ragsan -os- my love for you never dies


Its inspired from a Telugu movie called chakram

Sanskar and Ragini love ❤ each other so much
Both are doctors in USA

San – Ragini come fast wear your glovs we must do this surgery v safely
Rag – im coming sanskar let’s go fast
Both of them enter the ot

Sanskar come out after an hour with a smile on his face
San – you are v lucky sir v got this surgery successful
Patient was a small baby of 3 months’
Patients mum – thank you so much v are v thankful to u u saved my child ?? please name her we want to recall u every time v call her sir please
San – hmm Ragini
Pm – who is she sir??
San – she is my beloved would be

Sanskar smiles and comes to Ragini

Rag – what sanskar you are taking all the credit??
San – oh u r feeling bad ??
Rag – y would i her name it’s Ragini thank u sanskar
They both hug

Some other doc comes
Doc 1 – sanskar today night there’s a party in the ‘mask pub’ you should come
San – definitely dude! V will be der

Ragsans home ?
Rag was sufferin from high fever
San – so v r nt gng to the party
Rag – no sanskar u will go im ok here
San – hw can I go leaving u like this Ragini??
Rag – im too a doc i can adjust and swa is also there Na u leave other wise he feels bad
San – ok Ragini im gng Bt pls call me if there’s any problem
Swa – sanskar u go i will take care of her

Sanskar leaves to the pub but his heart was stl in home with Ragini
He was just sitting on the chair near bartender
His frnd comes and forces him to drink
Suddenly his nose bleeds his frnd gives tissues he cleans it and goes out of the pub
He goes to the hospital ?
He thinks what happened to me?? Y is my nose bleeding??
He takes some of his blood for testing it
He tests it
And was shocked to see the result……

He goes to home Raginis fever was normal she was sleeping peacefully he kissed her on her forehead and his his eyes get water
He goes to his room he packs his all clothes and leaves a letter ? on his desk. He leaves the house ? with his eyes filled with water………..

Next day morning
Ragini wakes up sees the letter ?
” my dear Ragini
I’m leaving you I can’t be with you any more
I don’t want our marriage to happen
I’m sorry but i can’t do this
I hate you Ragini hate you”
Ragini was crying reading that letter ?
Swara consoles her
Ragini says ‘no he can’t leave me like this i know he loves me a lot..’
Saying this she goes to hospital and goes to his cabin
Sanskar who left with his teary eyes dint clean up the mess of his blood and the reports
Ragini saw them ‘sanskar y did u left me, u want me to be happy, Bt u dnt knw i cnt leave without you. Sanskar please come back i will save you sanskar plz’ she cries seeing that reports and sits on her knees.
Ragini comes home ? and packs her clothes ? .
‘i will find you sanskar, i will definitely come to you I know u are in India right now’
Swa – di where will you search India is such a huge place..
Rag – i will swara i will come back with him

Rag leaves to the airport in the plane ✈ she remembers
‘ San – Ragini you are looking soo hot in this black shirt dress Ragini
Rag – i knw sanky
San – hmm Ragini
Rag – ha sanskar
San – hmm I was planning about our honey moon I love goa Ragini i want to….
Rag – what goa?? Why that..??
San – because everyone is in a two piece
Rag – achAaaa so..
San – no no it’s not the correct reason… I love it becoz of that beach ? i leave my last breath there..
Rag – sanskar plz dnt ever tell that
They both hug’
Rag with teary eyes – so u are there in goa.. Sanskar

Ragini reaches goa
In the beach she sees Sanskar
She runs behind him “Sanskar”
He turns around he sees Ragini and hugs her
Ragini – what did you thought Sanskar..?? Because of that bloddy cancer you left me sanskar i just want to spend my life with you sanskar
San – but Ragini i can’t live more a day or two
Rag – i dnt need how many days u live i just want to live with u Sanskar
Sanskar and Ragini cry….
Suddenly Sanskar falls on the ground his eyes were closing
Ragini asked for help, some people came to her and take him to the hospital
Compounder comes with the stretcher Ragini was running with Sanskar on the stretcher
Ragini holds Sanskars hand ✋?
Sanskar smiles and says
Ragini i always wanted to die with u by my side and in goa my both wishes are fulfilled now Ragini i dnt want to see u crying plz dnt cry……Ragini smile plz at least for me
Ragini smiles with her face filled with tears…….
When they reached ot Sanskar took his last breath Ragini cries v badly
Sanskar i love you I love u so much sanskarrr……..!

She wipes her tears and says u want me to smile Sanskar see I’m smiling Sanskar see open ur eyes she agin cries….

* the end *

Credit to: priya

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  1. Your os has made me emotional you are an expert writter please continue

    1. Thanks madhu 🙂

  2. That was so emotional yaar. Mind blowing

    1. Ty lila 🙂

  3. Superb..vry emotional

    1. Ty rakhi 🙂

  4. priya u made me cry in this early morning. just now i wake up i 1st saw ur os n cried. chakram movie lo sitharth hero ah? tamillo 180 ni okka movie undi. adhi kuda elage undi. sid & priya anand is the pair of that movie. u r awsm dear. chala bhaga undi

    1. Aastha u telgugu???
      And chakram lo prabhas hero
      Rendu same konchem…… 🙂

    2. no dear basically i’m sowrashtra but i know tamil bcos i’m in tn. i know telugu, hindi n malayalam little.

      1. Wow asthma u knw many languages
        That’s great 🙂

    1. Ty ananya 🙂

  5. Superb
    can u plz send me the link of indian Cinderella OS

    1. Ty aish

  6. Awesome

    1. Thanks venni 🙂

  7. Awesome os…it’s very emotional …..

    1. Ty fira 🙂

  8. Really awesome…. emotional one

    1. Ty priya 🙂

  9. Oh god such an emotional os u made me cry dear

    1. Ty priya 🙂
      Nd yeah sry makin u cry

    1. ty lovely

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