ragini was in happy tears and went and hugged her father and then went and hugged Sanskar… everyone was shocked.
She gave the picture to everyone and they looked at it and it was a picture of Sanskar…
Mishti: why did you hug him?
Ragini: because just today he proposed to me and now papa gave this photo and I was shocked
Shekar: Ragini before he proposed to you he asked me permission…
Ragini: is it true Sanky?
Sanky nods his head and hugs him tighter…
Laksh: so you didn’t tell me huh I see how you forgot me
Ragini: it’s not like that Lucky I forgot I was just too excited Sorry she was holding her ears and said sorry
Laksh: okay I forgive you this time but not next time if you hide anything from me
Ragini: okay promise

The families were really happy and they fixed their marriage for next week…

One week passed it was SwaLak and RagSan’s marriage

They do all the rituals and SanLak put Mangalsutra and applied sindoor on Swaragini’s maang…

It was their first night…

RagSan’s room……

Ragini (hugging Sanky): can you believe we finally got married
Sanky: same here I just that papa wouldn’t agree when I first asked him but he was not negative at all he we positive and agree and this marriage would have only happened if you agreed and it happened… I love you Ragini I don’t know what I did to get you…
Ragini: I love you too and do you just want to keep talking? And not want to continue with our first night
Sanky: oh someone’s getting naughty
Ragini: getting everything from my perfect hubby
Sanky cupped her face and kissed her, the kiss lasted till they were out of breath then he removed Ragini’s blouse and kissed he body and then Ragini removed his top and kissed him then they finally consummate…

3 years’ leap…
RagSan were running behind a girl…
Sanky: come back here jenny
Ragini: daughter like father
Sanky: what are you saying that I don’t listen to people
Ragini: do I need to say that
Jenny: Amma and Appa please stop fighting let’s go everyone will be waiting for us

They go down stairs…
Laksh: we have been waiting for you guys for a long time and this guys is also waiting to get our family picture taken so hurry up…
Ragini: okay, okay coming
They come down and sit…

The camera man takes the family picture they entire family is there…
They were a happy family.
The End…

So hope you guys liked it… This is my first OS…
Love from Shana xx

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