Ragsan os – His soulmate

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A pair of fearful eyes are shown looking at someone pleadingly

Then slowly slowly her full face got revealed

The mid aged lady’s mouth is tied with a cloth piece

A shadow came close to her and the lady closed her eyes in fear

A laughter echoed in the room then the lady started screaming in pain as she was getting beaten up with a small wooden cricket bat

“How dare you to dominate me?To shout on me?How dare you to snatch my chocolates and my dolls from me??Dare you to force me to study!And you will end up getting beaten by me black and blue!”

The threat shaken the lady to the core

She looked at the torturer with wide eyes

And there the 6Years old little devil glaring at the lady holding the cricket bad in her hand

“Don’t you dare to look at me like this, I’ll scoop your eyes out of the sockets and will play Carrom with it” the kid threatened the lady

The lady shook her head in NO and sobbed looking at the rope which is tied around her wrists

The kid patted his one foot on the ground rubbing the tip of her nose and giving a proud look to the lady

“So now you wouldn’t dominate me and would listen to each and every word of mine,OK??” the kid asked the lady

The lady quickly nodded as Yes

“ok fine Tanya AUNTY I’m forgiving you this time” the kid stated

“Ummmm” The lady, Tanya tried to speak something
(Tanya played by Roop Durgapal)

The kid understood her sign

She came closer to her and untied her hands

Tanya quickly removed the clothe piece from her mouth and ran out of the room being horrified

She stepped down on the staircase hastily when the kid followed her

A old lady came infront of Tanya when she came in the hall sweating and huffing badly

Old lady-Arre where are you going Tanya??

Tanya(shouting)-I’m leaving Parvati madam, leaving from here for forever!

Parvati(played by Ragini’s dadi from SR)

Parvati-Leaving means??you are appointed to take care of my grandson’s daughter!You are her babysitter, we are paying money to you for taking care of her!You can’t leave this house like this!

Tanya-Too hell with this job!I can continue this job only if I stay alive na?But your grandson’s daughter will kill me if I stay here another day!

Parvati-What nonsense Tanya, you are talking about a 6year kid, how can an innocent kid can harm you?

Tanya-Innocent??Who Sanskriti?She isn’t a innocent kid, she is dangerous a Devil!

Tanya screamed in pain as Someone hits her from behind

She turned around and
found Sanskriti is ready to hit her again with her cricket bat

Tanya-See from which angle she looks innocent??No other babysitter gonna take HER responsibly!I’m leaving!

Sanskriti-Yes you better leave from here or else I’ll boil you in hot oil!

She stated and again hit Tanya on her… (ehem ehem understand?) with her bat

Tanya ran out of the place hurriedly

Parvati sat on chair holding her head in tension

Parvati-Oh god now who will manage this Toofan??I toh can’t do it!?

Sanskriti chuckled seeing her state

Sanskriti-Huh kriti doesn’t need anyone to take care of her, she can take care of herself in a better way!I don’t want any other boring, bossy,mannerless and ugly babysitter like that Tanya!

She kept the bat on her shoulder holding it tightly and went towards her room proudly

Parvati hits her own forehead

Parvati-This is the third babysitter who ran away from this house being scared of kriti!Now what will happen next??


A Man of mid thirty entered the same house while talking on phone
Only his eyes and his back is shown

Man(shouting on phone)-What the hell is this Ms Shah?How many times I have told you to complete the project by today?Tomorrow is our presentation and you are telling me you haven’t finished with your job till now?See I’m handling this large company, there is lots of pressure on my shoulder and if being my pa you can’t even handle one project then you have to find a new job for yourself!

he cuts the call angrily and took a step ahead in the hall, massaging his temple

But his foot fell on something hard and in next moment he slipped and fell on the floor with a thud

Wincing in pain he looked around and saw a electronic toy car near him

He shook his head feeling annoyed and grabbed the toy car

Man-So this is the thing which came under my foot!No discipline at all!

He shouted at the top of his voice

Parvati came running and found the man sitting on the floor holding the toy car in his hand with an irritated face

She stepped near him and helped him to get up from the floor holding his hand

Man(angrily)-Where is she dadi??

Parvati-Wo Sanskriti is in her room, studying!

Man-Dont lie dadi, I know her very well, she’s not studying she must be making some trouble some job!The whole hall is a mess, just look around!And you instead of scolding her you are trying to save her from my scoldings?

Parvati-Sanskaar what do you want me to do?I’m an old lady how can I manage that little devil of yours all alone?

Now the man’s face is revealed to be Sanskaar

Sanskaar(shocked)-What did you just said?Managing her ALL ALONE means??Where is Tanya?She is here to handle her na?

parvati-SHE WAS Sanskaar but not now!She left the job today!

Sanskaar(shouting)-Whaaattt!??When why how?

Parvati-Today morning she left and she left bcoz she got a better job offer!

Sanskaar looked at dadi with no expression face for a while then he clenched his teeth trying to control his anger

Sanskaar-Again you are lieing dadi!I’m giving her 3lakh salary per month for taking care of Sanskriti and you are telling me she got a better salary job so she left this job??

Parvati(stammering)-Wo wo.. Actually

Sanskaar showed his palm to dadi stopping her from saying further

Sanskaar-Sanskritiiii!Where are you, come in the hall right NOW!??

Sanskriti came there with slow steps making a puppy face

Sanskriti-Papa today you came home so soon????

Sanskaar showed him the car

Sanskaar-It was in the hall near the entrance and I slipped bcoz of it!After playing with it couldn’t you keep it in proper place??

Sanskriti-While walking you didn’t looked around and kept your feet on it na?so how is this my fault?If you would have watched around while walking you wouldn’t have slipped!??

Anger rushed in his veins

Sanskaar-You did a careless job now you are arguing with me?I’m your father Sanskriti!

Sanskriti blew air on her nails

Sanskriti-I know that you are my father, papa!Tell something new!

Sanskaar(shouted)-kritiii!Don’t talk to me with that tone, you forgot your curtsey completely!

Sanskriti stood there with a don’t care attitude making Sanskaar more angry

Sanskaar bent down and grabbed her arms and asked her with loud voice

Sanskaar-Tell me what have you done this time that this 4th babysitter also left the job?Answer me what you did with her??

Sanskriti looked at his grip on her arms then pushed away his hand while shouting and stomping her foot on the floor

Sanskriti-I don’t like that Tanya, I don’t like any people who shouts on me, who dominates me!And I don’t like YOU!I hate you papa, I just hate you!You are the worst father in the whole universe!??

She stormed out of the place and ran towards her room crying

Sanskaar stayed numb witnessing her rude words and actions

Dadi kept her hand on his shoulder

Sanskaar-Is she my daughter dadi?Is she the same sanskriti who used to sleep keeping her head on my chest?She is changing dadi?So much change!If she is doing something wrong don’t I have the right to scold her being her father??

Tears rolled down from his eyes

Parvati-Sanskaar she is growing up slowly slowly her nature is changing, you are always busy with your business!Nowadays you don’t give attention to her that’s why she became like this!

Sanskaar-So what should I do dadi?Should I stop doing my work and give her all my time trying to teach her manners and all? Dadi I’m working so hard so that I can give her each and everything she needs but I can’t stay near her 24×7 na?

Parvati-I understand sanskaar that’s why I told you to get married again but you didn’t gave any heed to my opinion!She needs a mother who can take care of her and who can give her the love she deserves!Babysitters can’t handle a child like a mother does!

Sanskaar-Dadi please not that topic again!I still love my late wife!I can’t marry someone else!Who will marry a person like me who has a kid of 6years and who still couldn’t forget his late wife??And if I marry someone can you give me a guarantee that my second wife will love my Kriti like her own mother??I don’t know how but I’ll bring the best babysitter for my daughter and from now i’ll, try to spent some more time with Sanskriti to make her feel loved!

Sanskaar wiped his tears and went inside his room

He stood near a big photo hanging on Wall
And caressed it with teary eyes

Sanskaar-Did you see how our Sanskriti talked with me?Am I seriously the worst dad?Am I a failure to take care of her properly?Why did you left me like this?I’m so helpless without you!You were always a best friend for me more than a wife and I miss you, miss you badly Pragya!

The photo is of Sanskaar and his late wife Pragya(played by Sriti jha)

(Pragya died bcoz of brain tumour 5years ago)

Sanskaar held his paining head and dialled a number of a agency to appoint a new babysitter but the agency informed him clearly that they can’t sent new babysitter to his house as Sanskriti treated the previous babysitters very badly

In rage Sanskaar threw his phone on the bed and pulled his hair in frustration

He tried to search new baby-sitter through other links but nobody accepted his offer as the other agencies who send babysitters also came to know about Sanskriti’s mischiefs

A 3 years old babygirl is shown hiding under a small table

Her mouth is filled with food and there some food is smeared on her lips and chin

The babygirl peeked from under the table and smiled looking at someone’s foot-steps then hided under the table properly

A pair of foot shown walking restlessly in the room

It stopped near the table

“Ruhi baccha where are you?See I’m scared now please come to me now!”

A woman spoke with lots of care in her tone

The babygirl giggled a little seeing the woman

The woman is holding a food bowl in her hand, she kept the bowl on the table and bent down

As soon the babygirl’s eyes met the woman’s eyes, she clapped her little hands in excitement

Woman-Caught you!!

The woman spoke joyfully dragging the babygirl on her lap and the babygirl started laughing and jumping in excitement

Woman-Enough of this hide and seek now please finish your food ok?

She took the food bowl and fed the food to the babygirl

The babygirl finished the food and ran towards swing in the room and sat on it

The woman smiled

Woman-My baby!Ragini’s Ruhi!??

The woman spoke smilingly

And now the woman’s face revealed as Ragini

Ruhi the baby was busy playing sitting on the swing and Ragini was admiring her cute antiques just then she heard a loud knock on her door

She went towards the door ? and opened it hesitantly

A man of mid fifty entered the room with an angry face

Ragini got scared seeing him

Man-Give my money right now right here, today I won’t listen a single word of you!

Ragini(pleadingly)-Mehra ji please give me some more days, I’m searching a job which I can continue staying at home and I’ll surely arrange the money very soon just give me some more days I have 2000 rupees, take this money for now i’ll give the remaining money soon!

The man took the money from her

Man-Rent for this room is 6000 and you are giving me only 2000?You need to give me last month rent too!Huh I should have never given you this room on rent!I know you won’t pay my money and I’m tired of waiting so now I’ll give this room to someone else on rent!Pack your luggage and leave from here!

Ragini looked at the person in shock

She joined her hands infront of him pleadingly

Ragini-Please don’t say like this, I’ll give your money soon, see I’m giving tuition to two kids, I’m getting 4000 rupees from them in total!And I’ll arrange more money soon just give me one week time!

Man(shouting)-No!You have to leave from here right now, take your luggage and get out from here or I’ll throw you out of this house!

Ragini-Please Mehra ji don’t do like this, where will I go taking my little Ruhi at this time, see it’s already evening and I don’t have any relative also!

Man-Thats none of my business, will you go from here with your respect or should I order the watchman to throw you out from here??

Tears rolled down from Ragini’s eyes, she stood numb
Ruhi walked near her with a confused face who is not understanding what’s happening there

Ruhi held Ragini’s dupatta and pulled it gaining her attention

Ragini looked at her sobbing a little
She took her in her embrace and for the last time pleaded to owner of the house

Ragini-Not for me but at least for Ruhi?please at least think about her?Give me 2days?

Man-One new family is coming to here from tomorrow so I can’t give you two more days so you have to leave right now!You have two hours pack your luggage and leave!I have warned you last month that if you don’t give the rent on right time this month then you have to leave!

Saying this he leaves the room

Ragini hugged Ruhi tightly and cried her heart out

Little Ruhi’s eyes got moist seeing tears in Ragini’s eyes
She wiped her tears


On a lonely Road a car is shown driving with a high speed

On the opposite way a girl is shown walking on the same road unmindfully
Holding a babygirl in her embrace and holding a luggage Bag in her left hand

And their face revealed as Ragini and Ruhi

Ragini’s pov

I left that house but now where should I go at this time?I don’t have any relative, where can we stay now!?Till when I’ll wander on roads taking my little Ruhi?I need a shelter and a job badly but I don’t know how to survive right now!

She was so lost in her thoughts that she mistakenly stepped infront of the moving car

The person who was driving the car noticed them infront of his car and quickly turned the car to the left to avoid an accident

Getting scared by this sudden incident Ragini closed her eyes embracing Ruhi tightly in her embrace

When she found herself and Ruhi safe and sound she opened her eyes and saw a man getting out of the car angrily and walking towards her with large steps

The man stood infront of her and yelling at her

Man-What the hell?Are you blind or what?Such careless peoples like you should stay in home instead of walking on roads!On the right time I turned the car or else bcoz of your carelessness an accident was about to happen!

Ragini jerked bcoz of his rude tone

Ragini(stammered)-So.. Sorry.. I was tensed I didn’t no.. Noticed your car!I’m really sorry Mr!

Man-Sorry?You are walking on a road with a baby you should be careful!

Ruhi leaned towards the Man and tapped on his nose with her little finger with a smile on her face

The man looked at her shocked

A smile appeared on his lips

He held Ruhi’s little finger and shook it playfully

Man(to Ragini)-Umm I think you are going somewhere with your baby right?It’s already night and you are alone with this kid, if you don’t have any problem I can drop you wherever you wants to go!What’s your place?

Ragini-Actually.. Nothing! Thanks but I can manage!

Man-Look I can understand you are not comfortable but you don’t need to get scared of me!I’m Sanskaar Maheshwari, a well reputed business-man, I wouldn’t harm you!Some time ago you were walking on road so carelessly that you are about to meet with an accident, it can happen again right?See I’m willing to give you the lift just bcoz of this little kid, sit inside my car I’ll drop you at your home!
(yuppp it’s Sanskaar only)

Ragini bent down her head

Ragini-I don’t have any home!

Sanskaar-What?What do you mean by you don’t have any home?

Ragini bent her head as tears rolled down from her eyes
Seeing her tears Ruhi also started weeping

Sanskaar’s heart pinched seeing their tears

He cupped Ruhi’s face and wiped her tears

Sanskaar-Please stop crying, seeing you cry the baby is also crying!
Can you please tell me what’s the matter?

(Ragini explained him everything feeling comfortable bcoz of his polite behaviour)

Sanskaar stood there thinking something

Sanskaar-You need a shelter and a job as soon as possible!I can help you Ms.

Ragini-Ragini Verma!But why are you willing to help a stranger like me?

Sanskaar-There is two reasons, firstly I want to see this kid secured as she reminds me of someone close to my heart and secondly I need you!


Ragini looked at him in shock trying to understand what he meant

Sanskaar sighed

Sanskaar-Relax don’t take it in other sense, I need you I  mean I need your help!See I have a 6years old daughter and I’m searching a babysitter for her!But.. But I couldn’t get a perfect one.. So if you.. I mean will take care of my daughter??I’ll pay you 3lakhs every month!Plus you can stay in my guest room!See you need a shelter and a job and I need a babysitter for my daughter, and seeing your bond with your baby I think you can take good care of my daughter!So.. Will you??

Ragini looked at Ruhi for a while then looked at Sanskaar top to bottom

Ragini’s pov

This man looks like a gentleman, and we badly need a shelter.If not for myself but for my Ruhi I have to take a risk, I hope he wouldn’t harm us!

Ragini took a deep breath and Sanskaar waited for an answer scanning her expressions keenly

Ragini-Ok I’m ready for the job!

Sanskaar took a sigh of relief

Sanskaar-Thanks, sit inside the car!From now you will stay in my house!
I’m keeping your luggage inside the car!

He neared her and took her luggage and kept it inside the car

Ragini sat beside Sanskaar on the front sit taking Ruhi on her lap

Sanskaar drove the car


Reaching MM

Sanskaar stopped the car and came out of it and took out Ragini’s luggage

Ragini too came out of the car holding Ruhi in her embrace

As soon as They stepped inside the mansion they heard a loud sound of something
Like something getting broken

Ragini’s eyes widened as she noticed a 6year old kid is throwing flower-vases one after another

Sanskaar pulled his hair in frustration

Sanskaar-Sanskritiii!What are you doing?

Sanskriti scrunched up her nose

Sanskaar-Breaking the things I don’t like!Breaking the things which YOU LIKE!

She spoke with a stubborn tone

Sanskaar-Enough you..

Ragini signalled him to calm down and she stepped near Sanskriti

Sanskriti scanned her top to bottom

Sanskriti(to Sanskaar)-Who is she??

Sanskaar-She is your new caretaker and you will behave with her politely!

Sanskriti looked at Ragini tapping her foot

Sanskriti-New babysitter for me?Welcome to hell Ms? What’s your name?

Ragini smiled at her gently

Ragini-My name is Ragini!You can call me…

Sanskriti-I used to call my previous babysitters as aunty but you are too young so I’ll call you Ragini only!

Sanskaar-Kriti where is your manners?She is elder to you, you can’t call her with her name!

Ragini smiled and bent down near Sanskriti

Ragini-Umm I’ll feel very happy if you call me by my name, btw Sanskriti is a beautiful name but can I call you kriti?

Sanskriti-umm ok I don’t have any problem!

Ragini-So Ragini and Kriti are friends now right??

She forwarded her hand towards Sanskriti

Sanskaar looked at them keenly

Sanskriti(smiled)-If you don’t dominate me, don’t scold me then I can think about making you my friend!For now bye!

Ruhi giggled looking at Sanskriti

Sanskriti looked back at her and a smile appeared on her lips

She stepped near Ruhi who is in Ragini’s lap, and tapped on Ruhi’s soft cheek

Sanskriti-aww she is so cute!Is she your daughter??What’s her name??

Ruhi(told her name)-Roo, Maa..ma’s roo

She spoke with a chirpy tone

Ragini held Sanskriti’s hand and kept Ruhi’s hand on her hand joining their hands

Ragini-Hi Sanskriti this is Ruhi and Ruhi this is your kriti di ok?

Sanskriti’s eyes sparkled with a joy


Sanskriti-She called me di!yaaayyy!

Sanskriti jumped in joy

Sanskriti-You know Ragini I always wanted a sister with whom I can play!From now i’ll play with Ruhi!I can play with her na??

She asked expectantly

Ragini smiled and caressed her cheeks

Ragini-off course you can!

Sanskriti-Dadiiii I got a baby sister!

Sanskriti ran towards Dad’s room jumping with joy

Ragini smiled seeing her

Sanskaar looked at Sanskriti in amazement
Seeing a new shade of her behaviour

Sanskaar-This is amazing, Ms Ragini you came just some moments ago and you managed to make her feel happy so soon!

Ragini(smiled)-I did nothing,all credit goes to my Ruhi!

She kissed Ruhi’s cheek

Sanskaar-Umm if you don’t mind can I take her in my embrace for some time?

Ragini smiled and gave Ruhi to Sanskaar

Ruhi looked happy in Sanskaar’s embrace playing with his hairstrands, giggling

Sanskaar caressed her hair smilingly

Sanskaar-Umm Ms Ragini can I ask you something please don’t mind!

Ragini looked at him hesitantly

Ragini-umm yeah sure!

Sanskaar-Umm actually Ruhi is a 2 years and half months or 3 years old right?

Ragini-Yeah she’s 3years and 2months old!

Sanskaar-Umm is she your own daughter??I mean you don’t look more than 23years old, I mean too young to be a 3years old kid’s mother…

Ragini’s face fell hearing this

Ragini I’m 24 years old, and you are right Ruhi isn’t my own daughter but she’s like my own daughter.She is actually my elder sister’s daughter, 2years ago my sister and brother in law died in an accident, from that time I’m taking care of Ruhi bcoz I’m the only guardian of Ruhi!

Sanskaar-Oh I’m really sorry!I must say Ruhi is like an angel, she came here and made our mood happy!

Sanskriti came there dragging Parvati with her

Sanskriti-See dadi this is Ruhi!She’s soooooooooooo cute na??You know she called me di!And Ragini said I can play with her!

Sanskriti was blabbering without a break and RagSan were admiring the smile on Sanskriti’s face

Sanskaar introduced Parvati to Ragini

At Guest room

Sanskaar-So this is your room from now, you can tell dadi if you need anything!I want to tell you my daughter is a little short temper…

Ragini-Just like you!


Ragini-Your daughter is just like you, short temper, stubborn but good hearted and caring!

Sanskaar raised his eyebrow

Sanskaar-So you are saying I’m short tempered and stubborn?And how did you came to know??

Ragini-Seeing you I could easily guess!

Sanskaar-umm sorry for shouting on you that time!

Ragini-It’s really ok, I understand.Thank you so much, if you were there I don’t know where I would have been staying with my Ruhi!

Sanskaar-no need to say thanks, you are here for a job and I know you will do it properly!I have told the servant to give your and Ruhi’s food here!Have dinner good night!

He left the room

Next morning

Sanskriti pushed away the glass of milk on the table making an disgusted face

Parvati-Kriti baccha have it na. It’s good for health!

Sanskriti-I hate milk, I wouldn’t drink it that’s final!

“Oh no then toh you become stronger, prettier and smarter” Ragini spoke from behind making a sorry face

Sanskriti looked at her confused

Sanskriti-What do you mean Ragini?

Ragini-You know when we drink milk daily na then our brain turns more smarter, milk makes our bones stronger and our skin turns more soft and smooth!You know why I have this long hair?Bcoz I used to drink milk daily, bcoz of milk my hair is so long and silky!Even you can gain all these but you don’t wanna drink milk na then…

Samskriti-No I will drink milk, I wanna be more smarter, stronger and prettier and I want long silky hair just like you!Give me milk!

Ragini gave her the glass of milk and Sanskriti drank it in a go

Standing a little far Sanskaar witnessed all this in amazement

Parvati caressed Ragini’s hair

Parvati-Now I’m sure nobody can handle our kriti better than you Ragini!

Ragini hugged Sanskriti smiling mildly


Sanskriti bonded very well with Ruhi

And keeping her mischiefs & her study aside she got playing with Ruhi

Ragini-Kriti you can play with Ruhi later, for now you have to finish your studies!

Sanskriti-But I have no mood to study, I’ll do it when I would like to do it!

Ragini-Ok but I’m feeling very bad for Ruhi and you!


Ragini-You said you want to become an air hostess right but if you don’t pay attention in studies than you can never become an air hostess bcoz to become an air hostess you need to be well educated.You don’t want to study na then your dream of becoming an air hostess will remain a drama only.I’m worried about Ruhi also when she grow up and she will ask your help in studies then you won’t be able to help her if you yourself don’t study properly!

Sanskriti’s face turned pale hearing Ragini’s words

It’s not going to happen, I’ll study well I promise!

Saying this She kept Ruhi on bed, took her book and started studying

Ragini smiled looking at her with a feeling of victory✌

Sanskaar who was standing outside of the room noticed everything and a smile appeared on his lips

He came there to enquery about Sanskriti’s study matters and witnessing these scenes he got a relief that now he found someone who can take care of Sanskriti’s study matter very well

Sanskriti turned to Ragini and asked a question from a lesson which she couldn’t understand properly and Ragini helped her with her all questions

Sanskaar smiled and left the place

Bcoz of Ragini Sanskriti was changing slowly slowly
She became more responsible and less naughty
More polite and less stubborn

Sometimes staying a little far Sanskaar used to admire Sanskriti and Ragini’s bond

Ragini filled Sanskriti’s life with love,care and happiness and Sanskriti’s happy face filled Sanskaar’s heart with joy

Sanskaar started admiring each and every shade of Ragini


Sanskriti-I hate god, I hate everyone!All peoples are bad!

Sanskriti rushed inside mm crying badly and throwing her school bag on the floor

Ragini came running towards her seeing her like that

She cupped Sanskriti’s face and caressed her hair wiping her tears

Ragini-What happened kriti?Why are you so angry and why are you crying like this??Stop crying please!Or else me and Ruhi, we will start crying too!

Sanskriti wiped her tears but still continued sobbing
She hugged Ragini tightly then complained with her broken voice

Sanskriti-My all friends are bad, they are very bad, they always taunts me saying I don’t have a mom, I’m a bad girl that’s why my mom left me alone!Did my mom really left me alone bcoz I’m a bad girl??

Ragini’s heart pained hearing her words
She hugged her tightly

Ragini-You are a very good girl Sanskriti, your friends are wrong.

Sanskriti-Then why I don’t have a mother??

Ragini-Baccha actually you are a very strong girl na but god is not strong like you, God needed someone to take care of him so your mother went to him to take care of God!

Sanskriti sobbed more badly

Sanskriti-But what about me??I also want a mother like my friends!You know you are very very nice, I wish you were my mother!

Ragini’s eyes widened hearing her words but she couldn’t understand what reply she should give to Sanskriti

Ragini-kriti you don’t have your mom but Your dad, dadi, Me and Ruhi loves you more than anything baccha so don’t feel bad ok, ignore your friend’s words.When they will taunt you na say them that you are your papa’s princess who loves you a lotttttt!

Sanskriti stopped sobbing and curled into Ragini’s lap hugging her tightly

Standing at the main entrance Sanskaar covered his mouth trying to control his sob

His eyes are overflowing with hot tears

He came home to take an important file but his heart got broken into pieces witnessing Sanskriti’s crying face and her innocent questions

Sanskriti-But Ragini I want a mother!

She demanded childishly wrapping her arms around Ragini’s neck

Sanskaar couldn’t take it anymore

He was proven wrong

A babysitter can take care of his daughter well but only a mother can heal the hidden wounds of his innocent kid

Finally Sanskaar started realizing it


Sanskriti-Dadi when a girl gets married to a boy then she becomes his wife right??

Parvati-Yes, why??

Sanskriti-Then if Papa gets married to someone then she will be his wife and my mom right??

Parvati-Why are you asking all this??

Sanskriti-My sweet dadi please get papa married to Ragini na, then will become my mom!Please please!

Parvati-Kriti don’t say all these to your papa or else he will be angry!

“what’s happening here” Sanskaar asked who just entered the house

Sanskriti ran towards him and hugged him

Sanskriti-Papa I love Ragini, she is very nice!I want her as my mom, please marry her please!

Sanskaar widened his eyes in shock

This is what he was fearing about

He caressed her hair and spoke gently

Sanskaar-It’s not possible Kriti, she’s with you na?But I can’t marry her!

Sanskriti(shouting)-No No No I want her as my mom, I wanna introduce her to my friends and wanna say them that I also have a mother, who loves me a lot!

Sanskaar-kriti listen stop thinking all this it’s not possible!

Sanskriti pushed him a little in anger

Sanskriti(shouted)-Why it’s not possible?Why why whyyyyyyy??

Sanskaar(shouting)-Bcoz it’s not right bcoz it’s just impossible!

Sanskriti jumped in her place in fear hearing Sanskaar’s loud reply

After a while Sanskaar approached towards her and was about to hold her hand but she stepped back sobbing

Sanskriti-You are very bad very selfish!I don’t want to talk to you!Just go away, I hate you!You don’t love me at all, I wish my mother had never left me alone with you!

Sanskriti wiped her tears ragefully and stormed out of the place leaving a shocked and hurt Sanskaar

As Her words kept ringing in his mind he took some steps back and fell on the floor lifelessly

He already lost his first love, his wife Pragya now he is loosing his only daughter too

It stabbed his heart

Parvati felt bad seeing him in this state

After Ragini came in their lives, Sanskriti was changing, she was polite but again Sanskaar’s one NO made Sanskriti rude like before

Ragini was in kitchen preparing Sanskriti’s favourite dishes and Ruhi was sitting on a table playing with potato

Sanskriti rushed inside and hugged Ragini from back, sobbing badly

Ragini dragged her infront of her and wiped her tears

Ragini-kriti why are you?What’s wrong?

Sanskriti-He shouted on me, I asked something from him but he is not willing to give it to me!

Ragini understood about whom she was talking

She consoled her and made her calm down

Sanskriti-Ragini you and Ruhi wouldn’t leave me alone na?

Ragini-Never ever!

She kissed her forehead lovingly

Kriti took Ruhi in her lap and got busy playing with her


Some days passed Sanskaar tried every possible way to make Sanskriti smile, to talk to her but Sanskriti stopped talking with him completely and ignored him all the time

Ragini tried to bring this father-daughter duo closer but she failed

Sanskaar felt he lost his daughter’s love

One day Sanskriti was in her school for an event, Sanskaar was in office and the servant didn’t came for his job

Parvati and Ragini were alone in MM

Parvati’s head was aching badly and Ragini was massaging her head sitting on sofa

Just then she noticed someone coming inside

He is a tall guy with blue eyes

Seeing him Parvati smiled and welcomed him

Parvati-Kabir how are You?You are here after a long time!

Kabir(played by Vatsal seth) smiled at her

Kabir-Thought to meet Sanky!I’m good dadi, how are you?Where is he btw?

Parvati-He is in office, I’m fine beta!Ragini can you make a cup of coffee beta?

Ragini nodded positively
Just then Kabir noticed Ragini

His eyes scanned every beautiful feature of Ragini

He was totally spellbound with Ragini’s beauty so he didn’t take his eyes off from her

Ragini felt a little uncomfortable seeing him staring at her without even blinking

She went to kitchen to make coffee for him

Kabir(quriously)-Who is she dadi??

Parvati-She is Ragini, Kriti’s babysitter.She is a nice girl and lives with us here!Kabir Ragini will come with your coffee do drink that and wait for Sanskaar, he might reach here at any moment!I have a strong head-ache so I’m to have some rest please don’t mind beta!

Kabir(smirked)-Sure dadi!I’m waiting!

Parvati left the place


After a while

Sanskaar came back to home and found it impossibly silent

But his ears caught a low sound of moaning

As if someone is trying to shout but the person’s mouth is closed

He felt weird the sound was coming from kitchen’s direction so he walked towards the kitchen and found the door closed

When he pushed the door it got open without loud noise and the scene before him shocked him to the core

Ragini is in Kabir’s clutch, he was covering her mouth with one hand, other hand is wrapped around her waist and his face was dug on Ragini’s shoulder

Ragini’s hair is messed up, face is tears stricken and eyes are swelled bcoz of crying
Her sleeves were pushed down a little from her shoulder

Ragini is sobbing and struggling to get out from Kabir’s clutch

Sanskaar’s blood boiled like volcano
His body got heated up and automatically his hands formed tight fists

Neither Ragini nor Kabir noticed Sanskaar’s presence there

Sanskaar without uttering a simple word rushed towards them
Grabbing Kabir’s shoulder harshly he pulled him away from Ragini and pushed him on the floor ragefully

Ragini got back her life again

Sanskaar(angrily)-How dare you to touch her Kabir??

Ragini not able to control herself threw herself on Sanskaar and hugged him tightly hiding her face in his chest crying loudly

Kabir was shocked and tensed

He stood up slowly and realized that his sin got caught red-handedly

Now he has no escape

Sanskaar patted Ragini’s back with care trying to calm her down

Kabir-Sanky don’t misunderstand me yaar, I was just.. Just trying to befriended with her!

Anger rushed in Sanskaar’s veins

Ragini broke the hug and looked at Kabir with a disgusted face

Ragini-He.. He is.. is lie..lieing..he was forced..

Ragini struggled to say further as her throat pained, she felt hard to even breath

Sanskaar wiped away her tears and approached Kabir

Kabir-Sanky I was waiting for you, she only called me here..

Before he could say one more lie further Sanskaar grabbed his throat roughly with one hand and pressed it hard and with other hand slapped him hard on his face

Sanskaar-First you forced yourself on her and now you are trying to put a blame on her character?If you were not my old friend then I would have killed you right here right now!

He again slapped him hard and dragged him towards the entrance

Sanskaar-Go from here before I commit something very bad with you!

Kabir-So much care for your daughter’s babysitter that you are insulted and raised your hand on your old friend?

Sanskaar-Bcoz my friend is a very cheap man and I witnessed his true face today!

Kabir(laughed)-Really I’m only cheap not you??

Sanskaar-What do you mean?

Kabir-Uff how much tightly you both hugged each other do you think I didn’t noticed??Romantic ha?What is she for you?Is she only your daughter’s babysitter or she is serving you with some other way too??

Ragini stood there numb feeling terribly insulted and broken


Sanskaar shouted and pushing Kabir on the floor he started beating him mercilessly

Though Kabir tried to fight back but Sanskaar was so mad at him that he kept hitting him without giving a single chance to Kabir to save himself from him

Ragini came to senses and ran towards them to stop Sanskaar

She grabbed Sanskaar’s shoulder and tried to separate him from Kabir

As soon as Sanskaar left Kabir
Kabir escaped from there

Sanskaar grabbed Ragini’s shoulder tightly and pinned her against a wall

Sanskaar(shouting)-Why the hell did you stopped me??He deserved much more!

Ragini jerked due to fear
Her eyes were flowing with hot tears

Seeing her like that Sanskaar came to his senses
Releasing her from his clutch he stepped back looking at nowhere

Sanskaar-I’m sorry!

He uttered softly
Then he held her hand gently and took her inside her room and consoled her

This night both didn’t get sleep bcoz of the recent happenings


Next morning

“I want Ragini as my mom,
You are very selfish papa,
I wish you were my mother, What is she for you?
Is she only your daughter’s babysitter or she is….”

Sanskriti and Kabir’s words kept disturbing Sanskaar

He closed his eyes and his ears and took a deep breath

When he opened his eyes he thought something determinedly

He went to Ragini’s room and witnessed Ragini is combing kriti’s hair and kriti was playing with Ruhi

Sanskaar adored their bond

Sanskaar-Ragini I want to talk to you about something important, can you please come to my room??

Sanskriti looked at him then looked away like he doesn’t exists

Sanskaar felt bad
Ragini went to his room with him


Sanskaar-After Pragya’s death I never wanted to marry someone as I still have her memories in my heart and I feared that my new wife wouldn’t be able to love my kriti like her own daughter!

Ragini looked at him calmly understanding his pain

Sanskaar-But as a father I want to become selfish, I know you love kriti like you love Ruhi!I’m 10 years older than you I know it’s wrong maybe to ask you this, Ragini will you… will you marry me??

His words shocked Ragini to the core
She kept staring him motionless

Sanskaar-I know it’s not easy for you to say yes for my proposal but I want to give my daughter the happiness she deserves!If you marry me maybe I won’t be able to love you and to give you a wife’s right but I’ll always respect your feelings and always take care of you, and will keep you safe!If you don’t marry me then also it’s ok, I’ll always respect you!So think about my proposal with calm brain, take your time, I’ll be waiting for your answer!

He stared deep into her eyes trying to understand her thoughts

Ragini looked away

“But Ragini I want a mother,
I you were my mother
You and Ruhi won’t go leaving me alone na?”

Kriti’s crying face and her words replayed in her mind

She recalled Kriti’s happy faces whenever she was around her and Ruhi

Ragini bowed her head down and Sanskaar stared at her keenly

Ragini-I’m ready to marry you!

She spoke with a calm tone shocking Sanskaar

He expected a negative answer but her positive answer made him happy

Sanskaar-Are you sure Ragini?Take your decision wisely!I’m not forcing you to yes!

Ragini-I’ve made my decision with calm mind and it’s a yes!

She answered back


Sanskaar and Ragini finished the 7th phera and he filled her hairline with vermillion then tied mangalsutra around her neck

It’s a small wedding function with some close friends and important clients of Sanskaar

Priest announced RagSan as husband and wife

Sanskriti’s face is glowing with happiness
Smile didn’t left her lips for a second also and Ruhi clapped her small hands in Parvati’s embrace

They were happy beyond any limit

Sanskaar and Ragini Admired their smiling faces


Sanskaar entered his room and saw Ragini sitting on the bed bowing her head

He stepped near her and sitting beside her he held her hand gently

She shivered bcoz of his touch

Her face looked pale bcoz of tention

Sanskaar understood what she must be thinking

Sanskaar-Relax Ragini, no need to be tensed!I know it’s tough for you to adjust in this relationship but I’ll try my best to give you comfort!We are not like other husband-wife but we can be friends right?

Ragini’s face lightened hearing his words
Her heart felt comfort

Sanskaar-You sleep on bed, I’ll sleep on the couch!

He gave a smile and lay down on the couch after changing his dress

Ragini slept on the bed without even changing the bridal wear


Ragini slowly opened her eyes and widened it seeing a shirtless Sanskaar who was wearing only a jeans

Sanskaar’s eyes fell on Ragini and he swiftly worn a shirt

Ragini looked away being embarrassed ?

Sanskaar-Wo you were in deep sleep, and I came here to take my shirt! ?

He looked embarrassed too

Ragini-You are not going to office today?

Sanskaar-No actually I thought to spent some time with kriti and Ruhi, after a long time kriti started talking to me that too normally!

Ragini smiled softly

Sanskaar-I’m going in the hall, you get fresh!

Saying this Sanskaar left the room

Ragini took her clothes and went to get fresh

She looked at her reflection on the mirror and admired the vermillion and the mangalsutra around her neck

She recalled all the moments with Sanskaar and a smile appeared on her lips


At breakfast table

Ragini was trying to feed soup to Kriti and Ruhi and Sanskaar was having his breakfast

Ruhi drank the soup silently but Kriti made a face seeing it

Sanskriti-Please Ragini I don’t want to drink this yucky soup!

Ragini-It’s not yucky, it’s yummy trust me!

Sanskriti(faking tears)-No No it’s yucky I know it!

Sanskaar observed his daughter’s nakhra

Sanskaar-Ragini give it to me, I wanna taste this yummy soup!

He was about to hold the spoon

But Kriti held Ragini’s hand which is holding the spoon and made Sanskaar drink the soup

In this way Sanskaar drank the soup with Ragini’s hand

Both stared at into each other’s eyes forgetting the about other’s presence around them

Kriti covered her mouth and laughed seeing Sanskaar staring Ragini without blinking

Bcoz of her giggling sound RagSan came into srnses

Sanskaar pulled kriti’s nose

Sanskaar-What’s so funny you little devil?And you wanted to call Ragini as mom na?Then why are still calling her By her name??

Sanskriti jumped in joy

Sanskriti-Oh ha now toh i can call her mom na?Yessss my mom yaayyy love you mom!

She hugged Ragini

Sanskaar-And what about me princess??

Kriti ran towards him and hugged him tightly

Sanskriti-Thank you papa, you are the best papa, I love you!

She kissed his cheek and ran away holding Ruhi in his embrace

Ragini-Kriti please don’t run, you both will get hurt!

Sanskaar-Thank you Ragini!

Ragini was about to say something but Sanskaar signalled her not to speak

Sanskaar-Nobody can give this love to Kriti other than you, thank you so much for everything!

Ragini smiled mildly


At night

Ragini lay down on the couch

Sanskaar entered and saw it

Sanskaar-Why are you lying on the couch, you should sleep on the bed please!

Ragini-no I have seen you struggling on this little couch last night, you were not getting sleep!So you will sleep on the bed that’s it!

Sanskaar-But you..

Before he could continue further Kriti berged inside the room with Ruhi

Sanskriti-Arre mom why are you lying on the couch??We have bed to sleep na?Come on the bed right now!

Sanskaar-kriti what are you doing here?Ragini told you slept already!

Ragini-yes kriti when did you woke up?

Kriti smiled sheepishly

Sanskriti-Wo I didn’t get sleep so I pretended to sleep, I want to sleep here with you both, please pretty please!See Ruhi also wants it!

Ruhi nodded a yes

Ragini smiled at them

Kriti and Ruhi lay down on the large bed and RagSan lay down on each side of the bed

They both were on same bed and kriti-ruhi slept between RagSan

Sanskaar smiled at them and caressed Kriti and Ruhi’s hair and Ragini patted their back to make them sleep

Next morning

Ragini’s sleep got broken
She opened her eyes and tried to get up from the bed

But wincing in pain she got crashed upon a rigid figure

Her eyes got bigger as she noticed

Nobody is on the bed except Her and Sanskaar

Her hair is under Sanskaar’s head and they were actually sleeping very closer to each other

Her cheeks got red as she realized her face is very very close to Sanskaar’s face who is in deep sleep

She tried to pull back her haurlocks which is under Sanskaar’s head

Her hot breath touched Sanskaar’s face disturbing his sleep

In sleepy state Sanskaar shrunk his eyebrows, wrapped his arms and Ragini’s waist and pulled her upon himself
Ragini jerked as her delicate body got merged with Sanskaar’s strong figure and his arms clutched her waist tightly

Ragini’s mouth opened like a fish and she blinked her eyes innocently realizing their intimacy

Sanskaar felt a weight on his body and his slumber got broken

He slowly slowly opened his eyes while Ragini was struggling to get out of his hold

Sanskaar eyes got opened and his eyes noticed Ragini’s angelic innocent face flushed due to embarrassment

She was still over his body and her face is just 1/2cm away from his face

Sanskaar stared at her without blinking trying to register what’s exactly happening there

Ragini looked into his eyes then looked away being shy

When he realized their intimacy he quickly let her go out of his clutch

Sanskaar-I’m sorry I’m really very sorry, I didn’t do this intentionally trust me!I don’t know when it happened!

Ragini-It’s ok, I know it!

She avoided eye-contact with him and ran inside the washroom

Sanskaar was still thinking about whatever happened


RagSan reached to Sanskriti’s school as school arranged an students-parents event and as per the rules Kriti and RagSan are participating in some competitions

Sanskaar was eagerly waiting for Sanskriti to come on stage
Where she’s going to give a speech about the subject she selected

Ragini sat beside him with Ruhi on her lap

Sanskriti came on the stage and smiled looking at RagSan

She started giving her speech about her subject

Sanskaar’s eyes got welled up when Sanskriti said how much she loves her and how much her father and mom cares for her

Hearing her words Sanskaar understood whenever kriti misbehaved with him, she always felt guilty inside her heart
She loved him but being frustrated she hurted him and behaved wrongly

Sanskaar finally felt proud as his daughter understood and accepted her faults and asked forgiveness from him

RagSan gave flying kisses to her

After a while it was RagSan’s turn to participate in a competition

There were three rounds

In the first round Sanskaar and the other student’s father have to make their respective wives wear saree and jewelleries

Kids held their father’s hand and made them stand infront of their mother

Ragini was feeling nervous

Sanskaar took the saree given for the competition, and he looked at Ragini nervously
Ragini signaled him to wrap the saree around her and took keep other side of the saree on her shoulder as the pallu
Ragini was already wearing a saree so it’s easy to wrap another saree around her body

Sanskaar knelt down and held her waist with shivering hands, he was too nervous as he got a clear view of her milky waist
He closed his eyes gulping his saliva and wrapped one corner of the saree around her waist and tucked it inside
His fingers touched her belly giving her ticklish sensation

Ragini felt weak on her knees feeling his manly touch on the soft skin of her waist and her belly

She was feeling her heart going to burst any moment bcoz of fast thumping

Sanskaar stood up and kept the other corner of the saree on Ragini’s shoulder like pallu

Then he took the earrings and one by one he made Ragini wear them

At last he took the necklace and came closer to Ragini and made her wear the necklace

RagSan were facing each other and Sanskaar came more closer to side of her neck to see the lock of the necklace which he was trying a lot to lock but he was not able to do that

In this process his face touched her neck making her body numb
Finally he could see the lock of the necklace and locked the necklace around her neck

Whenever her skin came in contact with Sanskaar’s her heart-beats starts racing horribly

She couldn’t identify this new feeling

Sanskaar without moving away from her, turned to see her face and bcoz of this move of him his nose got brushed on her soft cheek

Sanskaar smiled at her

And Ragini kept staring at him with her crimson cheek which became redish bcoz of blush, bcoz of the effects of his touch

They won the 1st round

In next round

Ragini and the other competitors have to make their respective husband wear shirt and coat

Ragini stepped near Sanskaar and looked at him in nervousness

Sanskaar blinked his eyes assuring her to go ahead

She took the shirt then held Sanskaar’s arm and made him wear the shirt

She came more closer to him and closed Shirt’s buttons one by one

It was getting hard for her to continue her work as Sanskaar’s warm breath was tickling her soft cheeks when she folded the collar of the shirt

Dheere Dheere nainon ko dheere dheere
Jiya ko dheere bhayo re saibo
Dheere Dheere begana dheere dheere
Apna sa dheere dheere laage re saibo

On the other side Sanskaar was staring and admiring her angelic face which was so near to his vision

He felt like nothing exists around them
Only Ragini is there with him, all alone

He wanted to control this weird feeling but his heart wanted to vanish everyone there except one special person


RagSan won This round also as they Completed on time

Next round started, paper-dance

RagSan stepped on a piece of paper and started swaying their bodies slowly slowly with the music

Sanskaar took her one hand securely in his hand and his another hand was around her bare waist

Ragini felt like being in his arms is heaven for her

Surkhiya hai hawaon mei
Do dilon ki milne ki Ho
Arziya hai nazaron mei
Lamha yeh tham jaane ki

Sanskaar was so lost in her angelic face that his heart wanted to stop this moment forever

Ragini kept staring at him innocently

Music stopped and Sanskaar folded the paper, and the paper piece got smaller

RagSan stepped on it and came more closer for the dance

Sanskaar turned Ragini to opposite side making her back merged with his chest

He wrapped his arms around her belly gently and Ragini kept her hands on his arms

Her bare skin of back came into contact with Sanskaar’s slightly bare chest

She felt goosebumps all over her body

Sanskaar felt so to hold her in his arms that he didn’t realized when he caressed Ragini’s neck with his cheek

Ragini clutched his arms more tightly shuddering

Dheere Dheere nainon dheere dheere
Jiya ko dheere dheere bhayo re saibo

Ragini realized that she started liking Sanskaar and Sanskaar was still trying to understand what kind of feeling he owns for Ragini

Other couples took their steps out of the paper piece and got eliminated

But RagSan were still dancing lost in their own world

When they heard sound of clapping they got separated and avoided eye-contact being embarrassed

Ragini’s cheek turned reddish due to blushing

They both looked at each other and recalled their first meet then their sudden hug when Ragini was in trauma bcoz of Kabir

In mind Sanskaar thanked god for sending Ragini in his life


Some weeks passed RagSan got more attached with each other

By this time Sanskaar realized He is terribly in love with this innocent soul

Her every nature forced him to fall in love with her

Though RagSan guessed each other’s feelings but couldn’t confessed anything

One day it was almost mid-night Kriti, Ruhi & dadi were in deep sleep but Ragini was impatiently waiting for Sanskaar to come back home

Sanskaar was extremely busy with his meeting

Ragini called him 32times to ask when he will come back to home but most of the time Sanskaar didn’t received the calls and some times even he cutted her calls

Ragini is now extremely tensed

She hoped wherever he is, he will be absolutely fine

Suddenly Ragini’s phone rang

It was an unknown number

Ragini answered the call

The caller’s words snatched the ground under her feet

Tears flowed down from her eyes when the called informed her that her husband met with an accident and he is dead on spot

The phone fell from her hands

Ragini-No this can’t be true, nothing can happen with my sanskaar!He is fine, he has to be fine!

She murmured maniacally with her choked voice

She again called sanskaar and this time his phone is switched off

Fear choked her breath

Without thinking anything else she ran from there to search sanskaar in his office

In a trance she ran towards the main entrance and got dashed with a manly figure

She lifted her head and found Sanskaar standing infront of her and looking at her with confused expression

Her whole face is tears stricken and eyes are red and swelled

Sanskaar was shocked to see her in this state

He held her shoulder and cupped her face lovingly

Sanskaar-Ragini what happened, why are you in this state??

Ragini was looking at him with shocked expressions

Sanskaar caressed her hair softly

Sanskaar-Come lets go to room and tell me what happen, is everything fine?

He took her in their room and was about to ask her again but he got a big shock when he felt a pain on his cheek

He looked at Ragini with widened eyes realizing that Ragini slapped him

Ragini-How could you play such a disgusting prank on me?do you know what pain I have gone through when I heard that you met with an accident and you are…

She couldn’t complete her words and fell on the floor crying badly

Sanskaar was still in shock hearing all this

He sat on the floor and side hugged her

Sanskaar-I don’t know about which call you are talking about, I swear I didn’t played any prank on you!And see I’m completely fine!please stop crying!

Ragini pulled him closer holding his collar and started beating on his chest madly

Ragini-Why didn’t you picked my call?Why did you cutted my calls?Here your wife is so tensed about you and you didn’t about cared to talk to me?You don’t even care about my feelings, you don’t even realize how much I love you!You are so bad, so bad!

She sobbed badly hiding her face in his chest

Sanskaar smiled hearing her confession

Though he realized it before that she loves him but now when she herself confessed it to him
His heart felt a happiness which he never felt before

Now it’s his turn to confess his love for her

Sanskaar stood up and picking her up in his arms

He sat on the bed with her in his lap

He wiped her tears with care and pressed his lips on her eyes one after another

Sanskaar-sshhh enough of crying!I’m ok na so now please don’t show this anger, I’m sorry for not answering your calls and for being the reason of tears, I won’t repeat my mistake again ok, I’m really sorry!I have a small surprise for you!

Ragini-But Sanskaar who made that fake call and why??

Sanskaar opened office Bag and took out a box and kept it on Ragini’s hand

Sanskaar-Don’t worry i’ll try to find who did that!Now open the box!

Ragini looked at sanskaar then opened the giftbox?

It’s a beautiful yet simple diamond necklace inside

Though she liked it but she was so upset with him that she kept it on the bed

Ragini-I don’t want it!

Sanskaar-why you didn’t liked it?

Ragini-You are so.. Don’t you know when a husband gift something to his wife, he should make his wife wear that!

She spoke making angry pout

Sanskaar smiled and pulled her nose

He took the necklace and made her wear it, the hook was loose so he tightened the hook pressing it with his teeth

Warmth of his lips burnt the skin of her neck sending shiver through her spine

She turned and hugged him tightly

Ragini-I love you sanskaar, I love you a lot, I know our marriage was just a compromise for you but still I couldn’t stop myself from falling for you!

Sanskaar caressed her back affectionately

Sanskaar-That time it was a compromise for me but slowly slowly I realized what’s your importance in my life, when and how I can’t say but I started loving you Ragini!I’m in love with you madly, I love you a lot, I can’t say how much but I want to spent my whole life with you and I want to see your face before taking the Last breath!

Ragini lifted her face to look at him and covered his mouth with her hand

Ragini-Don’t say those words again, I beg you!

Sanskaar kissed on her forehead

Sanskaar-I’m so sorry from now no more stupid talking!btw do you liked the gift??

Ragini smiled and nodded yes

Sanskaar pulled her on his chest

Sanskaar-so now don’t you think I should get a return gift from you?

Ragini innocently looked at him

Ragini-What gift do you want??

Sanskaar whispered in her ear

Sanskaar-a baby brother for Sanskriti and Ruhi!

Ragini widened her eyes in embarrassments and turned her face to opposite side
Blushing hard

Sanskaar-it’s ok if you don’t want, it was actually kriti’s demand I swear!

Ragini turned at him raising her eyebrow then gave a peck on his jawline

Making Sanskaar shocked

Sanskaar pulled her closer and hugged him tightly caressing her hair

Sanskaar-I love you!

Ragini gave him a soothing smile

Sanskaar leaned towards her lips looking into her eyes

Ragini blushed and closed her eyes giving him permission

Soon he captured her soft petals with his rough lips and kissed him slowly but passionately

Ragini broke the kiss and lay down on bed looking at him
Sanskaar came over her and pushed her blouse sleeves down
His wet lips tortured her soft skin on her body
Ragini pulled him as much closer as she can, as if she was trying to unite his soul with her soul

He gave her the love she deserved being his wife, being HIS SOULMATE

He made her Complete


1year later

Sanskaar is shown telling a fairytale story to Sanskriti, Ruhi and Ragini

And at the same time He was feeding dinner to three of them

Sanskriti and Ruhi finished their food and left from the place giving kisses to RagSan

Sanskaar looked at Ragini smiling and made her gulp some tablets and water

Ragini made faces while gulping the medicine

Sanskaar-Don’t make that face, you like it or not you have to take those medicines bcoz I want my champ to be strong like me!

He commented caressing her belly
(Ragini is 8months pregnant)

Ragini-Haww you care about only your champ, not for me na?

Sanskaar-aww my cute doll!I care for you more than I care for myself!Thank you so much Ragini for everything you gave me!

He side hugged her

Ragini-sanskaar please no thanks!

Sanskaar-No please let me me say, you know when I lost Pragya I lost my happiness, I thought I can never love anyone else!then you can everything changed, I tried to resist myself from loving you as our marriage was a compromise for both of us but your caring nature your pure soul captured my heart!I’m blessed that I got you as my wife, and you are really my soul mate!I love you so very much Ragini!

Ragini hugged him back with a bright smile

Ragini-love you too Sanskaar!

Pragya’s memory is still alive in Sanskaar’s heart but Ragini made a very special place in his heart being his better-half being HIS SOUL MATE


This is new year gift from my side for my lovely readers
A very happy new year friends?

I know it’s too much long but it was needed to establish all the characters, I hope it’s not too much boring??

Love you?

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  1. Ossssssssssoooooooooooommmmmmmmmm

    1. Thanks dear ☺️

    1. Thanks dear ☺️

  2. Wow sissy this is best new gift. Loved it. Happy new year.

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  3. Amazing dr. Already read in watty. I’m also thought to tell you to update here also.

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  4. Awesome

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  5. Such a cute concept……

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  6. Amazing!!!

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  7. Fantastic cute OS

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    Amazing dear…

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  9. Amazinggggggg. Not swara??????

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  10. Outstanding.
    Loved ragsan bonding.
    Happy new year

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  11. Asra

    fantablous dear…..loved it alot…such a cutie os….it’s going to one of my best os….you superbly portrait every character …
    Happy New Year dear…tkcr dear…

    1. Thank you so very much asra sis, I’m happy that you liked it this much??
      Happy new year dear and stay blessed ? ?

      1. Asra

        Happy new year dear….may thz year brings lots of happiness to u…tkcr dear

  12. Fabulous os. Happy new year dear

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  17. Marvellous thanks for not sad ending. Wish you a happy new year.

  18. Thanks pinky dear, I don’t give sad ending to my storyies?
    Happy new year

  19. Fantastic cute romantic Os. Happy new year

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  20. Cute lovey dovey Os yaar. Happy new year. Write many ragsan os.

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      I’ll surely write more?

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    Happy New year

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  23. Superb dear, lovely love story

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