Ragsan – os – marriage love

Ragsans first night
Ragini was wearing a white saree and sanskar a white shirt with a blue jeans.
Sanskar was sittin in the room some one knocks the door ?. He goes and opens the door it’s swara
Swa – jijaji take care of my sister
San – sure Meri ma first send her
Swa – i think my makeup kit is lost i need a new one
San – take all this money and send Ragini
Swa – you are becoming restless
She goes and comes back with Ragini
Ragini enters the room and closes the door.
Sanskar comes close to her she was near the door.
Sanskar hugged from her from back and said
” i waited these many years to get you Ragini. Now I don’t want to waste a single second.” Saying so he lifts her up and makes her lye on the bed. Ragini gets up
Rag – what did you thought i dint wait for you?? I want to enjoy each and every moment with you sanskar…..
Ragini goes close to sanskar and kisses ? him. Ragini waw sitting on her knees on the bed sanskar was standing near the bed.
Ragini slowly was taking sanskars shirt. Sanskar took rags sarees pallu. Rags saree was now on the floor so as Sans shirt.
Both were kissing ? v passionately……
Ragini was naked after 5 mins sanskar touched her bare back Ragini hugged him.
They were on bed now.sanskar kissed her. Her hands her face he dint even left a part. So does Ragini. Both were under bedsheet…..
They both consummate their marriage ? .

After a year on their anniversary.
Ragini was getting ready and sanskar was sleeping.
Ragini sprinkles water on him
San – Ragini let me sleep
Rag – sleep? U told that u hav some imp meeting???
San – ohhh no i Gt late…!!!??
Rag – sanskar im going to school today is annual day i will be late don’t wait for me u eat and sleep ok??
San bored his head and rushed to bathroom

Ragini reached school……
Sanskar reached his office…….

At 8pm sanskar reaches home ?. With flowers in his hand.
” she said she will be late… That means i have another 2 hrs to decorate our room”
He goes inside the room to His surprise ? the room was already decorated and a white shirt on the bed was there……and a letter
” get ready sanskar im coming ”
Sanskar smiles and goes to washroom………
Ragini was sitting on the bed with her white saree
Sanskar comes out
San – i thought u forget our wedding anniversary
Rag – how can i forget sanskar….. My one and only marriage
San – laughs, hws ua annual day??
Rag – its day after tomorrow Sans, wt abt ur meeting???
San – its tomorrow
Both smile ?
They again share their romantic history……

After 5 years their anniversary
Rag was waiting for sanskar
San came to home at 12 o clock
Rag saw him and said happy anniversary my dear
San – Ohh Ragini…thanks and same to u……
Wher r our kids??
Rag – dy r sleeping……so u dnt remember our anniversary??
San – rag I was actually busy with my boss. He giving orders continuously
Rag – some times it happens sanskar now sleep u seem tired.
San – yeah Ragini
Both Ly on their bed
San – im v lucky Ragini…
Rag – why?
San – to get a wife like you..!! U understand everything
Rag – sanskar who will understand u other than me??? And I’m too lucky to get a Hus like you.. You are really special fo me…its me who forgt everything i burn ua white shirt
San – Soo ua feeling bad…??
Rag – yes of course sanskar
Sanskar takes out a box and gives it to Ragini
Rag opens it and sees a shirt
” omg sanskr same shirt same brand everything is same ”
San – Bt not the lipstick marks on it
Rag – smiles

They both love each other and care about each other and understand each other

Marriage is not about 7 vows sindoor and all
Its all about understanding…………..

Hope u liked it

Credit to: priya


    • priya

      Thank u so much nuszat πŸ™‚ i read ua ff. I like it v much…. Nd thanks for ua commnt it means a lot to me πŸ™‚

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