Episode 1:

I rolled down my car’s window and caught a glance of the greenery outside. The cool breeze refreshed me. I stared at the person sitting on the adjacent seat, driving. I shook my head on his antics. He looked at me and rolled his eyes.
“We’re here babes! Meet me after the college” He said parking the car. I knew I have to meet him after the college as he was the one who is going to take me back to my home. So he didn’t need to inform me and show how much does he care for me. I descended from the car and side hugged him and left him there with his car.

Abhinav. He was the only guy whom I trust. I don’t even trust my dad! Every guy has his own way to check girls out. I’m not saying that Abhinav doesn’t flirts or check out girls. But what can I say when girls themselves enjoy his attention. I’m also not defending him but you know I’m not like other girls. A-unique-Ragini-Gadodia

Well sorry for that time! I was just angry with him. I was being snappy that time because I fought with him this morning over the car. Our usual drama. But our mom sorted that out. Yeah. Our Mom. We share common mom. Unfortunately we are blood related. We are siblings. My hard luck. Never mind. It happens in every brother-sister relationship. Huh. He is Abhinav Gadodia brother of Ragini Gadodia ofc! Age 20. Doing the course of Interior design from this college. While I was here in Mumbai all the way from Delhi completing my 12th! Yeah you heard or saw it right.

My chain of thoughts were broken by gossiping going around me. I wandered who were they talking about? I shook my head and went to fetch for the principal office.

After talking to the principal getting knowledge of the map of this college I finally headed towards the first class of my first day. Fortunately my cousin was studying in the same college in the same batch. I’ve a lot of things to ask!

I entered in my first class. And. The whole class went silent seeing me. Do I look like a professor to them. I think I’m pretty enough and do not look overaged do I? I furrowed my brows and dialled a no. and placed it near my ears. Still everyone looking at me. Huh! They are irritating me.
“Ragini!!!!!” A girl squealed. “Sorry?!” I said in order to ask who she was. Do I know her? “You forgot me already! Arre I’m Jessica, Jessica Verma” She said showing her all 32 teeths in a grin and raising both her brows and nodding her head rhythmically to make remind of herself. Remember I told you about my cousin then meet her Jessica Verma. My first cousin. I nodded and her grin got wider. “I was looking for you” I said calmly unlike her as if speaking to 20 people at a time. “I know. I received your call and got your mobile number too” I smiled listening her. A genuine smile. I looked at ‘my classmates’ and guess what they still had their eyes glued on me. Only me.
‘Gotten enough show!’ My conscience said. I rolled my eyes and followed Jessica.

She sat on the bench and offered a seat beside her. The benches of our class had two seatings and mostly ‘couples’ occupied them. Does every teacher allow them to continue this shit. I ignored the thoughts and took my seat beside Jessica. I can still feel eyes on me. I ignored that too!

It was our English class and I was told almost every thing about this college. The management, the staff, the cafeteria, the library, the smart classes, the playground all in 30 minutes! She even told me about washrooms, 5 for girls 6 for boys and additional lecture of discrimination for constructing 1 extra washroom for boys. Like really? Washroom is a topic to talk about?
‘This is what you thought of your dear cousin. Washrooms. Hehhee.’ My conscience laughed at my thinking.

To be honest Jessica wasn’t like the rest of the college’s girls. She isn’t a wannabe and neither she wants it. She is just like the way I thought short, sweet, beautiful and bubbly. Her face reflects innocence and her eyes could be easily read. Just like an open book. She laughs heartily and is big hearted. Suddenly there was a pin drop silence in the class and there entered a man in his mid 20, our dearest English teacher. The ‘uncommitted girls’ cupped their chin with one of their hand and looked at him desperately. I don’t even think he’s good looking from any angle. I shook my head and sat on my seat.

“Are you new here?” The English teacher asked me. After 5 mins of observing he finally asked if I was a new chick. “Yes sir” I said in the most polite way. “Introduce yourself” He said in flirtatious way.
‘No dear! Respect your teachers do not think like that’ My conscience said.
“Ragini Gadodia” I said maintaining my tone. nodded and did a movement from his hands asking me to sit. “Any sibling?” He asked like everyone does. Whenever me and Abhi go or meet anyone. There first question is always ‘Do you have any sibling?’ which irritates me. According to Abhi, his charm makes everyone think if the brother is like this than how beautiful will be his sister. Ughh. “Yeahhhhhh! You know Abhinav Gadodia!!” It was Jessica who screamed on top of her lungs.
“Ohh!” The class said in unison as if understanding things after millions of explanation.
‘Afterall your brother is the hunk of the college’ My conscience said. Again. Shut up conscience.
I forced a smile and he asked me to sit.

After three classes it was a break and Jessica took me to cafeteria. She showed various school sites and not to forget a ‘couples park’ too. We reached in cafeteria. It was spacious and crowded place. Seems like everyone spend their break here. When I entered people started gossiping and even Abhi was sitting there looking at me raising one of his brows. I followed Jessica ignoring him.

There we sat on the table situated at the centre of the cafeteria. But, the table was preoccupied with two girls. I was rather confused.
“Ragini meet my friends. Riya! And Riya this is Ragini” We shook our hands and I further met a pretty girl “and this is Sneha” she said taking her seat and I sat on the chair beside her’s. “Uh hii” I said forcing a smile. I could feel gazes piercing me and I felt little uncomfortable.
“Do I look like a joker today?” I said which made them confused. “I mean why the hell are they staring me?”
Upon realising what I said they all burst out laughing. “Ragini well congratulations you are among the populars of this college” said Riya.

Up Next: BAD BOY


So done with first episode. I think I gave a proper description of ‘A-unique-Ragini-Gadodia.’ Also next will be of our bad boy ofc! Pl. give me your suggestions and tell your opinion about this episode. Also thanks for so much love on the introductory part. I’ll be replying to them soon.

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