Ragsan – paint me in the colours of love (OS)


Its inspired a bit from the movie oopiri/tohza

Here we go

It was an art exhibition
Ragini in her palazzo suits was walking around that seeing all the paintings. She stopped at a painting….
The painting was of a little girl and her mom…….seeing this she got emotional because her mom passed away years ago.
She asked prize it was 1.5 lakh…… She brought it to her home with the address of painter ” sanskar Maheshwari”
She kept that painting in her room……
She was writing a letter to mr Maheshwari
” Mr Maheshwari today you made me cry because if your painting, your painting Reminded me of my expired mum…… Now i could feel my mum in your painting……. Thanks thank u so much for this painting…..
Mr Maheshwari i will be waiting for your reply”
After few days she got a letter
” Miss im ur Mr Maheshwari….. First of all im sorry for making you cry, and second i want to know your name my dear….i think u r d one who brought my painting……”

Ragini says her name and they both exchange letter for one year until Ragini write this to him

” sanskar i feel that I started liking you very much..! I want you to talk to me and Meet. I’m becoming restless…….i feel like spending my whole life with you……. Please make your time for your fan, and call me this is my no. 9898980000 i will be waiting for your call sanskar ”

Ragini was expecting a reply to her surprise someone called her Ragini nervously lifted that
San – hello is this Ragini…??
Rag – yes
San – im sanskar how are you..?
Rag – im gud sanskar hw r u??
San – im gud Soo….. Wts nxt?
Rag – let’s video call ? sanskar..?!?!
San – yeah sure ?
Rag – ok after half an hour??
San – hmm ok ??

Ragini thought – this our first time seeing each other I must look good
She took all her dresses traditional western everything at last she came across a jumpsuit of light red and white she wore it with matching accessories with her hair open…….
She called Sans
Sanskar was mesmerized seeing her
San – heyy Ragini you look beautiful
Rag – thank you sir

They get to know about each other more**
One day Ragini calls sanskar and
” sanskar im coming to your place let’s meet?? ”
San – yes of course when??
Rag – day after tomorrow

Both San and Ragini were desperately waiting for that day
Finally that day came
Sanskar came to the restaurant ?
He was waiting for Ragini to come
After 5 mins Ragini in a saree of cream and black colour comes to sanskar and sits i front of him
San – every time i see you, you make me crazy Ragini you are an angel
Ragini feels shy and smiles
Rag – are you not going to show me your art collection???
San – yes sure after our lunch date….! 🙂
Rag – 🙂
They order lunch and eat very quietly
As Ragini dnt lyk talking while eating

San and Ragini reach mm he takes her to his room
It was filled with paintings
Rag – sanskar all of them are pretty awesome i wish I could have all of them with me
San – the painter is Ur’s Ragini then d paintings are also Ur’s
Rag hugs him
Rag – sorry… Sanskar
San – why sorry?
Ragini takes some paint with her finger and applies it on sanskars nise
Rag – sorry for doin this she laugs and was about to run San catches her hand pulls her towards him he also takes the same paint ? and touches her waist
Ragini closes her eyes and feels his first touch on her waist…….
And San comes closer to Ragini
With paint ? in his nose he colors rains cheek red
Both were lost in each others eyes ?
San leaves her hand and turns around Ragini holds his hand and goes in front of him
They kiss each other…..

Thanks for reading.
Hope you all liked it

And aastha i will post 2 Oss daily
And thanks to all of them who commented on my Oss taking out their time 🙂

Credit to: priya

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