Ragsan os


I am contining one short story of ragsan from abhi

They both were standing opposite to court and looks at each other..

Ragini pov
Plzz sanskar stop me and say that u love me plzzz….i already lost my love and hardely found u ..u made u to believe in love again..if u dont love me also plz dont let me go away from u..i will stay at a corner in your home if its as a servent role also i dont care…

Sanskar pov…
Plzz ragini dont leave me and go before u stepped in my life i was all alone from child hood i dont knew wat is beautiness or innocense untill i see u ..u became a habit to u i love u alot plzz says once that u love me or atleast say that u dont want to go away from me…
They both were disturbed by someone calling them to come inside..
They both looks into each other and goes inside and sit quietly and judge is seeing their case he rashly keeps file on table by making sounds…and looks at each angrily.
Judge:-these days youngesters are very fast to fall in love ,very fast to marry, and even very fast to get separete.why cant u people understand when marriage haapens how two families involves in same way when u both separetes in same way both families will suffer and wat u think marriage is a joke or u think we are stupids u both were married and its just a month passed and u both want to divorce…u dont knew minimum rules ok let me say atleast u both have to stay together for one year under a roof for every one month one member Will come visit u to conform whether u two ever staying to gether or not .after one year still u want to separete then file a case for divorce again with out any sittings i will give u so plzz leave from here…
They both leaves..

Judge pov:-see leaving them and thinks i dont knew why but by seeing their eyes and body language i think that they both dont want to separete from each other and their love towards eachother can be seen easily in their eyes i think something stopping them from convencing to each other i hope it should not be ego …
Sanskar and ragini comes out from court room a unknown happiness can be easily seen in their eyes their faces are glowing and their lips are smiling but controls them selfs by seeing each other by a hestition of wat they will think of her or him….
Sanskar opens door for ragini and makes her sit and closes door he smiles on the way and stops smiling and sits normally and they both goes to their room.
Ragini goes to washroom and closes door and sankar out side.
Ragini pov:-

Oh god thank u thank u so much wow one year in this one year anything can happen he too may love me wow i wont leave single Second to impress him and jumps soon she slips and falls down.
Sanskar pov:-thank god thanks to u finally u heared me one year wow i will make her realise my love to her which i have…and soon he lisen a scream from washroom he gets tensed and goes towards room and knocks it ..

Sanskar:-are u ok ragini wat happen why u shouted.
Ragini:-i slipped sanskar i thinky leg got sprain.
Sanskar:-can u getup or shall i help u.
Ragini about say yes but stops thinking something and says no sanskar i think i cant walk..
Sanskar:-open door i will help u .. i mean if u are ok with it or else..i will call someone…

Rags:-no no dont call any one u can come inside and unlocks door.
Sanskar:-smiles and goes inside by hestiating by thinking in wat way she might be but gets relaxed by seeing her in ok position(i mean in clothes)breathes out and walk towards her.
Rags eyes him lovingly and sanskar also does same he bends and takes her in arms and lifts her..
Rags and sanskar both were looking into each others eyes deeply and soon they reach out of
room and places her on bed goes and brings spray and sprays on her leg ..
Sanskar gets up and says u take rest i will go and asks servents to make dinner and leaves from their…

Next morning ..
Rags comes out washroom with wet hair and dries it up in that process few water drops falls on sanskar face and gets up and see s ragini drying her hair and rags too sees him and says..
Ragini:-sry i think i disturbed u and about to go a hand stops her and turns and sees sanskar holding her and soon he gets up and says
Sanskar:-u were looking beautifull
Ragini like always but today with this wet hair u were awesome and kisses her on forehead and realises wat he did and about to ho from their but this time ragini stops him and says…
Ragini:-thank u and while going she kisses him on cheecks and runs from their..
Sanskar touches his cheecks and reminds wat just happen.
Breakfast they both were looking into each other and having break fast …
Like this 3 months passes…
Both became close frds than before few days later that person stops coming from court as they sesnsed every thing is ok between them…
They both didnt even realised that.
At one night rags and sanskar returns from movie and they reached their room ..and they both became wet due to rain outside.

Rags is wearing a light pink saree and her wetness shows her body clearly she takes towel and goes and gives to sanskar.
They both were cleaning them self by standing little close a strong thunder stroms and because of that loud sound ragini immediatedly hugs sanskar which makes him shockedd..but he too hugs her back suddenly current goes due to fues problem ..
They break their hug and sanskar goes and brings candle and sees ragini in wet saree and gets mesmerised by seeing her inch to inch which is visible to him and water drops on her neck and waist driving him crazy..he keeps that candle aside and walks towards her rags too sees him coming towards her rags can see his intension in his eyes and gets shy and moves back words when she about to hit fall sanskar catches her by waist and drags her towards him.
She hits him hards from front.
He catches her waist from back tightly and looking at her lips and sees her eyes as if he is asking permission..
She too nodes immediately sanskar kisses her lips and soon they went into deep kiss after few moments they both came back to their senses and sees into each other.
Both speaks at a time.
Ragsan:-i love you.
Both gets happy and hugs each other.
Sanskar closely starts kissing her neck and she is brushing his hair he is dragging her more towards him and undressing each other and eachother ..
Both were enjoying each second and kissing each other ..
Rags is sleeping on his chest and sanskar is sleeping by hugging each other..

Soon sanskar turned from son in law to son to ragini parents he made her family as his own and had a little cute son…
A happy family picture …..is clicked…..

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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