RagSan OS (Valantine’s day special)

It was valantine’s day…one girl sat in pub holding beer bottle..

She looks around nd smiles sarcastically..she says all r celebrating Valentine’s day..but me..im tho single…no boyfriend..no enjoyment..she makes annoying face nd drank..

One man comes to her…she looks at him like what..

Man(forwarded one rose to her ):will u be my Valentine


Man:yeah baby..here all r enjoying ..but u sat alone that means u r single..im tho single..nd u r looking gorgeous nd im hot..y should we waste this Valentine’s day being single…lets make a pair.

Ragini:goid point..but i dont knw about u knw na..

Man:im sanskar…is it enough to becme my Valentine


Sanskar:shall we ??

Ragini:sure my Valentine..

He smiles..

Ragini:lets dance


They danced enjoying themselves..

Ragini:enough  of enjoymeny here..lets go


Ragini:long drive

Sanskar:fine chalo..

They roamed whole city..they enjoyed alot roaming together ,drinking together nd eating together..

Ragini:Thank u so much..i never thought ,i would celebrate valantine’s like this..i enjoyed alot

Sanskar:me too


Sanskar:what next

Ragini:means..what we will do next

Sanskar:its already late,dont u go home

Ragini:yeah..will u drop me

Sanskar:sure baby

Ragini smiles..


Ragsan came to ragini’s home..

Ragini:hav sit

Sanskar:where are ur mom nd dad..

Ragini:they are in london..im here to enjoy myself..

He smiles…

She sat beside him nd says u looks so cute while smiling…

Sanskar:u too super cute..

Ragini:such mein


Ragini:u r the first one who called me cute..

Sanskar looked at her like what..

Ragini(make a sad face):tell me one thing..am i not worth to love.

Sanskar:who said this

Ragini:all..in my school,in clg..bcz of my tomboy behaviour..all boys are scared by me.. All used to tease me by complimenting im looking handsome nd dashing…Areh im a girl i hav heart i hav feelings but no one can understand…im posh ,stylish ,egoistic nd bold but im a girl..but no one can see me as a girl…

She makes a sad face..

Sanskar:u r most beautiful girl in the world i hav never seen..


Sanskar cupped her face affectionately nd nodded looking deeply into her eyes ,where ragini already lost in his intense eyes…

Both looks at eo intensily..they r strangers but there is some unknown feeling which attracting towards eo..both have deep eyelock…

Sanskar removed her hair frm her face nd tucked behind her ear…

Ragini closed her eyes feeling unknown sensation through out her body by his gentle touch…he looks at her angelic face..her big eyes her small cute nose her soft cheeks nd her rosy juicy lips..(remember they are drunk)he leaned to her lips nd placed his lips on her’s nd sucks them gently..ragini holds his collar tight pulling him close…he was kissing her passionately ,ragini responds with equal passion…both lost in kiss totally ,they  goes on bed while kissing..both are kissing hard nd hard nd hard showing newly found love.. like they are craving for this love since ages….he unzipped her dress ,she unbuttoned his shirt without breaking kiss..both goes under blanket,not controlling themselves…. nd they makes out..(shocked right haa haa)


Ragini opend her eyes nd recalled last night.she looks at her beside but she doesn’t found sanskar..where is he..did he left..she pulls her hair frustrated..what hav i done..ragini how could u do that ,that too with stranger…u dont knw about him..how could u stupid..how could u..she closed her eyes tight…she cursed herself..


1year passed..

Ragini sat on her bed..she seems disturbed..she was roaming here nd there in her room..she cursed herself..it had been 1 year..i met him…I dont knw what had happened to me…he was not leaving my mind..his intense eyes..his smile.. his touch..i cant able to forget..may be this is love but how could it be with one night…y im not able to forget him..i knw he would hav forgt me..but im getting crazy here..sankar..sanskar..sanskar…where are u man..u made me mad..she literally became lady devdas..

She looks at d date it was feb 14th..She got ready quickly nd goes to the place where she met sanskar..to her surprise ,sanskar was there.he doesnt look at her..she wants to hug him tight nd tell how much she got crazy about him after spending that night with him…but she is scared to tell,what might he feel..she dont knw even would he rememberd her or not…she took a deep breath nd moves to him…


Sanskar(with confusion expression):do u knw me

Ragini smile vanished as he didnt remember her..

Sanskar:excuse me miss..do u knw me


she goes out with moisty eyes..nd stood closing her eyes…
She opened her eyes when she heard a familiar voice…she turned nd sees sanskar there..Before ragini could speak..

Sanskar:will u be my valantine tonight

Ragini(fumes hearing him):do u knw me(sarcastic)

Sanskar:no..but i jst waana u be my valantine….im sanskar..this is enough to celebrate this night..am i right


Sanskar:but ,u said yes.. last time

Ragini realized he rememberd all..

Sanskar laughs

Ragini glares at him..


Ragini turned her face…

Sanskar holds her wrist nd pulls her..she landed on his chest..

He (looks into her eyes deeply ):will u be my valantine(he asked huskily)

Ragini could not able deny looking at his eyes..She nodes.

Sanskar:lets start our celebration

Sanskar holds her hand..ragini kept looks on…

Sanskar askd her to sit in car..


Sanskar:come..dont ask till we reach..

Ragini nodded…

They reached a big mansion…

Ragini:who’s home it was..y did u took me here

sanskar:to celebrate this night(he winked at her)


Sanskar:dont act like u dont knw anything(he said romantically)

Ragini in mind what he was thinking about me,is he thinking im that of a girl who sleep with him whenever he wants..ragini it was ur fault,u should not have done like that..now see..all boys are same..

Sanskar:what are u thinking baby..come

Ragini:what are u thinking about me sanskar.. that day i slept with u..so u took me here again to fulfill ur desires..u wanna sleep with me right..so u took me here..


Sanskar:ha..i wanna sleep with u

Ragini fumes

Sanskar:i wanna sleep with u today..tomorrow..day after tomorrow nd every day..


Sanskar:come with me

Ragini:no..i wont come

Sanksar:dont think too much..come

He holds her hand nd takes her to inside..As soon as they entered inside Ragini was surprised to see the house walls which is covered by ragini photos..

Ragini:these photos..

Sanskar smiles

Ragini:are u spying on me

Sanskar smiles sheepishly


Sanskar:what type of question is this..bcz i love u

Ragini looks at him surprised by his sudden confession..

Sanskar:i love u..i really love

Ragini stood disbelieaf

Sanskar:first time i saw u in pub..love at first sight..when u agreed to be my valantine..i was on cloud 9th…nd that night moments with u…best moments in my life…After that night..when i woke up ,u r in my embrace sleeping peacefully..i jst wanna be with u like that forever..but im scared..bcz i dont knw how u feel after realizing what had we done ..i knw we are not in sense..but im scared u might feel think bad about me..so i left without telling u…but those memories didnt leave my mind…next day i came to ur house but i was scared to meet u…nd i started following where ever u went,i always behind u but failed to notice me…i came to pub for u..i knw u must cme there…nd u came nd greated with smile…then i realized u r not angry on me..i felt relieved..but i jst wanna tease u ,so i behaved with u like that..so sorry for that..

As soon as ragini heard him,she jumps into his embrace nd says i love u too..

Sanskar(smiles):i knw

Ragini(brk the hug):u knw??

Sanskar:i can see that in ur eyes

Ragini smiles nd hugs him tight…

Sanskar brks d hug..he holds her hand nd took her to one room,which is beautifully decorated with candles nd flowers…As soon as ragini entered ,rose petals falls on her as rain..Ragini smiles at sanskar..

Sanskar:welcome to our room

Ragini:is this ur house

Sanskar:no..our house

Ragini smiles..

Sanskar brings d cake nd asks her to cut..he smiles nd cut the cake..

Sanskar(feeds her):happy valantine’s day my love

Ragini smiles..abouto feed him..sanskar nodded as no

Ragini looked at him confused..sanskar leaned to her nd licks her lips nd says i had it..Ragini blushes..Sanskar smiles..

Sanskar opened his cupboard nd gave her one box..

Ragini opens it nd sees beautiful white saree in it..

Sanskar:i wanna see u in this saree..can u wear it for me

Ragini nodded nd goes to washroom…


Sanskar was awestruck seeing ragini who is coming out from washroom wearing white saree ,looking extremely gorgeous…Sanskar lost in her heavenly beauty..he comes towards her..ragini smiles seeing him..He neard her nd looks at her intensily..he caressed her face with his finger..Ragini closed her eyes breathing haevily wityh his intense touch…sansksr feels her hot breath on his face..he cups her face nd pecks her lips..ragini turns blushing..he hugs her from back nd kissed her shoulder ..Ragini turns nd hugs him..sanskar brk d hug nd kissed on her lips..Ragini runs her fingers into his hair…Sanskar brk d kiss suddenly as he recalled when ragini said him..he wants to sleep with her thats y he took her here..

Sanskar turns controlling his desires..

Ragini(holds his hand):im urs sanskar…u hav right on mr


Ragini placed her finger on his lips…she moves close to him..sanskar looks at her lovingly..she kissed his forehead ,eyes ,cheeks nd lips passionately..sanskar pressed her waist pulling her more closer..She then unbuttoned his shirt nd gives wet kisses on his chest nd his neck..sanskar was uncontrollable..he lifts her nd make sher lie on bed nd comes over her..ragini blushes. he placed his lips on her’s nd sucks them gently…Ragini pulls him more nd more close..he started kissing wildly biting sucking licking her lips..Ragini moans..he brkks d kiss  nd take off her sareeHe then bends towards her waist nd removes it with his mouth..ragini moans his name when she felt his wet lips on her waist…he went upwards kissing her belly towards her cleavage..he opend  top 2 buttons of her blouse nd brushe dhis lips over there..making her crazy..he kissed nd bited her cleavage..ragini groaned..he slowly licks there to soothe her pain…his lips travelled her cleavage towards her neck..he kissed her neck wildly by licking nd sucking nd biting her skin…ragini holds his hair tight breathing heavily…he makes her turn back nd untied her blouse knot with his lips..he removed her blouse nd caressed her soft bare back with his rough lips..ragini moans in pleasure..making him mad by her moans..he makes her turn to him nd kissed on her lips again hardly while taking off her remaining cloths…ragini hugged him tight giving pleasure to him by touching her soft delicate body against his hard body…he himself got undressed nd they made love whole night…


Ragini:sanskar..is this really love


Ragini:matlab..we dont knw about eo properly..we jst spent one night..im still wondering ..this is not attraction naa..are we meant for eo..

Sanskar:dear sometimes only a moment is enough to fall in love..we had that moment in that night…we are meant to be eo..

Ragini (hugs him tight):love u

Sanskar:love u too



Ragini:when will we marry

Sanskar:marriage..who said i will marry u

Ragini( got up from him angrily.):what do u mean

Sanskar (smiles nd pulls her on him):see ur face..i was jst kidding baby..

Ragini(hits him playfully):plz dont talk like this..

Sanskar:sorry(he kissed her cheek)

Ragini smiles

Sanskar:we will marry on nxt valantine’s day..bcz i want to do our first night on valantine’s day

Ragini:first night??seriously

Sanskar:i mean after marriage first night

Ragini (smiles):ok..let me go..i need to leave

Sanskar(he hugs her tight):no..never


Sanskar:plzzzz..i missed u so much..be like this..

Ragini nodded..both hugs eo tight feeling happy in eo embrace..


Mk dear..as u wish i wrote HOT os on ragsan..hope u like it..i knw it was something crazy…but what to do..i didnt get any good ideas…sorry…



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