Ragsan -os- a known lovestory


Sanskars POV

It was a normal day, our class was done. To my surprise a new girl from another city came to our college that to just five days before exams.
Thinking this, I logged into my fb. I saw her, there were almost 25 mutual friends. I accepted her.
I saw her profile picture.
She was too cute.
Next day I completed my daily courses and went to my college and opened my books.
She came with her bag and sat next my bench.
Its our chemistry class, more over principals class.
Everyone was quite, but the new girl…..what was she even doing?? talking to herself?? or her friends not paying much attention to her??
Oh man! this princi he entered our class.
Everyone stood, but I was just hiding myself.
He started asking questions on the chapter completed yesterday.
He asked her to stand, But she was not in the class, she was floating in her dreams.
Her friend shook her.
She came into senses and stood up
Sir asked her a question, for which she stood numb.
My mind said ‘I know the answer, ask me’
Almost a minute completed she was still standing.
He scolded her and threw her bag out
and said ‘complete this chapter and come into the class’.
Everyone in the class bend their heads with fear, not knowing the person going out next was me.
He asked me,
I know the answer my mind said.
No you don’t Go out with your bag you will get a chance to talk to her my heart said.
Finally between my hear and my mind I choose my heart.
And sat beside her.
She was reading very seriously, I thought not to disturb her, so I din’t. I started reading my book.
Slowly somehow the whole class was out after half an hour.
All were laughing at each other leaving their shame scoldings away.

It was lunch break.
I saw her, She saw me.
We both shared a long really v long eyelock.

Our college bell rang
we all went to our respective houses.
It was 9, when I saw her online.
I messaged ‘hi’
‘hyy’ she replied
‘how are you?’ I asked
‘I’m good what about you?’ she asked

It was quite boring chat going between us to make it some spicy
‘Do you have bf?’ I asked her
‘Yeah!’ she replied
I was shattered seeing this reply from her. I was anger.
‘who is he?’ with disappointment on my face typed this.
And like a fool was waiting for a reply without pressing the enter button.
Now everything was ok.
‘many are there, I can’t name them’ she said
what many?? I thought ohh best friends??
‘ok bye’ It was done with our chat now

Days passed we completed our +1
And I rarely chatted with her in +2

During holidays
I saw her with her friend going out on a scooty
The boy with me knew her friend and asked me to follow her.
We did so.
Her friend saw a quite place and stopped her scooty.

My friend and Her friend were talking
And we, we were just seeing each other, without talking.
Now thanks to that dog who came near her, She came very close to me.
That close, a girl never should be.
The dog started barking.

‘Animals do not harm if the couple is romancing’ I said keeping hand on her head. who was almost on me
‘what?’ she asked with a hight tone
The dog started barking loudly than before.
She tightened our hug with her hands around me.
The dog was gone when someone shouted.
She din’t knew as she was hugging me from long.
I was enjoying her hug.
Suddenly our friends came.
Our hug automatically broke.
They both went.
I wanted her hug more and more. Moreover I wanted her presence near me.

Somedays later I was in banglore.
I was joining in the college for my further studies.
My parents were busy paying fees
I opened my fb
she was online
‘hi’ I said
‘hyy’ she said
‘can I call you??’
‘why?’ she asked
‘casual’ I replied
‘no’ this reply I din’t even except this

Our chat continued like this 2 days.
‘can I call you?’ I again asked
‘Yes’ she replied
Yes?? Is it?? really? will she give her no. to me? I was lost in my own thoughts
‘09090909’ She gave her no.

I called her
‘hello’ she said with her cute voice
‘hy this is sanskar’ I said
‘yeah’ she said ‘where are you going to join?’ she asked
‘banglore, Gitam, wbu??’ I asked
‘hmm i dont should wait for jee main rank’ she replied
‘can we meet tomorrow?’ I asked
‘what tomorrow?? why?’ She asked
‘I need to talk to you’ I said
‘ok shiv mandir sharp 7am’
‘yeah pakka I will come defintly’ I shout in excitement.

This day, I was waiting for the day to come. Finally, its here
I got ready and went to the temple.
I searched for her. she was struggling with the diya and matchstick.
I went to her and took that matchstick and matchbox and lightened the diya.
We both prayed adn came out of the temple to the near by park.
It was my first time I saw her wearing a half saree, her waist it was clearly visible.
What? she asked giving me the prasad
‘What? nothing?’ I replied with a tensed tone
‘nothing? you said you wanted to say something?’
‘then go on’
‘I love you, ragini’ I said seeing into her eyes.
She was shocked, I can see that happiness in her face. She smiled
I remembered ‘Hasee toh phasee’
‘what made you love me?’ She questioned with a furious look now
‘its all; you Ragini, I feel good being with you. You make my day special. infact every sec of my life with you is a sweet memory. I need more of them.’ I shared my feelings with her
She hugged me. There was no dog. It was her own wish to hug me. I hugged her back.
‘I love you too sanskar’ she said breaking our cute hug.


sorry for this ff
I know its not even good when compared to previous os.
I will try to write my os with better story from now.

Credit to: priya

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