RagSan OS : Milkar Tumse…By Fenu



Stop crying…can’t you see I am trying to do something.. I
can’t concentrate in anything”… Sanskar shout at a crying

Ragini got scared and immediately tried to stop crying. but poor
girl can’t seem to control her hiccups.

Sanskar felt bad instantly. He knew he is being rude with her but
what can he do. he don’t able to hide his irritation. He is
stuck with the most irritating and dumb girl in the
world. that what he think of her…!!!

How he wish to reverse the day if he could…He, the Sanskar
Maheshwari, the sole owner of Maheshwari empire stuck with
the girl whom he don’t even like. all because of his stupid
friend. Ragini is his friends sister that’s why he is tolerating
her.he went hoshiyarpur for a business deal so went to meet
his friends family. They are like his own parents. Sanskar
don’t have anyone in life so he treat them as his own family
except Ragini. he went there and had to take Ragini with him as
Adi’s (his friend) parent ask him to take her to Adi.they are
tensed to sent her alone on train so when Sanskar went there
they felt relieved. now because of her bad luck his car broke
down in the middle of jungle..ohh god how I wish to just
leave her here…he groaned in frustration.

yeah I know I am behaving like a jerk but what can I do. I
don’t like girls who don’t speak for themselves. never tried
to raise their voice and always do what people want them to
do.. and Ragini is the perfect example of them. though I don’t
know her that much. because whenever I came to visit Adi she
was never around. when she was around I never give her

Here again she is squirming..and whimpering..ohh god…!!!

“Ragini stop moving and making noise.”..thodi Der chup nahi
baith sakti tum.”..I yelled at her.

She jumped hearing my voice and stilled. I again felt a tug in
my heart but didn’t give much attention. got busy fixing
the. jeep.

Why she is too quite..?? Is she alright…?? I thought after
sometime feeling concern. I don’t know why I am feeling this
new protectiveness towards her.

I peeked behind the bonnet to check on her. there she
is…sitting under the tree where I left her and clenching
her fist to be still. I felt bad. she looked pale and so
innocent. I went towards her.

Ragini kya hua…? Why are u so quite..? Aur haath main kya
hai…I tried to sound soft.

Woh..Woh…she stammered..

Now I felt really bad. I am such a a** hole. poor girl got

“Kya hua bolo sweetheart.”..I tried to calm her.( sweetheart
wow…where it comes from Sanskar…did u forgot u don’t like

Aap ne hi to still rehne ko bola na…but it paining too much
Sanskar jii…dekho…

she opened her palm and I felt a fist clenched my
heart. there’s a big cut in her hand.ohh my god…she hurt
herself but still keep quite just because I told her..

“Honey why didn’t you tell me earlier…how is it
happened.”..??I don’t know why I kept calling her with
endearment but it seemed natural to call her.

“car ke door main lag gaya..you told me to keep quite na aur
papa bolte hain humesha apno ki baat manna chahie.”..she
cutely tried to make me understand.

Now I felt ashamed of my self. I always thought wrong about
her. she is not like what I thought. she is just innocent. pure
heart who always listen her parents every word and take them

I took her hand and bandage it. she moaned in pain when I
applied antiseptic. but why I felt her pain in my heart. am I
getting weak for her..!!!

But how it is possible..I never thought about her on that
way..how can I fall for her in one day…what is happening
with me…I groaned feeling confused.

Sanskar ji..are you sleeping…??

“Nahi to…do you want something sweetheart…??”
Again…stop calling her sweetheart Sanskar …I chided myself.

“Mujhe bhuk lagi hain…can I have something please..mamma
pack some food for me…we both can share.. you are also
hungry na.”.she start her bak bak but I am loving it…ohh how
I wish to stop her cute talking by taking her lips in mine. I
felt a strong desire slammed in me just seeing her animated

“ohh stop thinking like a pervert Sanskar..she is too innocent
..”I controlled myself.

Chalo khate hain…saying that I brought the food and we
started eating. but seeing her trying to eat with her injured
hand I can’t stop myself..

“Don’t even think about that Ragini…I am feeding you ok…”

She blushed and nodded .this is the first time she got
affected by me and I felt I am in cloud nine. I fed her with
my hand occasionally brushing her lips. I know I am flirting
with her but I cant help myself. can you imagine the reserved
Sanskar is flirting with the girl whom he didn’t like earlier ..I
guess love can make people do anything.

Yes I am calling it love..I don’t know what else to call the
strong feeling I felt for her .now I have to make sure if she
feel something for me..I know its too early for her but I
don’t want to lose her.

after finished eating we talked for sometime. basically she
did all the talking and I just admired her. I stopped try to
fix the jeep by now. I don’t want to go now. I have only this
night with me and I want to make the most of it.

“Are you sleepy honey..?? Chalo so jao..I will make a bed for
you…”I deliberately called her honey to see her
reaction. she blushed again and I got my answer. she is
affected by me.

“Sanskar ji…can I hold your hand..mujhe Dar lag raha
hain..”she asked meekly.

I am all yours sweetheart…you don’t have to ask..I thought
in my mind.

I hold her hand and she came closer .I give a tug in her hand
and she came more close without hesitation. I don’t know what
am I doing but I just want to make her mine. she snuggled
closer giving me goose bumps.

“Ragini do you know what are you doing…its not right to come
this close to other man..” I tried to make her understand .she
is too innocent to know her own good.

You are not other man..you are my Sanskar..she whispered in
sleepy state and I get the shock of my life. am I listening
right or just dreaming.

Her eyes snapped open and she look flustered. she tried to go
away from my hold. now I understood what happened .she spoke
her mind in her sleepy state .I felt like I got all happiness
in life.

Is that so..am I your Sanskar..?? I teased.

She blushed hard and tried to hide herself…

“I can be your Sanskar..only yours.. but for that you have to be
my Ragini..only mine..I don’t share which is mine baby”…I
whispered in her ear making her shiver.

She looked at me with surprise and happiness both in her eye
and murmured,

“I am only yours Sanskar..”I just hugged her and kissed her
forehead .I pressed her more into me not having enough of
her. she melted in my arm like honey..today I got the
happiness which I was always looking for…I know its early
for both of us to excepting that we are in love but we both
know what we feel…

The rest of the night we both slept in each others arm and
sharing our feelings..she told me how she Fall for me years
ago but never have the courage to told me. how she felt she is
not worthy of me for which I scold her. gradually we
fall asleep.

I wake up in the morning and found my mishit(Bengali word) in my arm
looking like an angel sleeping peacefully.

“Good morning mishti.”..I whispered and she open her eyes
hearing me..

” Good morning Sanskar ji.”..

” What Sanskar ji..call me Sanskar..my name sounds amazing from
your lips”…

She blushed and whisper..


After our morning romance I fixed my car and when we were
stating for Delhi I just hold her face in my hand and said,

“So now on you are mine..don’t even think of going away from
me. I love you Ragini”…I sound possessive…
I am possessive..I don’t want to lose her..I found my
love and I will keep it with me…true love is too hard to
found..and I found mine…

~~~THE END~~~

Hello Friends !! Hope you liked it !!
For All RagSan fans !! Special Polly ki bachhi and all whom i know(woh baat alag hain bhul gaye honge aap…Am i right Juhi?)
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    1. Fenil

      Thank you so much Dear !!

  1. First of all thank you so much for this beautiful OS. I know u r not RAGSAN fan but u wrote ragsan os for RAGSAN FANS. Thanks dr

    1. Fenil

      Thank you so much Dear MK.

  2. Fenil

    Sorry,i was in hurry so i didn’t check presentation mode in Submission plotter due to this space problem is here in OS.Unnecessary space and para style.Sorry.

  3. Outstanding os

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      Thank you !!

  4. Suma123

    It’s awesome bro….loved it…cute ragsan😍😍😍😍

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      Thank you !!

    1. Fenil

      Thank you !!

  5. Fabulouuuuusssss

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      Thank you !!

  6. Kitkat

    its awesome bhai… reserve girls have max secrets within them…. ragsan were so cute…. n glad u r back again with an is but I was expecting again a raglak is… but its OK I loved this too…. keep writing….😍😍😍😍💖💖💖💗💗💕💕💕😘😘😘😘

    1. Fenil

      Yaa right….will surely write SwaSan RagLak OS soon.
      Thank you !!

  7. Ossssooommmmmmmmmm

  8. Asw

    Nice keep going 😙

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  9. It’s such a sweet cute adorable story dear😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
    I’m in love with this💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝
    Thank you so much for giving this beautiful RagSan os😘😘
    Btw dear I’m feeling I know you, are you a Twinj fan??Bcoz I have posted a Twinj os some months ago and I remember someone named Fenil commented on that Twinj os of mine

    Are you the same Twinj fan??

    1. Fenil

      Thank you !!
      Yes I m TwiNj fan and writer of TwiNj OS also….ya I m same Fenil.

  10. Jayanti

    This is not fair…… Hadh h ekdum

    Waise Os accha thha 👌👌👌👌👌

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  11. Awesomeee

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      Thank you !!

    1. Fenil

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  12. Wonderful dear

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  13. Akankshanna

    Cute… Outstanding…. Fantastic

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  14. Amazingggg

  15. Superb Superb Superb. Ragini was so cute and RagSan were adorable 😍😍😍. I loved it when Sanskar admitted that he is flirting with her 😂😂😂. Try to write more OS on RagSan 😊😊😊.

    Bye. Take care.

    1. Fenil

      Thank you so much !!

  16. Thank You so much Bhai for accepting my wish and giving us all a wonderful surprise on RagSan …..Just loved it …The os was so cute , there were some magical moments like when Sanky held her arm n slept …….omg at that scene I ws literally imagining RagSan together and they looked soooo perfect I wonder agar sach mei pair up ho jaate toh aag hi laga dete !! Aur wo scene bhi When our Angel confessed her love n Sanky said He is only hers Wowwwww I loved that scene , Bada wala thank you bhaiii this was a perfect gift for us all Ragsanians ……I loved it a lot ….again my PC is having issues n as a result the like/dislike button is not displaying…..But I will definitely do any jugaad n like ur update either frm my own or any dost ka Lappy or Phone ( I am quiet a bit jugaadu) afterall apne itni mehnat karke likha hai like to karungi hi zarur se….Thnx for the special mention though It was not needed as i knw ki apne mere n ragsan fans ke liye hi likha hai….Itna toh i ws sure that u wud write on ragsan par itna fatafat likhoge nhi pata tha…again Thanks a lot bhaai for accepting my wish n transforming it into such a beautiful piece of writing….Bada wala hug n loads of love to u bhaii…Stay Blessed tk cr

    1. Fenil

      Thank you !!

  17. Lahari

    awesome..hii fenil hope u rememberd me..
    Thank u so much for giving beatiful RagSan Os

    1. Fenil

      Thank you !!
      No…I don’t know you ..sorry…how you know me ?

  18. its beautiful

    1. Fenil

      Thank you !!

    1. Fenil

      Thank you !!

  19. awesome os but i think i read this os on Maan and geet

    1. suhana you’re right yaar. I also read this os on maaneet. i don’t understand why people do that..

      1. Fenil

        Who is Maan and Geet .which pair I don’t know …sorry.

    2. Fenil

      Dear Suhana ,Thanks for reading.
      Well TU will not publish if it’s copied.

    3. Bhai Geet n maan r frm the serial Geet – Huyi Sabse Parayi and secondly , dear suhana n ria a person who does not even know about the pairs n serial how can u guys even think he wud copy the story !! Tell me ??
      Next I wud like to bring to ur attention that a serial which aired almost 6-7 years back how can a person copy that ff?? Coz if the serial is so old then of course the FF’s written on it will also be purana only naa , as now a days no body writes ff’s old serials (at least IDK) !! So no one hs copied anything it’s just a coincidence plzz don’t bash smone lyk that it takes much efforts to write smthng and after that one expects appreciation not bashing !

    1. Fenil

      Thank you !!

  20. Superb !! Beautiful os 💖

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  21. Aditi.Ayansh

    Thank u for this beautiful os buddy 😀

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    Cute love story

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