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Episode 2

My eyes wide opened. Ahh it was college time. I stepped out of my warm bed and headed in the bathroom for a shower.

After twenty minutes I was ready in a white top with orange linings draw on it and wore an orange blazer over it followed by the white shots. I wore a pair white sport shoes to cover my feet. I opened the door of the living door only to see my brother sat there watching Fast and Furious tossing popcorns in his mouth while his legs rested on glass table.

“Aren’t you ready yet?” I asked him in a shocked way but it came in rather amused way.

“I’m not going today.” That was his only reply, not moving his eyes from the T.V.

“Then how am I meant to go” I said scrunching my face.

“By your own” He said and I rolled my eyes in response. “You’re big enough. Take the car” He said tossing his car keys which I catched well.

“But I’m still not eighteen” I folded my hands near my chest.

“So?” He said and I kept mum. So what? It won’t matter in a day and I’ll ask Jessica to drop me back. Simple.

I sat in the car and started the engine and drove off. I was happy to get a new feeling of being independent. I had my own car today. I just need to be aware at the checking areas!

And there finally was my college. I swiftly drove past the gate and found the parking. I descended from the car and became the centre of attraction. Again. I noticed a wierd movement of a car as it was being pumped. Also, a top which seems to be of a girl was stucked in the car door. I looked at the window and surprisingly everything was visible CLEARLY. There was a couple and both were lacking clothes. My eyes widen and met with boy’s. I straightened my face with a jerk and left a deep sigh of relief. That was horrible. For heaven’s sake they could have forbidden the parking. I looked at the other fellow students, they looked at me as if they’ve caught me doing a murder. Am I already in Problem?

“Jessica!” I called aloud to grab her attention.

“You do not need to narrate me. I’ve already informed about your doings. It has become ‘viral’. Ughh” She used her fingers to exaggerate the word viral. But on a serious note, I haven’t committed any crime. It was what caught my eyes or what my eyes caught. I didn’t peeped. Why the hell these things are complicated.

“Now what to do?” I asked as coolly as I could as I didn’t want anyone to know what I was thinking or worrying of. She shrugged in reply and I rolled my eyes. Seriously? I needed to talk to Abhi.

Finally it was lunch and we went to cafeteria. I was getting twice of attention that I got yesterday. Ignored. I was today with Jessica only, rest of the girls were absent. Jessica took a seat opposite of mine. We ordered coffee and pasta.

“Guyz! No I said do not look at her!” I heard a audible whisper from the table of ‘boys’ sat infront of ours. This voice seemed quite familiar. I glanced at them all of them exlcuding a familiar one, who was the speaker himself, looking or rather staring me. I raised my right brow and looked at them suspiciously.

Bell rang indicating us the end of lunch. I dumped my bottles and disposals in dustbin and walked to my next class. As I walked, my phone buzzed. My phone obviously distracted me when I collided with hard muscular chest causing me to stumble on my feet and falling on my butt. As a reflex I catched the corridor’s railings which saved me from huge embarrassment. I breathed heavily and closed my eyes to make myself normal when I felt covered, occupied. I opened my eyes standing close to me, really close. His hands placed on my either sides and we few inches apart.

Confusion made its way in my mind and pushed him hard on his chest causing him lose control over me and falling on his butt. He scowled at me.

“Asshole” I muttered. Annoyance clearly visible on my face when I notice a whole crowd of students watching the scene in horror. From their faces I guess no one dared to do this deadly act with this deadly person.

I saw the boy raising. He looked at me with unreadable expressions. He grabbed my hand and pinned me on the wall near by. Every passing second he was getting close, against my liking. I pushed him keeping my hands on his toned chest but of no use. He smirked. His smirk annoyed me to hell. I swung my knee and kicked him on his balls. His eyes widened and he spaced the distance between us. I smirked annoying him. I grabbed his collar and raised my hand but another masculine figure held it and he grabbed my hands and arms I looked above to meet his eyes.

“Calm down woman!”


Up next: BAD GIRL


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