Ragsan -os- Its love


Raginis Pov

He is a Police officer, a sincere police officer.
When I saw him I was lost some where.
Some boys were teasing a girl, everyone was just seeing the so called tamasha.
I got furious but what to do..?
I cant do any thing I was alone.
I remembered him and called

without saying my name I told him about the situation.
He with his squad was coming. I felt safe.
He bet the harrasers and arrested him.
and said ‘Thank you for calling, who ever it is you did a good job
I felt butterflies in my stomach. 🙂

On the day of Ganesh chaturthi
I was dancing very gracefully with my bharatnatyam dress on me.
I saw his mother was really impressed seeing me. I was smiling.
When I came down to drin water and clean off my sweat.
When I was talking to my colony friends she came
and said ‘Ragini I never spoke to but today you made me talk to you, you are really a good dancer. I’m very much impressed. Come tomorrow to my house Ragini. I need to talk to you’
I felt happy and said I will definitely come

Next day
Ragini wore a red color saree
She knocked the door and He opened the door. Now he was a small kid
and said ‘Papa’
He came in his uniform and lifted him up and said ‘come in Ragini’ with a serious look in his face
And his seriousness vanished when the kid kissed him
I was heart broken I never knew that he was married, he had a kid. I never saw him. and was really surprised.
With my broken heart I entered his home
His mother welcomed me
I asked ‘aunty who is that kid?’ without showing my sadness
‘he is my grand son’ she said with a smile ‘Come with me I will show you some thing’
I went behind her I think it was his room.
She opened the cupboard and took a bharatnatyam dress and gave it to me.
‘Do you like my son?’ it was her first question
I was confused, he is married how can she ask me about his son? Is he not his son?? He might be their relatives son. I was lost in my own thoughts,
She said ‘ragini answer me?’

I shook my head and said ‘yes’
and thought
What am i even doing? he is having a son and Im sure that he is married. She saw a photo frame of him and a girl. Now I was really heart broken.
‘she was my daughter in law no she is daughter. My son and swara were together in their college days. Our family was really big. everything shattered when that happened.’ She cried.
I just stood like a statue I don’t know what happened to their family and dint know how to console her. I just asked her not to cry.

‘I was out for shopping with my little grand son, I asked my my son to pick me from the shoppers stop. He came in our car alone. Everyone was waiting for us in home. All were happy talking to each other. And I don’t know how it happened but my house THE MAHESHWARI MANSION was on fire They tried their level best to protect themselves but they couldn’t It was all burnt my sister my husband my younger son my daughter my daughter in law everything was ruined because of that fire. When we three reached home to see our family. We did see our family but in ashes.’
She cried very badly and became normal after some time and asked
‘will you marry my son?’

‘From that day he is being alone in her thoughts, he said he feels her when he sees you, I talked to your family they agreed.’
I was immensly happy but was very sad to know the truth behind their family
‘I need time to say’ I said and walked out.

In my room
I was lying on my bed
I know I love him. But that kid? its really difficult to accept that kid.
should i say no to him??
No no i cant i cant say no to him I really liked him a lot.
I should get habituated to be with that kid.

Night I went to their home and saw aunty was busy cooking and He was playing with the kid
‘Whats your name?’ I asked the kid
‘who are you?’ It was his first shot to me. I really felt that he was rude but all this disappeared seeing his cute smile.
‘she is ragini Our neighbour’ Oh My God This is the first time he took my name from his mouth.
‘No, I’m not your neighbour’ I said
He gave a confused look.
‘Then who’ the kid asked
‘I’m your mamma’ I said looking at him
He just saw me with an amazed look.
‘Oh so its a yes’ said aunty from kitchen
I just smiled
‘mamma’ the kid said
‘Yes’ he said wow this was my reaction
‘I need to talk to you personally’ He said
We both went to terrace

‘I know you are not comfortable with the kid..’
‘No I’m very much comfortable and I like him very much’ i said cutting him
‘See ragini, I dnt want kids anymore. I think you are ok with it’
‘yes it is ok I was about to say this to you’
‘what’ he said
‘that I will not have kids, I will not become pregnant’ I said with a low tone
‘And I also need some time with you to get to know and all’ He said
‘I cant become pregnant’ I said looking into his eyes
‘thats ok’ he said
We both went down

My family was also there
they hugged me
‘I think I’m lucky to have a family like this who understands what my problem and to have this kid with me
They are really good, and He He stole my heart. I should fill his heart once more
I should get his love. I will become his love and will make his loneliness disappear’ I thought

Everything was done very quickly
our engagement marriage everything
We did not got time to know about each other
And now our first night
I just sat on his bed He came and sat next to me
‘I want him, He is my love I want him to kiss me, I want to feel his presence in me, I want him to touch me. I want him to see in my eyes’
Breaking my thoughts
‘first we will get to know each other and take our relationship to the next level, Is that ok? he asked
‘Yeah! definitely’ I said
It was silence all over the room

‘so tell me about yourself what do yo like and what you don’t’ He broke the silence
‘theres nothing much’ I said and ‘why do you feel swara when you see me?’ I asked
he looked into my eyes and said
‘Swara – my first love, I saw her helping the poor when I saw her first time, she was really v cute, you both are same whatever it is helping others dancing voice everything is same, your smile the pure smile it reminds me of my swara. I would have never let my family alone if I know that would happen’
He had water in his eyes. I said ‘sometimes it happens, God takes our loved ones from us’
He smiled.

‘Ok lets sleep I should get up early and you should also go to your station’
‘good night’ He said arranging the pillows in the middle.
He slept comfortably
‘He needs some time to get over his love’

5 months later
‘nothing changed in these 5 months, we are just friends’ I said
‘don’t worry honey, he will change for sure’ my mum said
‘hmm waiting for that mum’ I said taking cake from the counter
We reached our houses, He was sleeping
I decorated the hall with help of ma and my kid ‘swarsh’
I saw the clock it was 11:59
I went to his room and woke him up
‘what’ he questioned
‘come to the hall’ I aske
without asking a question he came to hall. It was dark
‘Ragini’ he called me
Swarsh switched on the lights
we three ‘Happy Birthday’

He cut the cake and feeded to our kid and ma.
It was my turn now he gave a piece of cake to me and said ‘thank you’
I smiled
we all went to our respective rooms
He was standing near the window.
I directly went to bed arranged the pillows properly in the middle
‘We dont need pillows anymore’ he said
I saw him a puzzeled look

‘I want to take our relation to the next level’ He said removing the pillows from the bed
He took my hand, I was happy deep inside. He kissed me on my forehead I closed my eyes
‘at last the border which was seperating both of us disappeared and was far away from us’
He kissed me on my cheek and I did the same. he touched my bare back. I felt his hand all over my body. It was really something special. I was not able to think anymore about anything. I was just reacting sweetly to his actions. we both kissed. the memorable moment of our life.
We under the bed sheet consummated our marriage after so long.

‘I love you Ragini’ He said seeing into my eyes
‘I love you too Sanskar’ For the first time I took his name.


Hope you liked it

Credit to: priya

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