ragsan – os – wrong call from the right person


Sanskar was sleepin it’s 4am his phone rings
He lifts the call some girl spoke

” hello sanskar please come and save me I dnt know where am i. Some people kidnapped me.please come fast sanskar” she was crying v badly some one slapped her the phone broke it sees the Cal was cutd
Sanskar – who was it how dos she know my name?? Was this a pranks call??
Being a police officer i must go help her out
He came out with pistol and took his bike.
He informed his officers they were on their way.
He reached the spt from where he got that call. It was totally empty.
He found that it was Shankar’s no. The person who works under big don. They transport girls.
He somehow finds another no. Of Shankar.
They reach where the mobile was luckily Shankar with other goons were also there.
Sanskar beat Shankar on his head.he turns around and unlock his mobile and was about to call big don. Sanskar took Shankar’s mob. They both had a fight. The fellow officers were searching for the girls and were defeating goons. They found the girls. They were unconscious and were lyng on the ground the officers were taking them to the jeep. Sanskar took Shankar and locked him with handcuffs in the other jeep.
Sanskar went to see how the girls condition was. He saw a girl and was shocked and shouted Ragini…….
He took them to the nearby hospital.
Sans – (officers) – you all go and be with Shankar.they all obey him
Sanskar goes to doctor and asks him about their condition
Doc – sir they are given sleeping tablets and some sort of drug. We will make sure that they will be alright in an hour or 2.
Sanskar sits on a chair and thinks

” it was Delhi. Sanskar with his family in a car was entering a big mansion name *Gadodias*.
Sharmishta wrlcomed them. The mansion was beautifully decorated. They all sit.
Sharmishta comes with some sweets and juice.
Shar – sanskar beta which sweet do u like??
San – i dnt eat sweets much aunty
Shek – but our Ragini eats each and every sweet lovingly.
San in a low voice to suj – ma kahin ye Ragini bahuiut moto toh nah hai??
Suj – shut up sanskar the girls character must be good
Shar brings Ragini. Sanskar was stunned seeing her and he kept his mouth open.
Shek – how is Ragini beta??
Rp – no need to ask him. J see him
Everyone laugh
Priest comes and takes a date for engagement ? which is after 3 months.
Ragsan exchange their no. ”

Doctor tell sanskar that they opened their eyes
He rushes towards Ragini
Ragini – sanskar happy birthday
Sanskar – are you mad Ragini?? Why are you here in Mumbai???
Ragini – i wanted to give surprise
Sanskar – shut up Ragini if something happens to u?? Hw would i live?
Rag – i dnt knw Sans i was in railway station and some one kidnapped me
San – thank god u called me other wise i would have lost u.
Ph rings

San – hello
V – hello sir it’s a good news
San – what??
V – v arrested big don and our pm decided to give u an sward for saving the girls lives. Ok sir u come to the station as soon as possible
San cuts d call ?

After 5 days he gets an award

A day before ragsans engagement
San – thank you Ragini
Rag – why sanskar?
San – because of u I got this award and also got a promotion
Rag – why thanks Sans u r my life v r one
San – thank u b coz u wished me that day thanks bcoz u came into my life becoz u made me happier
Rag – then i should thank u every sec Sans bcoz of u I’m alive nw
They both hug each other

*marriage ?

Happily ever after

Credit to: priya

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